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Rebuilding governance and resilience out of the pandemic | Horizon Europe project 2022-25 | PI @pierotortola | cover avatar


Managing director,

Author of #SHAKESPEARE FOR BEGINNERS, the novel JIHADI, and the play AN UNDIVIDED HEART. #Ukraine #baseball #jg20mvp #1947League #mlb #gratefuldead #neurodiversity #beatles #blacklivesmatter #demsabroad #democratsabroad

Hi. I'm ...

a writer,

a US #expat living in #Ireland,

a #baseball addict,

an adult recently diagnosed with #adhd (which, looking back, explains a lot),

a #teampete enthusiast. cover avatar


Educationalist-retired but still fully captured - collecting, circulating, connecting, collaborating and with some luck contributing a bit every now and then through my website collection of edu links
(and don’t miss my threads of gardening dabbling. Grateful for any comments on those …)
@sara_hjelm on Twitter cover avatar


Human Rights Lawyer ⚖️ Legal Data Scientist 📈 Open Data Advocate

My research specialties are international law, human rights law, international criminal law, natural language processing of legal text and Open Legal Data. I've also published quite a bit on cultural heritage and am the lead author of the 'Destroying the Soul of the Yazidis' report.

I love #rstats and have recently gotten into #bayesian #stats with #stan

🇺🇦 #StandWithUkraine

#HumanRights #IntLaw #OpenData #OpenSource cover avatar


Assoc Prof of #PoliSci • IR, #Refugees, #HumanRights#Academia #fedi22 • she/her • Views own, etc. cover avatar


Zeithistoriker in der Redaktion @WerkstattGeschichte und derzeit am @ZZF Potsdam (views my own); früher einmal auch hier:

Contemporary History at the editorial team @WerkstattGeschichte and currently at @ZZF Potsdam (views my own), also used to be here: cover avatar


Economic historian with broad social science & historical interests. I investigate aspects of population health, mobility & inequality, incarceration & the lives of prisoners in Canada, NZ, Australia & SouthAfrica with census & other digital resources

current project:

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Dr Igor Calzada MBA Principal Research Fellow (Reader) Cardiff University, School of #SocialSciences, WISERD-SPARK, ESRC, #Wales #UK | #Fulbright Scholar, US-UK Fulbright Commission, #California #USA | Ikerbasque & University of the Basque Country, #BasqueCountry #Spain

Formerly @UniofOxford @UNHabitat @EU_ScienceHub @UniStrathclyde @VUBrussel @AstonUniversity @CSUBakersfield @unevadareno @MUnibertsitatea Senior

#AcademicMastodon #DigitalCitizenship #SmartCities #ActionResearch cover avatar


Lecturer, Institute of International Relations at The University of the West Indies.

Expertise: International and National #security

My #academic background allows me to understand the complex nature of human relations while #nomadic life illuminates its dynamism and #diversity. cover avatar


Professor Universitat Politècnica de València. #UPV Personal account. Cuenta personal.

About #CulturalHeritage #Politics #Narrative #Aesthetics ...and, above all, about any interesting interaction among these topics.

Acerca de #PatrimonioCultural #Política #Narrativa #Estética ...y, sobre todo, acerca de cualquier interesante combinación entre estos temas.

Publications will be deleted after 6 months 🚮
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Creating the digital foundations to support everyone's participation in democratic life. We built and 🗳 cover avatar


Dept of Sociology and Anthropology, Tel Aviv University, IL
& Dept of Quantitative Methods for Social Research, Goethe University Frankfurt, DE

Immigration, attitudes, political communication, quantitative methods, natural language processing, #rstats cover avatar


Postdoc Researcher in @politicalscience, NRW School of Governance, Institut für Politikwissenschaft, Universität Duisburg-Essen.
| interest groups, advocacy, #lobbying, NGOs, Public Policy, Dynamics of #PolicyChange, #Transformation #PolicyStudies | 🚲 #PhDad of two cover avatar


Author & blogger interested in #history, #culture & #politics. I studied in Germany, then lived in Hong Kong & Taiwan for several years. I support #democracy & #fairtrade, enjoy nuanced debate. My websites: / cover avatar


Not a bot but a rather corpulent male approaching fifty years of age; married; father; a very very slow reader; barely reaching up to the level of mediocrity; an ignoramus who reads occasionally.

Toots are humanities, sciences, books and maps related. Toots or follows or boosts or mentions ≠ endorsements of any particular notion or notions. Expect many typing errors.

