Is there a good collection of survival knowledge compiled somewhere?

I’m looking for a wide variety of topics. Feel free to call me crazy :)! But I would love any/all info regarding the following:

  1. Self-sufficient farming and gardening techniques
  2. Solar power installation and maintenance
  3. Water collection and filtration methods
  4. Off-grid food preservation options (canning, fermenting, dehydration)
  5. Constructing and maintaining off-grid shelters (tiny homes, yurts, earthships)
  6. Sustainable waste management practices
  7. Home remedies and natural medicine for common ailments
  8. Wild foraging and hunting skills
  9. Basic wilderness survival skills (fire building, shelter construction, navigation)
  10. Off-grid communication methods (shortwave radios, Morse code)
  11. DIY appliances and tools for off-grid living
  12. Sustainable living practices (permaculture, composting, recycling)
  13. Essential off-grid kitchen equipment and cooking techniques
  14. Emergency preparedness and disaster management
  15. Financial planning and budgeting for off-grid living.

Please feel free to include any topics along those lines. I’m sure if you’ve read to this point you get where I’m going.

Staple_Diet ,

How to Invent Everything is a good, humorous take on restarting society from first principles. It’s obviously not aimed at what you are going for but it has plenty of good information on all of those topics. Next search for Military manuals.

I would also recommend attending some courses if you haven’t done so already. It is great to research this topic, but many of those points you list require skill acquisition that can only be learned out field.

MachineFab812 ,

CD3WD Survival Skills Encyclopeadia

There was also a 4gb archive floating around r/survivalism

american_boy , and CD3WD were projects that were big when i first got into prepping at the start of the pandemic. Both of the sites seem to be defunct but there are still mirrors/copies/torrents of the info available online since they were both created to be downloaded for offline use.

azerial ,

I’d check out your local library. Obviously you can’t take the books, but you can check em out and learn.

Zuberi OP , avatar

Can’t tell if this is a troll response or not. Your answer, on the Piracy instance, is to go to a library?..

You think I’ve never herd of a library?

Not even a mention of scanning books from the library? Just to learn and leave lmfao.

azerial ,

No i just think it would be a good place to search out the good books. I’m sure they’re all in a section, so you’d get to actually look at them and figure out what you want. Then you can go to MAM and get them. That’s what id do, plus the library is relaxing.

Zuberi OP , avatar

Nvm you sold me, great idea ngl.

Imma find my nearest one :)

azerial ,

Woohoo! Also, for real, check out the overdrive app. It’s pretty awesome. I mean like sure, i can download whatever, but like some of the fiction, once I’ve read it in done. I don’t need to retain it.

edit: spelling

Fjor ,

I highly recommend checking out kiwix 🥝

LobYonder ,

Lots of prepper channels on Telegram with pdfs, eg

hamid ,

I’d actually like books and guides on to how to be your own doctor and GP aside from emergency medicine.

nomadic ,
kniescherz ,

Just a thought: these resources are great. But to be helpful printed stuff is way better because you dont need electricity for that.

Zuberi OP , avatar

Obviously plan on printing or keeping offline copies on flashdrives.

HelixDab2 ,

I think you missed the point. If you’re talking about survival information, you want it as low-tech as possible, i.e., hard copy only.

And remember: two is one, one is none.

generalEdo ,
tasankovasara , avatar

perfect. there’s yet more in the parent directory.

fatboy93 ,

Thank you for an interesting discussion! In particular I like the fact that you listed out a lot of sustainable practices!

Bakery7328 , (edited )


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  • crimeschneck ,

    This link contains Nazi propaganda.

    Bakery7328 ,

    yes, but also valuable survival material and other rare stuff. People downvoting me are assuming Im pro-nazi I suppose lol

    Flatworm7591 , avatar

    That link is FULL of Nazi crap. Don’t post it here again, or you’ll get a ban.

    Bakery7328 ,

    You are ridiculous. You don’t need to read the nazi crap to take value from that archive.

    Flatworm7591 , avatar

    What is ridiculous is posting a link to a 4chan post by a right wing extremist “boogaloo boy” that is 90% comprised of links to anti-semitic, racist, nazi propaganda and 10% survival-related links, then saying “just ignore the nazi stuff, don’t judge me” when someone points this out.

    Bakery7328 ,

    That’s not the ratio

    And it also has many images which is why I didn’t just copy paste some links

    CephalonKappa ,

    That sentence implies the nazi content has value 🤔

    GregoryTheGreat ,

    The kiwi app that does offline web archives. It has collections for this but also all of stackoverflow and Wikipedia.

    gasull , avatar
    Zuberi OP , avatar

    Right up my alley, thanks mate

    atlasraven31 , (edited )

    Humble Bundle just had a good collection on that. Can’t find it now but books on homesteading, medical plants, finding people lost on the woods, going off-grid, and various books about rural cooking.

    Edit: Must have expired last night. I can’t find any info on it.

    ruepfe ,

    [SurvivalManual] (

    There is an app for this. Works offline, available on fdroid and playstore. Covers a lot of topics and the manual is mostly based on military guidelines.

    Never needed yet, but it feels good to have it.

    Teppichbrand ,
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