phoenixz ,

Hey, didn’t I have 50.000 ony bank account? It’s empty!

No, you logged in and transferred it all to some Russian account.

what do you mean I have child porn images in my files? I don’t have those

Now you do after your ex working at obs put them there for you

So so so so so many ways that this WILL be abused to death. Meanwhile actual criminals will continue using secure encryption protocols, good luck with that.

phoenixz ,

Did they?

I feel like this is yet another don quixote versus the windmills thing.

SSL, TLS, SSH, just a few protocols that float the internet don’t support any of the crap that the UK government wants, nor can they.

So either the entire world spends 10 years building a completely new internet based on new protocols that will be abused within 2 weeks, just because UK politicians are retarded, or… well, I guess the UK will just have to cut their country off of the Internet, a brexit, if you will. I heard those work really well too.

It doesn’t work like they want.

yournamehere ,

i praise the kids of great britain and the colonies for making uk leave the eu. may they have tea, biscuits, a broken economy and no privacy.

Gazumi ,

A touch harsh, but possibly accurate. I’m still furious that we have people who still think it was a good idea. Those people blame the imoact of Brexit on the poor handful of people arriving here as migrants. Then double down by saying thar if it hadn’t of been for the migrants, they wouldn’t have voted Brexit. Sorry, rant over.

yournamehere ,

have you watched “ThisIsMert” on youtube about brexit? you should watch one of his brexit episodes. really.

funkless_eck ,

I mean it was the grandparents not the kids. If we had the same vote today, no new voters, no one changed their vote, it would be REMAIN, as enough LEAVE voters have died in the interim to swing the vote in the other direction.

pinkdrunkenelephants ,

We really need some kind of FOSS encryption service that can’t just be compromised like that.

🤔 Do you think they could force devs to fork over private keys to blockchains like Bitcoin?

possiblylinux127 , avatar

Its called end to end encryption

pinkdrunkenelephants ,

I know. I am worried that the UK government could force devs to hand over the private keys to those end-to-end encryption apps under this new law.

I would hope no corporation would actually obey something so insane.

possiblylinux127 , avatar

A good messaging application won’t have keys they can hand over. It should be Foss and have the keys stored by the user

DarthBueller , (edited )

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  • oranki ,
    FeelzGoodMan420 ,

    [Thread, post or comment was deleted by the author]

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  • AeroLemming ,

    Why are you copy-pasting the same comment on multiple posts?

    FeelzGoodMan420 ,

    It was an app glitch. Didn’t do it on purpose. Removed duplicate.

    AeroLemming ,

    Did you just… admit to doing it on purpose, tell me to fuck off, delete both the duplicate and abrasive comment, and then finally claim that it was an app glitch?

    FeelzGoodMan420 ,

    Yes because Jerboa is a glitchy piece of shit and at first it appeared to be a legitimately different thread. Lemmy is still glitchy af in general. Combine that with Jerboa and it’s all fucked up

    Regardless, yes, it was my bad. If you wanna keep berating me about it go ahead but idk what you wnt me to say?

    paulcdb ,

    I think we’re now seeing what happens when the rich have too much control and people continue to let it happen.

    People talk about free countries but is there any country left that isn’t working flat out on decimating peoples freedom at an alarming rate?

    Free speech, Wage theft, the car you drive, the way people who don’t, or can’t work are alienated… even the way people vote are all used to divide people and make it easier to take away peoples freedoms!

    It really is utterly disgusting whats going on but as we see in Wales, Labour is an even shittier, controlling party! 😞

    DocBlaze , (edited )

    the sad thing is that here in the states it’s not the rich, its the traditionally working class parties that drive these types of rights snatching bills. at some point being a liberal became less about helping people being opressed by having a strong government to even the playing field and help them than about making sure everybody is up to date on the right terminology while having a strong government empowered by these large corporations to exploit our data instead of using them to keep the powers in check.

    all for the children, of course. all these bills love to hide behind either the idea of national security under threat, or innocent children being harmed. well, secure and private communications are more important than swimming pools, which causes more harm to children, so if you’re going to ban encryption, ban swimming pools first, you fucking hypocrites.

    vacuumflower ,

    In the end faulty security always gives edge to the stronger and more malicious side.

    So if you want to protect the weak and allow people to defend themselves, you’d want such mechanisms to not be rigged for any abstract noble goal, because otherwise you are going to get fucked very practically.

    DocBlaze ,

    it just doesn’t make sense. are they asking tech companies to generate encryption keys server side, store them, and then send them over a network to and end user device? because that is not at all how encryption works. is there not one person in the cabinet that’s not a complete fucking dinosaur?

    thelastaxolotl , avatar
    suckmyspez ,

    I’m VPN’ing outa here 🤷‍♂️

    dreugeworst ,

    Vpns rely on encryption, which this bill will undermine.

    suckmyspez ,

    Only if the VPN provider follows the advice in the bill. I imagine there will be a lot of VPN providers that won’t give a sh!t what the U.K. government say.

    I think companies like Proton & Mullvad will stand their ground.

    Palacegalleryratio , avatar

    Truly the UK is the worst nation.

    • A Brit
    pseudorandom ,

    "Hold my beer.": The USA about to reelect Trump.

    CrabAndBroom ,

    It’s admittedly a very long shot, but just the thought that the USA might be about to find out the answer to the question “Can a president be elected, then lose an election, then plot to overturn the results of that election, then fail, then be legitimately re-elected once again, then go to prison for trying to overturn the previous election, and then pardon themselves from within prison?” is utterly wild to me.

    PowerCrazy ,

    Trump will go away in at most 4 years even IF he get’s elected. This law will exist forever and will only be enforced against undesirables.

    spauldo ,

    Oh, you know he’ll try to find a way to be president for life. And half the media will support it.

    PowerCrazy ,

    Cool. A Trump dictatorship would be just the shot-in-the-arm that our gerontocracy needs when he dies in 2026.

    AeroLemming ,

    DeSantis would be worse. Competent evil VS flailing baby.

    possiblylinux127 , avatar

    If that’s what you care about we have lost.

    polskilumalo , avatar

    Britons again with the most draconian laws you can possibly imagine. That wretched island has been nothing but a pile of the worst things and ideas humanity has to offer, and still it’s the “bastion of freedom” and part of the “free west”.

    What a joke. At least free software alternatives that make sense and can provide anonymity and privacy could possibly be free from such a backdoor, like SimpleX or something else.

    Well I wish best of luck to all Britons so that they may be safe. Especially trans people…

    CrabAndBroom ,

    Sometimes I feel like the UK is the West’s testing ground for all their worst ideas. Dump it in there, see what happens, then roll it out everywhere else.

    RaoulDook ,

    It’s the Orwellian fascism dev environment there, rolling out all the new privacy-killing tech and policy to squash the boot down on Britons a little farther each day. While the snoopers in the US and Australia watch with baited breath to see how much they will tolerate.

    merde , avatar

    not my king

    Devjavu ,

    I was confused why king for some time. Forgot she went skinwalking.

    MalReynolds , avatar

    No Gods, No Masters.

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