alvanrahimli ,

Thanks for being the last required part to push me to using sourcehut. I am already loving it.

nothacking ,

Of of the osmocom stuff is not in GitHub, which includes open source cellular network stacks, and assorted radio stuff like Rtl-sdr drivers.

onlinepersona ,

I wish the were a massive uptake of forgejo just to get federation of sourceforges implemented. Alternative sourceforges really need to band together because creating an account on every instance is an absolute no-go.

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0!

tiny ,

Shameless plug for my project shiftmon that's hosted on gitlab it uses ansible to glue together Telegraf, Victoriametrics, Grafana, and Loki

Tinkerer ,

Not a shameless plug at all. Damn this is super nice! Thanks for posting this I'm definitely going to be looking into this project!

anzo ,

"I hate Instagram tell me about popular celebrities using their own site/ Twitter/ Mastodon"... I think it's putting the horses behind the cart. You want to use some code or look to a celeb pics? Then do it on wherever those stories were posted.

anzo ,

GitHub was a social network even before Microsoft bought it, or the bot accounts boosting repos' stars numbers.

Weslee ,

I self host my own Gogs server on my raspberry pi, very easy setup with docker.

shnizmuffin , avatar

Preface: I appreciate the sentiment, fuck Microsoft.

  1. Projects typically aren't "hosted" on code repositories like GitHub.
  2. Because the underlying version control technology, git, is meant to be distributed - it's super weird to draw that line in the sand. It's like saying "show me TXT files written with SublimeText, I hate Notepad++!"
  3. I get that you might want to, like, judge a developer for using github? But, like... features are features. Build minutes are build minutes. If you fork a repo and use GitLab to manage it, does that make the project better?
chebra , avatar

@shnizmuffin @Zen

Issues, milestones, discussions, pull requests, build logs, they all stay on the chosen host. That host can then add specific conditions to creating accounts, or participating in the discussion, searching code etc. Such as force you to have a phone number in your account, otherwise you won't be able to comment on issues. And all of these things might be locked in without a way to export and migrate to another host, so yes, it definitely matters where the project is hosted.

ScreaminOctopus ,

It would be nice if platforms like Forgejo and gitlab could hook into some sort of review and issue tracking protocol that was built directly into git, like git-appraise. Unfortunately it doesn't look like git appraise is actively developed.

xigoi , avatar

If you want to contribute to a project developed on GitHub, you need to have a GitHub account. So it does matter.

GBU_28 ,

So make a private email only for GitHub

anzo ,

Actually, you can send the diff patches by email/ pastebin/ gitlab/ etc. It's up to the main developer to take your contribution seriously, given the level of annoyance you might be presenting. Same happens in the other direction, you can host your code on sourcehut, but many junior devs could be repelled by the old school ux.

Pantherina ,

I dont get how that works, you mail those lines with all those


And they can like transform that into git and have it work as an actual patch?

Snarwin ,

This website explains the process:

Zen OP ,
BaumGeist ,
  1. If it's distributed through github, and there's no push to move elsewhere by users and contributors, then it's effectively hosted on/through github
  2. The analogy breaks down for collaborative projects, which is where the issues with github arise
  3. If their problem is with the project's distribution method, presumably the answer is yes
d3Xt3r ,


  • brillo - Control the brightness of backlight and keyboard LED devices
  • Gammastep - Day/night gamma modifier that adjusts the color temperature of your screen.
  • Veloren - An open-world, multiplayer voxel RPG written in Rust


  • Fnott - Keyboard driven and lightweight notification daemon for wlroots. Better than mako (IMO).


  • Kanshi - Dynamic display configuration tool for wayland
  • Senpai - A modern, easy-to-use, terminal IRC client
  • Shotman - Fast and simple screenshot GUI written in Rust, for wayland.
  • wlr-randr - xrandr clone for wlroots compositors
  • wlrctl - Keyboard macros and window automation for wlroots compositors
colourlesspony , avatar

I think the blender institute self-hosts with git tea.

Daeraxa , (edited )

Forgejo itself is hosted on Codeberg, dogfooding itself
Foot terminal emulator
Tenacity Audacity fork
xmobar status bar written in (and configured in) Haskell
Redox Unix-like OS written in Rust
RISC OS Open the original ARM OS, still seeing active development

Zen OP , (edited )
krash , (edited )

Lagrange is THE SHIT!

(btw, I thought its dev hosted it on forjego?)

Edit: it's hosted on both codeberg and a gitea instance:

qaz ,

Codeberg is a forgejo instance

krash ,
OsrsNeedsF2P ,

Do you like RuneScape? - 2009 RuneScape emulation - 2003 and 2001 RuneScape emulation

Both are actively developed too

(Disclaimer - I'm actively contributing to Open RuneScape Classic and used to contribute a lot to 2009scape)

MountainTurkey ,

Fuck yeah thank you

slazer2au ,

Well I know what I am doing for the next few days while I am off work sick.

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