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House Judiciary Committee advances FISA Section 702 bill with warrant requirements, 35-2

Sen. Ron Wyden says "This is great news for anyone who cares about protecting their privacy from government overreach."

So far the only coverage is @tonya_riley's paywalled Bloomberg News article

The bill is H.R. 6570, the Protect Liberty and End Warrantless Surveillance Act, sponsored by Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ). It has a lot of similarities to the bipartisan Government Surveillance Reform Act (where Wyden and Sen. Mike Lee are the Senate sponsors). But there are other bills potentially moving forward as well.... (1/3)


EveryMuffinIsNowEncrypted ,

grasps pearls around neck

Imagine the scandel!

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The worlds on a role at this point

voxel , (edited )

is making the watching experience worse on and Microsoft Edge.

I didn't believe it the first time I heard abt it, since it sounded more like a conspiracy theory than a actual thing, but it's true. Google does add 5s timeout specifically to Firefox and Edge users when they try to watch a video on YT. If you want to know more about it, Mental Outlaw make a very good video abt it (Link: ). I think Google did this, to get people moving to Chrome since the majority will think this is a browser issue, nobody would expect YouTube to purposely doing this. In the attached Screenshot you can see that YouTube checks the user agent of browsers to see if it's Edge, Firefox or not. You can bypass this by changing your User agent to chrome.

Edit: Due a lot of people saying a lot of different things abt it, I want to say that I'm not 100% sure abt how exactly this works, there is a inbuild delay by Google, but who is actually affected, there are a lot of different opinions abt it. I wasn't able to verify this myself in LibreWolf, but this could be the case due my intensive hardening I did and this is just a result of what I found in the code and what Mental Outlaw and others shared across social media, if you got different or additional infos abt this feel free to comment and I suggest everyone ti also check the comment section.


pkill ,

Not my ss

chicken ,

It would be a lot more conclusive if you could find somewhere the isGecko function is being used in association with a delay though, there are other things they could use it for.

melroy ,
melroy avatar

I saw today the infamous pop-up of YouTube again that they will block the video player after 2 more videos if I keep using uBlock Origin. ** Google.

BombOmOm , avatar

After you run out, hit the embed button, then watch the video as normal.

vintprox ,
vintprox avatar

@melroy This is stupid YouTube... Anyway, if you're on the legs, try Grayjay for Android. 😉👍

jlou ,

"[GNU/]Linux being secure is a common misconception in the security and privacy realm."

"[GNU/]Linux is thought to be secure primarily because of its source model, popular usage in servers, small userbase and confusion about its security features. This article is intended to debunk these misunderstandings".

Based on this, one should try to do as much as possible on a GrapheneOS device


sir_reginald , avatar

privacy != security.

Try doing any serious work on a toy OS like Android, good luck.

Pantherina , avatar

Yes agree on that. Linux needs more standardization.

It is big problem, because it lacks the structure somehow. If there is easy tooling for app development, as Flatpaks with all the modern security practices (safe language, portals, modern GUI, Wayland, Accessibility APIs) then developers could easily follow these rules and create good apps more easily.

Currently app development is not easy and thus also very random.

voxel ,

Good news! Brave for Android now let's u use your favorite uBlock Origin Blocklists!

Under Settings > Brave Shields & privacy

Can you now add custom filterlists and edit Brave's default selection of the already avaible filterlists. Some of you now that this was possible before too (via brave://adblock) but at this time it had no UI and wasn't a official feature, now you can easily add, remove and customize fiterlists via the the settings.


paradox2011 , (edited )

That’s good to see a comment with a link, that’s what helps people make informed decisions, not simple statements of opinion.

Liforra ,

The problem is i would really love using Firefox but i need weird addons and Firefox just doesn’t have them, for example chromegle

voxel ,

Say (an encrypted) hello to a more private internet.

Nothing big, but kinda interesting. I'm excited to see how this will go 👀


library_napper , avatar

Do web servers support it tho?

ReversalHatchery ,

They can’t get info that has been deleted yes, but I think it might be possible to coerce the company into starting to collect logs, legally or not.

voxel ,
CausticFlames , avatar

I disagree that you are inherently in a worse position simply because you dont know enough to take a peek at the code or harden things. I think that again, simply being such a massive project linux gives a trickle down effect to normal users. Even as a normie, you are safer on linux than on windows, full stop. As for github scripts, thats an entirely different subject because yes, open source CAN be dangerous still (just like proprietary can).

zwekihoyy ,

what makes you suggest you are safer on Linux?

voxel , (edited )

Little Rat - a browser extension for monitoring other extensions

"Little Rat is an open-source extension designed for network traffic monitoring. Easily view, monitor, and block traffic from other Chrome extensions on a per-extension basis."

I use it myself and I think it's a very useful extension for everyone who uses more than just few extensions for different purposes and don't fully trust them that they send no data as the developer promises, this extension can monitor the network and act as a firewall per-extension basis.