Addendum: for those wondering, I do not physically resemble a fountain pen. cover avatar


PhD student at Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research in Müncheberg, Germany, conducting research on land use conflicts from a social science perspective. Interested in exchanging ideas about conflicts, sustainable land management, qualitative methods, the agri-food-system,...

Also a passionate vegetable gardener and volunteer with Slow Food Youth Berlin. avatar


🗳️ Elections stuff
📚 Occasional historian.
📍 Bath, UK. cover avatar


#Kunstgeschichte | #Literatur | Politik | Flora & Fauna | Vermischte Meldungen

Headerbild: Ein Stickbild in rosa und blau. Der Text lautet: The Horror Persist, But So Do I.

#Art #Arthistory | #Literature | Politics | Flora & Fauna | Miscellaneous cover avatar


Professor of Political Theory and Public Policy, JGU Mainz avatar


Research Professor at the Department of Public Governance, Ghent University, Belgium

#EuropeanUnion #ClimatePolicy #SustainabilityTransformations #Politics #Democracy avatar


Investigador posdoctoral - El Colegio de México
Doctorado: Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Researcher mainly working on political violence, its effects, and related discourses in West Asia and Latin America. cover avatar


Meteorologe. Für die strikte Trennung von fossilem C und aktuellem O2. Gedanken zu einer klimaneutralen Zukunft.

Standort Pöllau, Oststeiermark. cover avatar


Professor of political science at the University of Zurich | | digital technology & politics | #polisci | cover avatar


Programmer turned lawyer and community guy.

Current: Tidelift, Creative Commons, OpenET, California HDF, 415/94110, dad.

Previously: Wikimedia, Mozilla, Open Source Initiative, GNOME, LegOS, Duke, 305/MIA, more. cover avatar


I do research @ the Institute of Political Science ( and @ Oeschger Center for Climate Change Research, University of Bern, CH, on policy, energy, mobility🔋🔌 . As a scientist, I love experiments.
I hold a PhD from ETH Zurich.
Yes, I am extremly (sic!) prone to typos.
Here: private views. cover avatar


Professor of #Politics at Queen Mary University of London. #Gender, French & UK politics, representation, #elections, #parliaments. Feminist, #vegan, untrendy before it was cool.
#polisci #academic #academia cover avatar


Healthcare improvement and strategic foresight analyst, professional trainer in qualitative research methods. Organizational behavior researcher. Board member at Blue Faery Liver Cancer. #Writer of stuff - #AmWriting

Read my #fiction titles on Amazon "The Screw Turns" at
See my Kindle Vela stories at
... and my children's stories at cover avatar

  • Associate Professor, American University
  • Associate Director, Center for Data Science
  • Senior Social Scientist, The Lab @ DC
  • Fellow in Methodology, Office of Evaluation Sciences avatar


Twitter diaspora. Agamemnon sucks: we do the fighting, he gets the girls. (Oregonian. Mediator/lawyer/writer; bylines in The Guardian, Alternet, HuffPost/OffTheBus, more.) cover avatar


Adventurer, avid reader, feminist. Host of the "Conflict Tipping" podcast on social #conflict (and what to do about it). PhD in International Relations, she/her.

Research interests: #blame, #emotions in politics, power/discourse, critical realism, #feminism.

Interdisciplinary, intersectional, international. cover avatar


Als iemand beweert dat Madagascar in de Atlantische Oceaan ligt, doe dan geen moeite hem of haar terecht te wijzen; de ligging van Madagascar zal er niet door veranderen. (J.A. Deelder) cover avatar


Offizieller Account der Deutschen Vereinigung für Politikwissenschaft (DVPW) e.V. | official account of the German Political Science Association (GPSA) |

Folge unserer Gruppe für Nachrichten aus der (deutschen) #Politikwissenschaft:

#PoWi #PolSci #Politikwissenschaft #PoWiLehre #Wissenschaft #Fachgesellschaft cover avatar


complexity sciences // urbanism // digital technology // complex causality // social science research methods // Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies // Erasmus University Rotterdam //… // loud music cover avatar


Political scientist at EIF/Uni Vienna working mostly on European Union judicial politics -- but maintaining an unhealthily broad scope of interests. Mixed methods. Spoiled for R by too much Python. Running on Emacs and vegan licorice. Migrant in a no-licorice country. Ex-runner, now jogger and hiker. Father. I fact-check my boosts. cover avatar


DemocracyNet is an international network of #democracy scholars. It fosters interdisciplinary exchange and a dialogue between academia and the wider public.

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