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This is the one time Americans could put their guns to good use…

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Abolish the NYPD


Cory Doctorow was right.


What are they even looking for?


I honestly don’t know. Maybe they could equipt them with powerful microphones that can record the conversations of the people below. They would help with putting a stop to thought crime. The police could then use automated speech analysis to determine if you are comiting thought crime and activate the appropriate response.

Afyer the initial reponse they could remove the person and their friends and family from society. It would be a challenging task updating the records to show that these terrorists never existed. You would also need to make sure that the people around are aware that there own memories are wrong.


They don’t have a specific objective, and that’s the problem.

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Did you even read the article?


“If a caller states there’s a large crowd, a large party in a backyard, we’re going to be utilizing our assets to go up and go check on the party,”

What does “check on” mean? It really doesn’t say what they’re looking for, just an arbitrary description of “large crowd”.

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The party will just be aborted and stopped. Obviously..


Check-on and stop are not the same. Why do you need a drone if you’re going to stop the party?

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I don't think we should allow those drones in the first place to be honest. The west is becoming more and more like China.


Like, if there was a restrictions to how large a party can be (say in response to the current wave of COVID cases), this would make sense.

I disagree with this being a reasonable measure, but at least it would make sense as to why they want to do it, ya know?

As it is, it sounds like NYPD is just trying to use all their budget so they don’t lose it next year or whatever.


The cops will show up, drink all your bud light, eat a few burgers, and taze your grandmother.

Best way to prevent this is to just not allow shitty beer at your party.

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Political organizers


In dystopia authoritarian China, the police fly drones over citizens having weekend parties on their own property.

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So this means I’m allowed to fly my drone over prison yards then, right?

Edit: Also, doesn’t that then make it legal for folks to capture the drones? It’s on their property.

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    thinking of what could have been sicko-wistful

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    Hexbear bot spam.

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    Wait, we don’t own our property airspace? So then, and I’m not being facetious, the entire plot of the 2010 film Burlesque is complete bullshit?

    I figured a drone over a prison was a no and I was just being humorous but the citizen’s lack of property airspace sucks. I get it for like a mile above your house because of planes, but drone height? That’s stupid.

    What if the drone touches the ground or a surface that connects to the ground like a rooftop? Is it fair game then?


    Pretty sure you own ~100 feet above, 20 feet below and nothing further. If the police stay above a hundred feet then there’s no legal recourse for their spying. And now I’m going to read the article to learn why they’re spying on peoples’ 9/11 parties.

    Edit: “an annual Caribbean festival marking the end of slavery that brings thousands of revelers”

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    My best guess is simply that it’s Labor Day weekend. People party a decent bit over it. And when people party, there’s a chance for cops to make some money, I mean arrests for dangerous dangerous crimes against society.


    I ninja’d you. It’s black people. They deployed drones because of black people. If police weren’t so eager to fit their stereotype, this would almost be unexpected.


    There is an expectation of privacy in the United States, and currently drones are in a legal grey area where case law hasn’t really been established yet.


    This is why the the ACLU recommends the following safeguards:

    Usage Limits: A drone should be deployed by law enforcement only with a warrant, in an emergency, or when there are specific and articulable grounds to believe that the drone will collect evidence relating to a specific criminal act.

    Data Retention: Images should be retained only when there is reasonable suspicion that they contain evidence of a crime or are relevant to an ongoing investigation or trial.

    Policy: Usage policy on drones should be decided by the public’s representatives, not by police departments, and the policies should be clear, written, and open to the public.

    Abuse Prevention and Accountability: Use of domestic drones should be subject to open audits and proper oversight to prevent misuse.

    Weapons: Domestic drones should not be equipped with lethal or non-lethal weapons.

    Edit: formatting

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