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Riccardo_Mar , Italian

@piracy Do cracked apps still send data to Google/Android or they bypass them?

I was wondering if while using (trusted) cracked apps they still send data to Google, Android, Meta, etc. or to the app owner.

hexagonwin ,

On android with root what’s the best firewall to use? The ‘rootless’ ones using Android VPN features are really inefficient.

Draconic_NEO ,
@Draconic_NEO@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

It really depends on how it was cracked and the use case of the app. Some of them may have it patched out but others won’t. Play it safe unless you know for sure.

Shkshkshk ,

Is ProtonVPN worth it?


Got reminded of this while reading about ProtonMail. The reason I haven't gotten into proper is that I don't have a VPN for torrenting, and the reason I don't have a VPN is that I don't . So it would be nice if I got a good VPN while myself.

Will ProtonVPN rat me out to Comcast? I know some VPNs don't hide what you're downloading from your ISP, for reasons I don't fully understand.

nullboi ,

I’m not the smartest bowl in the… bowl drawer, but wouldn’t removing port forwarding just affect speed? Or would it stop tormenting with Mullvad entirely? I just topped my account off lol

landlubber ,

I know I’m really late to this thread:

The 3 VPNs I’d recommend for privacy are Proton, AirVPN, and Mullvad.

When it comes to torrenting, AirVPN is probably the best. It has port forwarding, a no logging policy, and general trust in the community. Proton is similar, but it’s port forwarding is not as good as AirVPN’s version.

When it comes to privacy, Mullvad is the best imo. You can pay in cash. They removed port forwarding recently, but they’re in a privacy oriented country, and when authorities raided them, they had none of the users’ data (the raid being the reason for port forwarding to disappear).

You don’t need port forwarding to torrent, but without it, you may have slower speeds and trouble downloading older/rarer torrents (it effects the number of seeders/peers you can connect to). I’ve been torrenting without port forwarding and have yet to run into a torrent I can’t download in a reasonable time. Highly overrated imo, but incredibly important if you want to seed (I’ve still had no problems, there might be a couple leeches, but the vast majority can be seeded to). Considering you have Comcast, however, I’m guessing you have a data cap, and with that seeding becomes rather difficult. If you really want to pass it on with the data cap, than a seedbox would be the easiest way. Without port forwarding or a seedbox, and especially with a datacap without either of those, you won’t be able to use private trackers (personally I don’t recommend them unless you can’t find content anywhere else, my advice running counter to many in the piracy community).

You’re not going wrong with any of those 3 VPNs. Mullvad for privacy (torrents work just fine, don’t believe the people convincing you otherwise, and if you’re concerned with seeding, then a seedbox will take care of uploading for you). AirVPN if you want a good privacy reputation and port forwarding, or Proton if you prefer them (their privacy is fine, their port forwarding is inferior).

I’ll also mention Windscribe, which is not as good as the above three, and I don’t know as much about. But it’s the only other one I can think of that might be worth it, though I strongly recommend one of the above 3 first.

Stay away from (most VPNS pay for advertising or astroturf, so always be careful when selecting):

PIA (yes, they were proven not to log… And then bought out by Kape (former name Crossrider), a spyware company. The parent company is not privacy oriented, no matter how much PIA simps want you to believe otherwise. Look into it yourself. I loved PIA before they were bought out!)

NordVPN (lol, just stay away, trust me. You can always search for previous NordVPN incidents.).

petrescatraian , (edited ) Romanian
@petrescatraian@libranet.de avatar
SchizoDenji ,

If you’re looking for obscure stuff, you have to wade through the weeds. I doubt anyone who is this deep into piracy is unaware.

Hackerpunk1 ,

Does someone has a spare invite to share? Thanks in Advance

goatsarah , en-gb
@goatsarah@thegoatery.dyndns.org avatar

AppleTV hardware now supports Tailscale, with exit nodes.

I am astonished that Apple allowed this blatant circumvention of region coding, but they did.

Get it while it’s hot, I guess.

HughJanus ,

This can also theoretically help get around Netflixes password sharing restrictions

This is the interesting bit here. I assume others will follow in Netflix’s steps shortly (Netflix made a fuckton of money from this) but this would also help you circumvent this crackdown with your Apple subscription…

Kbobabob ,

Yeah, I noticed they added some stuff and annoyingly tried putting it first. I just hid the crap i didn’t want. The live TV actually has a lot of options. I don’t really watch much TV these days but there’s been plenty to choose from so far. I think having the lifetime Plex pass makes it different.

jonny ,
@jonny@social.coop avatar

The concentration of the webtech nerds from r/piracy at @piracy is a sight to behold. Brings a tear to my eye. May a thousand Gazelles bloom from it

three ,

fuck this is a gay post lmfao

drwankingstein ,

i didn’t even realize you could cross post between them

nevernevermore ,
@nevernevermore@kbin.social avatar

Any recommendations of streaming app for iphone? I use stremio on all my other devices, and currently just have a tab for movie-web.app on my phone, but looking for a better solution.

aPirate ,

fmhy.net/android-iosguide#ios-streaming This could provide some options I don’t have apple devices myself so my knowledge is minimal.

Cabowski ,

Yes infuse is great for iPhone best $10 a yr I spend

legion ,
@legion@kbin.social avatar

A few weeks into the Premiere League season, anyone have a go-to streaming site now?

legion OP ,
@legion@kbin.social avatar

@CheekyYoghurts Yeah, but any consistent streamers on there that you prefer? Every game I have to sift through the various ones that were posted. Years ago I used only Dubzstreams but he sucks now

CheekyYoghurts ,

No, sorry. I only use it once a week or so to watch a match. I usually just choose a stream and if that fails at some point I just another in the list.

Hiru , Spanish
@Hiru@kbin.social avatar

Long live !piracy

dingus ,
@dingus@lemmy.ml avatar


The question is: Was he into amputee porn before or after he got the hook-hand?

EDIT: Found higher-resolution version of this meme.

Flatworm7591 Mod ,
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ADHDefy ,
@ADHDefy@kbin.social avatar

Any PS4 peeps here? I've noticed that PKGs for Rune Factory 4 Special and Rune Factory 5 are not on any of the usual sites. Does anyone know where they could be found?

jonny ,
@jonny@social.coop avatar

highly recommend following @piracy . more fedi like this plz

stillnotahero ,
@stillnotahero@mastodon.social avatar

@piracy are you federated with kbin? The community does not come up when I search.

immibis ,

@piracy Federation problems? I cannot see any posts newer than 2 days

j3j5 ,
@j3j5@hachyderm.io avatar

@piracy Apparently Google Bard and ChatGPT can give you valid Windows10 keys. I wonder what other keys you can extract from them?


Natalie3434 ,

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ava223 ,

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