Download (Lite Version | Can't monitor requests, only block):

Source Code and full version (recommended):

(I'm not affliate with the developer in any way and just wanted to share this)

@privacyguides @privacy

smeg ,

Lol, thanks but “trust me bro” doesn’t count as a security audit

PublicLewdness , avatar

But who monitors the monitors ?

voxel ,

Ecosia, is it really so private?

A article about if Ecosia is really a private search engine.
I did spend a lot a time to analyze and investigate Ecosia, I hope this article helps people to better understand how private is Ecosia really and which are the downsides of it. Is the first article I ever written, so it isn't perfect. I'm open for feedback!


voxel OP ,

@staustellsimon @privacy Oh. Thank you for pointing this out to me.

voxel OP , (edited )

@staustellsimon @privacy Yea. It's my typewise, I though about making it
more "standard", but I decided to keep the personal touch.

voxel ,

Bounce Tracking

I heard of this methode of Tracking before, but never knew that this was it's name, anyway. As I searched for it, I found this article from Brave which gives a very easy to understand explanation of Bounce Tracking, I recommend reading it.


NightAuthor ,

Any favorite extensions to stop this kind of tracking?

voxel OP ,

@NightAuthor Skip Redirect can do this, but it often cause also some kind of breakage, Brave has it inbuild so no need there and not sure if Firefox has in it's config some protection for this

thenexusofprivacy , avatar

College Board shares SAT Scores with Facebook, TikTok, and others

"Gizmodo observed the College Board’s website sharing data with Facebook and TikTok when a user fills in information about their GPA and SAT scores. When this reporter used the College Board’s search filtering tools to find colleges that might accept a student with a C+ grade-point average and a SAT score of 420 out of 1600, the site let the social media companies know. Whether a student is acing their tests or struggling, Facebook and TikTok get the details.

The College Board shares this data via “pixels,” invisible tracking technology used to facilitate targeted advertising on platforms such as Facebook and TikTok. The data is shared along with unique user IDs to identify the students, along with other information about how you use the College Board’s site. Tok, and a variety of companies."


miss_brainfart , avatar

It’s high time more countries ramp up the spreading of awareness about privacy and data security.

This bullshit warrants an actual protest, Jesus

Syrup ,

Buy popcorn and Walt for lawsuit…

abs0 , avatar

Tired (if also dystopian): Having to provide encryption keys to the UK Government when it updates it's Investigatory Powers Act

Wired: Mandating that all encryption keys include the name of a UK Government minister, a description of a sex act, and at least one animal (or other UK Government minister)


018118055 ,

This reminds me of Operation Dear Jack back when RIPA was a bill.

ParadeGrotesque , avatar

"Among other things, [the UK Government] want to be able to prevent companies from providing important security updates and ensure these powers would have a global effect." from @privacy

Excuse me, for just a moment, BUT WHAT THE ABSOLUTE F*ING F?? 🤣

Yeah, no. Not going to happen.

FrankauLux , avatar

@ParadeGrotesque @privacy

my point has nothing to do with either phone or computer. My point is that when a governement wants to pass a law that will reduce personnal freedom, there is very little you or me can do to prevent it. Examples abunds.
feel free to point me to counter-examples.

ParadeGrotesque OP , avatar


True, which is why organizations like @privacy exist, and why you should support them.

They do the research and the lobbying. That's worth your support.

carloshr , Spanish avatar

Best Linux Distro Privacy/Usability for a mid level user

What do you think is the best linux distro for a user who wants to migrate from windows in terms of privacy, usability and respect for the FOSS spirit?

I'm thinking to give a chance to

@privacy @linux

ianmclean , (edited ) avatar

@carloshr @FarLine99 @privacy

has a very opinionated design and includes some defaults that would be desireable for pretty much absolutely nobody - the most prominent of them being that it only lists apps from its own store, which is almost empty, and then gives warnings to users to try and discourage them from going to a place like FlatHub for the software that they will no doubt need. There is a tone about the OS in its design and especially its language in dialogs that may make people feel like they are the ones who are "wrong" if they do not wish to stick with these defaults - I think that's what really rubs so many people the wrong way, and a brand-new user that doesn't know much about Linux would just be completely lost.

It also has no direct upgrade paths for major new versions, and they do their own apps and DE which is great, but they are also under-resourced and so the experience can be a bit glitchy sometimes.

You mention being a mid-level user though, so I think you'd be fine with it, if you like the look of it. In terms of privacy, usability and respect for the FOSS spirit, I think Elementary and its Pantheon desktop environment is fantastic, and I believe it's actually worth trying to adapt to its way of doing things. I use it and love it.

For someone brand new to Linux that just wants to get up and running quickly and get work done, I'd highly recommend instead. It's very much a counter-point in philosophy to Elementary OS and gives a vibe of: "You do things however you're used to, I just want to make it as easy for you as possible."

carloshr OP , avatar

@ianmclean @FarLine99 @privacy
thanks for your comments. I've already decided to install . Actually I've been using it for around a month and I'm very satisfied. Currently I almost don't use windows.

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