random65837 ,

Politicizing children is just not acceptable, no matter which side you’re on.

Agreed, but that wasn’t the ads purpose, did you actually read up on it? It wasn’t supposed to be shown to the under 18 crowd, and the wording of the ad itself was clearly for parents, not kids.

ad_on_is OP ,
@ad_on_is@lemmy.world avatar

and yet, it somehow made it into a kids game. The core issue here is the uncontrolled content display. Imagine some NSFW ads slip through into a kids app. Therefore, ads must be forbidden in apps intended for underaged.

rolandtb303 ,
@rolandtb303@lemmy.ml avatar

The biggest punchline of all of this is that our tax dollars are paying for this propaganda. Not in my name.

samokosik ,
@samokosik@lemmy.world avatar

adblocks make this world a better place

@LUHG_HANI@lemmy.world avatar

I’ve deployed ublock origin in my gpo. Edge and chrome for all users. I’m fed up of the absolute ad ridden malware messes Google and bing let through.

Microsoft sell advanced EDR but let people pay to comprise your pc.

massive_bereavement ,
@massive_bereavement@kbin.social avatar

Or at least make the internet tolerable.

eddie_of_ny ,

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  • GeneralVincent ,

    Care to elaborate on LGBT “psychos” politicizing kids? Are you referring to right wing bigots falsely calling anyone gay is a pedo? Or falsely claiming drag shows are grooming?

    The rest of your comment is blatantly wrong and easy to fact check so I assume you’re just here to spread pro Israel propaganda??

    TrickDacy ,

    What is an “LGBT psycho” exactly?

    Is this referring to the 7 events per year that are claimed to be a DrAg ShOw FoR kIdS?

    Maybe get your mouth off the Fox News rectum?

    wreckedcarzz ,
    @wreckedcarzz@lemmy.world avatar

    A whole lot of looking at the mirror but blaming others? How are non-hetero people ‘politicizing children’? Existing?

    Your whole comment is cringe as hell, really.

    railsdev ,

    The only thing I can think of is “maybe the puzzle game wasn’t marketed to kids” but I do imagine that they say it’s “for all ages” or something to that effect.

    Yeah, I’m no fan of ads (have everything blocked at the DNS level) but there should still be a “responsible” way of doing this — and by responsible I mean simply allowing the app developer to scope down ads that are shown.

    some_guy ,

    The G.I. Joe cartoon was straight up propaganda. There was an Alvin and the Chipmunks ep about the Berlin Wall, too. 80s sucked.

    thisisawayoflife ,

    Rush 'n Attack. Get it? I was maybe 6 years old when I was dropping quarters into that bad boy.

    random65837 ,

    So figtiing to free half a country from commies sucks huh? Wow…

    some_guy ,

    Pushing political propaganda at children sucks. Wtf makes that ok to you?

    random65837 ,

    Quote where I said that was ok.

    Tosti , (edited )
    @Tosti@feddit.nl avatar

    [Thread, post or comment was deleted by the author]

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  • bamboo ,

    Everyone knows children are used as excuses to get what you want pushed through. Just look at UK’s Online Safety Bill trying to get a backdoor to E2E messaging, claiming it’s to prevent CSAM.

    random65837 ,

    Didn’t work for Apple, won’t work for them. I can’t believe people are stupid enough to believe that shit

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