Personal Knowledge Management Systems (PKMS)

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What to use for very hierarchical content?

OK, so, this is only tangential to the purpose of this community, but still. The concept of a PKMS has tossed me into a wider interest in storing the content of a document entirely in plaintext with nothing but a markup language, and then formatting that content from there (often with PanDoc). Nothing frustrates me more lately...

What software and organization systems are you using for your PKMS?

I’m not using any particular organization strategy like Zettelkasten or PARA or anything. I am using Obsidian for most things, but my to-dos are in Apple Reminders and there are some scattered pieces of information in Google Docs and Notion that I still have yet to migrate to Obsidian.

How do you retell the idea in your own words?

That’s a big struggle for me. When I was learning about Zettelkasten, the idea of immediatly writing in your own words the summary of a chapter feels daunting. What if I use the wrong words and wouldn’t understand later? What I want is to have notes from the book and then use them to write summary maybe in a week after...

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