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oranki , in cross platform chat alternative to facebook messenger?

I have a feeling you are overthinking the Matrix key system.

  • create account
  • create password you store somewhere safe
  • copy the key and store somewhere safe
  • when signing on a new device, copy-paste the key

Basically it's just another password, just one you probably can't remember.

Most of the client apps support verifying a new session by scanning a QR code or by comparing emoji. The UX of these could be better (I can never find the emoji option on Element, but it's there...). So if you have your phone signed in, just verify the sessions with that. And it's not like most people sign in on new devices all the time.

I'd give Matrix a new look if I were you.

kreynen , in How was your start into the open source community?

@shapis Almost 20 years ago, I followed Lawrence Lessig's RSS feed. He made a request for software that could be used to advance slides on a remote computer. I knew AppleScript fairly well and thought, "how hard can that be?". I wrote a one script that would "listen" for the text "Next Slide" in iChat and then try to advance whatever was open in PowerPoint. I wrote another script with a basic UI so the presenter could easily "type" Next Slide while presenting. It was basic, but it worked. I think I shared the code with an MIT license. Even though the code was free and Dr. Lessig already agreed to meet with a class about IP Law at the university I was working for at the time, he also contributed $50 to my project. He could have just downloaded the scipts and used them without paying anything, but that simple act changed my life. I realized that some people who could afford it would pay for code I even when I was giving away. Most people don't, but enough do that I've been able to continue contributing my code, helping to fix bugs in other people's code and sponsoring other projects today.

Pantherina , in Does anyone know why NewPipe x Sponsorblock was archived? avatar
aluminium , in (Android) ZipXtract| An open source app to extract rar, zip, tar, bz2, gz, 7z, xz, jar and z etc (encrypted .zip & .7z supported)

Awesome, I was looking for a good Open Source Apps for compressed files for quite some time.

waldek , in Android loop station?

Not sure you can get it to run on Android, but sooperlooper is a very good and stable open source looper. I've built a quite elaborate setup around two instances and puredata and it rarely fails. Can highly recommend!

Churbleyimyam OP ,

This looks awesome, thanks. Will try it on my Linux laptop.

poVoq , in Igalia: the Open Source Powerhouse You’ve Never Heard of avatar

Most importantly:

It’s not a typical consultancy and much of its success comes from how different it is: “We are a worker-owned cooperative,” explains Brian Kardell, [...] “We have a flat structure. There are no bosses, there are no shareholders. It’s our lives, our company and we want to work on something that is valuable.”

They also currently have open applications for a very nice paid mentorship program:

VonReposti , in Does anyone know why NewPipe x Sponsorblock was archived?

There was some thing about NewPipe not liking that they used the NewPipe name in the app name and a logo that resembled a bit too much. The NewPipe x Sponsorblock dev decided to rebrand to Tubular and everything is as you expect it otherwise.

Unfortunately I don't have time to find the issue right now, but it was discussed somewhere in their repo.

Feathercrown , (edited ) in Intel Survey Finds Maintainer Burnout & Documentation Top Open-Source Challenges

It's nice to have my views on this validated. Maybe I'll do something about it now though... I know a few projects that could use the documentation touch-up.

tiny , in I hate github, tell me about cool projects and apps that is hosted on alternative platforms (Not mirrored).

Shameless plug for my project shiftmon that's hosted on gitlab it uses ansible to glue together Telegraf, Victoriametrics, Grafana, and Loki

thegiddystitcher , in I'm attempting to publish a FOSS app avatar

Happy to help with the play store test if you decide to try and get the 20 🫡

Bezier OP , avatar

Okay, I have a new link. Let's hope it works.

thegiddystitcher , avatar

Joined group, still can't get in on the Play link but I've made a note to check back and see if it's updated tomorrow. What a faff!

jwr1 , in I'm attempting to publish a FOSS app avatar

I literally just finished doing the same thing for my own foss app (and I also used Flutter). Right now I'm waiting for my production review. To get people added to your closed test, you have to either collect a list of email address, or create a google group they can join. If you use a google group, that will be a bit easier for testers to join since people can click the group link, and then the test link, instead of waiting for you to add their email.

If you can't initially get all the testers you need, I would recommend making a post on the AndroidClosedTesting reddit; I found them really helpful to get the last few testers I needed.

Bezier OP , (edited ) avatar

Thanks, this seems a much less painful solution.

Blackilykat , in I'm attempting to publish a FOSS app
Churbleyimyam , in I'm attempting to publish a FOSS app

Happy to test and give feedback if you have an apk or can get it on f-droid.

Shamot , in Does anyone know why NewPipe x Sponsorblock was archived? avatar

I installed Tubular today. It's a fork of NewPipe with SponsorBlock. Is it the same thing or a different fork?

UprisingVoltage ,

It's from the same dev. You could see it as the natural evolution of newpipe. So far the only difference it's the possibility to submit sponsorblock segments with tubular.

mp3 , in Does anyone know why NewPipe x Sponsorblock was archived? avatar

I believe the dev rebranded the app and started a new fork

qevlarr , avatar


mp3 , avatar
SatyrSack ,


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