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ligma balls

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The federation between mastodon and lemmy is strange. If a M account wants to follow a L community, they need to follow an automated M account which represents the L community. But if any M post mentions that L community, the post will get boosted by the community's M account, so everybody who follows will get a notification. And I'm not sure if this can be moderated from the L side, because it seems like it never goes through L. Such as - do you see this @opensource ? Does a L mod see this?

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@Corgana I'd really like to take your word for it, but do you happen to have any more info about it, how does it actually work? Because mind you, the post is no originating from lemmy, it only mentions that community and is automatically reboosted, so even if the lemmy mod deletes it from the community page, when and how does it get unboosted from all the mastodon timelines? I can still see 3-4 spam posts per hour in my timeline even when they don't appear here on lemmy.

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You had asked about a ban, which is possible. I'm actually not sure how post removals are interpreted by Mastodon.

That all said, it's clunky to view one app via the other just because they both "speak" activitypub.

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Go away.

Making it funny with a literal picture of spam doesn't make it any more welcome.

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