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MoshBit , in What are the recommend changes to make iPhone more private?

Due to Apples walled garden, its going to be difficult to nearly impossible. I know it’s not the answer you want to hear but moving to an Android/ pixel system is going to be far, far easier and will produce better results. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that’s the reality of the iPhone ecosystem.

ByteWelder , avatar

As an experienced Android dev and former iOS dev: pushing someone to Google products is not going to improve someone’s privacy. Apple is not “good” in terms of privacy, but Google is much worse. The only real options in that area are MicroG-based Android OS-es, or fully de-googled ones. However, custom ROMs are often not problem-free though. In that case, a Pixel phone is probably still the best option.

dragnucs , in [NSFW] How to block this pop up? I dont want to login to Instagram.

You block it by switching to .

yoz OP ,

But who’ll ask kendra to switch?

Xepher , avatar


dragnucs ,


i_shot_the_sherry , in YouTube adds tracking parameters to shared URLs that can be traced back to individual Google accounts

I believe Spotify is doing something similar.

Would be nice if social networks and messengers would automatically strip these parameters.

pickleprattle , in What is a privacy friendly application that you'd love to have, but no one has developed yet?

A local personal assistant that isn't just focused on media consumption or purchasing. I want to ask about my most efficient route or ideal presents for my partner or a medical condition without it being data mined.

dRLY , in What is a privacy friendly application that you'd love to have, but no one has developed yet? avatar

A messaging app/service that can work via both regular stable connections but also via non-online. Briar is kind of similar to what I am talking about. But it can't/doesn't go as far as I mean. It can send messages via cell data, WiFi, and Bluetooth but as far as I am aware, it can't do a mix of them. And it would still require the person being messaged to be within range of my phone's Bluetooth if not on cell/WiFi. So it doesn't do the hopping I am really interested in (to my understanding).

So I am wanting to be able to have basically zero cell or WiFi signal on my phone, but be able to just have shit be able to bounce around via all methods to get to the person I am trying to reach. So like I could be in a no service spot for my carrier but maybe a friend that also has the app and does have a signal be used to bounce my message from Bluetooth to their cell or WiFi that is working. Then it either get to the final person from that bouncing, or maybe still get it if they are also in a no-signal area but still near another friend that does and is also in their Bluetooth range.

So the message would just hop whatever chain of devices and connections even if it takes a little more time (like if it just had to keep hopping from a number of phones completely through Bluetooth jumping. Would also be cool if it could jump even if the other devices didn't have the app and was just encrypted text-only blobs hopping like how data hops around various servers when online. But aside from the fact that data costs money and would mean basically everyone's shit would get used at all times. The nightmare of how the messages/service would know how to get places, or if maybe it already arrived via one method while a different chain was still trying would be massive. In addition to literally all the other things that would have to be figured out. And that is all before making sure it could be still private in any real way.

Gleddified ,, but in other countries than the US

jacktherippah , (edited ) in How much privacy will I lose if I switch to e/OS

I recommend sticking to GOS. If you'd like to use something else, I'd recommend DivestOS. CalyxOS, LineageOS, /e/OS and iodéOS are all significant downgrades in usability, privacy and security and therefore not worth using on a Pixel.

kustom3 , in What is a privacy friendly application that you'd love to have, but no one has developed yet?

I'd love a self-hostable tool like trakt or simkl, to track my media consumption, as well as release dates.

ohlaph , in What is a privacy friendly application that you'd love to have, but no one has developed yet?

I made a weather app for android because most of them wanted my data.

m_r_butts , in Verizon Gave Phone Data to Armed Stalker Who Posed as Cop Over Email

It's almost like conditioning the entire country to fear and/or hero worship cops and unquestioningly comply with everything they want has a downside.

cheesebag , in What is a privacy friendly application that you'd love to have, but no one has developed yet?

Signal to work for SMS again 🙄🙄🙄

ohlaph ,

I wish!!!

dRLY , avatar

For real! One of the things that made using Signal a non-issue for me was due to it being able to use SMS as a fall-back and therefore didn't need me to push friends to also install another message app. I really only first installed it because it was the messaging app my local chapter of the SRA was using. I was excited that it did the shit I loved about the old Google Hangouts before they unnecessarily chose to break shit back out into three replacements. Being able to use a more feature rich messaging service when the people I am messaging also have it is awesome. But being able to still send a basic SMS from the same app without leaving is super nice. It is the main thing I always envied about how iMessage has worked basically forever.

Fortunately some of my friends and co-workers also have needed to install Signal for similar reasons I did or for remote therapy stuff. But it is so hard to get others to just install it just because it is privacy focused and since we already have Facebook Messenger/Discord/Snap/IG/Line and of course SMS. Also hate feeling like I am being pushy or annoying unless I am directly asked about apps to try or some specific reason.

I also have fond memories of using Gaim/Pidgin back in the day for being able to just have one IM client that could work with basically whatever any of my friends/contacts liked using. A universal chat/message client really seems like something that would be cool to see come back.

cheesebag ,

I know right? Makes me so mad, I used to donate to them, but removing SMS is gonna kill uptake

BearOfaTime , in Verizon Gave Phone Data to Armed Stalker Who Posed as Cop Over Email

Wow. Wtf Verizon?

Also, wtf psychopath? How did you think you wouldn't get caught?

cheese_greater , in Verizon Gave Phone Data to Armed Stalker Who Posed as Cop Over Email

So glad everythings up for grabs that easily

noroute , in What is a privacy friendly application that you'd love to have, but no one has developed yet?

Secure telegram linux fork that doesn’t require phone number to signup/login.

Bobbys ,

Did you try Session?

Gooey0210 ,

You wanted to say SimpleX

noroute ,

I don’t think this is telegram fork looks more like signal.

Gooey0210 , in What is a privacy friendly application that you'd love to have, but no one has developed yet?

Well working, good looking airgaped password manager

There are some, but they are mostly like proof of concept

AtariDump ,


Gooey0210 ,

Love keepass, but I mean something different

A password manager that can keep passwords on one device, and use the passwords on the other, without the storing one being connected to any network, etc

Futurama ,

KeePass with inputstick. It's a device that plugs into a USB A port, and your phone talks to it via Bluetooth. It emulates a keyboard (and mouse if you want), and there's a KeePass plugin for KeePass2Android.

You open one of your password entries, click the username, and it types the username on your computer via inputstick. Ditto for passwords and totp or other fields.

You can also use inputstick to just remotely control your computer, albeit locally only and without a monitor connection. I've used it to control my raspberry pi or android TV, aside from password entry.

With this, you can have your password database be completely offline and your computer have no lasting knowledge of your passwords. Of course, a keylogger would still get the passwords that are "typed".

I've had one of these $40 devices for a few years. I don't use it too often, as I tend to synchronize my KeePass database on all of them, but it does come in handy. I wish the developer of the hardware made a usb-c one, but it works with usb-c to usb-a dongles.

Gooey0210 ,

Hmm, it seems I missed this, saw the plugin many-many times, but thought it works with USB cables

Interesting, sadly I can't get my hands on any inputstick (the area I live in is very harsh on importing stuff except local marketplaces(which don't have the device))

At the same time it uses Bluetooth, which makes it not fully airgapped

Maybe some time later I will get into developing something similar, but wity nrf chips

RQG , in When a service advertise as 100% open source, do you expect the website to be open-source too? avatar

Only if the website is part of the product. Like if to use the product I have to login on the website or am forced to regularly use it or whatever. Then if it is advertised as 100% open source I'd probably be like 'is it though?'.

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