rarbg was way better than TG especially regarding stremio

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Can some send me a PM with those things that allows you to have access to torrent freak? I’m not asking for an invite, you know………… not an invite, but the ability to be part of the private tracker …. Not asking for an invite ……


TorrentFreak is only a blog about news related to piracy. Either it’s evolution or fight against it.

As far as I know they don’t operate anything enabling you to pirate things !?! I don’t understand where you got that idea? Or it’s not something I knew and it isn’t apparent on their website.

I quote from the about section :

“TorrentFreak is a publication dedicated to bringing the latest news about copyright, privacy, and everything related to filesharing. We are not a news aggregator but focus on unique and fresh stories. TorrentFreak is where news and copyright issues collide.”


“access to torrentfreak”??

Here you go, it’s a universal unlimited invite:

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I was having trouble adding this on to Prowlarr. Anyone know what’s up with that?


I think it’s been having issues the last few days. I’ve had it on there and Jackett previously for years without issue but I haven’t been able to connect for a few days now.

melroy avatar works fine


Yes the site works fine but Prowlarr was having trouble connecting to it, possibly a rate limiting issue, but I think it may have been resolved now as I didn’t notice the warning in radarr when adding movies last night.


I just switched to qBittorrent and used built-in search to find rarbg rips.



You think that something similar is possible with Transmission?

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Last I checked Transmission doesn’t have a built-in search. You could use Jackett or Prowlarr with it to get a similar experience.


For my needs, I use qBittorrent with jackett. Both excellent tools!

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