cyberwolfie ,

I use Fluent Reader Lite. Fits my established workflow of consuming RSS-feeds well.

mme , avatar

NetNewsWire (…/id1480640210) on the iPhone, still looking for something good on Android.

Kelvino , avatar

I use FeedMe with FreshRSS myself, but also gave Fluent Reader a try recently. I still prefer FeedMe over Fluent Reader for the way it presents the feeds, but otherwise it is an alternative open source app that functions reliably. It has a desktop version too.

Pantherina , avatar

Feeder, its great.

If you use Neolauncher they have a feed reader that only integrates there.

lemmyvore ,

The ones that come the closest for me are Feeder and Flym. Unfortunately Feeder doesn’t have quick search and Flym is not developed anymore (but even when it was the developer was very opinionated and didn’t take feature requests well).

That said I still prefer Flym because its “add new feed” is very good and can search the internet for feed by name or topic, and I can live with a few small quirks.

_s10e ,


vort3 , avatar

There’s nothing better than feedme right now.

MorganCS ,

This is the way.

Tick_Dracy , avatar

I use a mix of browser (Windows and tablet) and NetNewsWire (iPhone).

spiritedpause ,
gadgetzombie ,


retiolus OP , avatar

Last update 2 years ago…

Edit: developer is actually working on a 0.2.0 version:…

UKFilmNerd , avatar

Does this app still work with FreshRSS, I can’t get it to login into my account.

retiolus OP , avatar

works for me

UKFilmNerd , avatar

I finally got it working, I was using the wrong URL which I had to use on another app.

Quite like this, looking forward to the update.

MeaCulpa ,

Works fine

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