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I write #erotica about sexy #GreekGods & #GreekMythology 🏛️

Commissions are open:

New stories every month on Patreon:

I host #MythologyMonday and #FannyFriday.


#Mythology #writer #indieauthor #forHire #commissionMe #fedi22
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Stories from world mythology, every Monday. Founded 2019 by Elisabeth M, Aimee Maroux and @ClassicalMyths.

JOIN US! Every Monday, we announce a theme & pin it here. You toot a story from world mythology and tag it #MythologyMonday (tag us too to make sure we see it). We boost it!

Your toot can be on- or off-theme, but do tell the gist of the story in the body of your toot (we don't boost toots that contain only teasers or promos). cover avatar


Translates German folk tales. Tries to learn #Italian .

#ttrpg #pnpde #dnd #folklore cover avatar


After surviving exposure at birth, these unconventional academics realised they were destined to found the greatest Ancient Roman History podcast! 🏛📯⚔️ Our main series follows the history of Rome from the founding of the city. We also interview scholars and fantastic people about the ancient world. Dr Rad (she/her) specialises in Spartacus. Dr G (she/her) specialises in the Vestal Virgins. 📍 Dharug and Bidjigal Country. #Podcast #Ancient #Histodon #Historian #Rome #AncientHistory cover avatar


Mastodon account for my personal blog about #myths, #folklore, and curiosities about #religion.

I will post here my new "findings" before collecting them in the website.

Main account (🇮🇹):

Some posts will be from my old account on, now lost since the instance was shut down. cover avatar


Coin of Note is a personal project to share #numismatic information & images of #coin or #exonumia (#tokens, #medals, #medallions) I enjoy. I love to learn about history & try to include interesting info. I hope you enjoy it! Always up for a numismatic chat :)

Participant in #SaturdayNightCoinShow, #MondayMedal, #TokenTuesday

I try to remember to use hashtags like #coins, #numismatics, #numismatist (someone who studies coins).

Saint Eligius, Pray for us.

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Biologist, ecologist, scientist, nudist. "It is not the events that upset us, but our judgements on those events"
Circa 2015.
Blocked by tankies.
fkcnzs, and other authoritarians too!

All I write or post is in good faith and morally appropriate according to my values. If I offend you in any manner consider blocking me, I will hold no grudge over that. cover avatar


A storytelling podcast featuring stories & folklore with connected recipes & food history. Honouring the stories despite how tenuous the link to the recipe becomes.

I’m Rachel: a part-time storyteller, fascinated & sometimes alarmed by vintage cookbooks. I enjoy traveling the world & through time via the medium of food & stories. I love history, folklore, stories, cheese, cocktails & cats (not necessarily in that order). I’m on a never-ending mission to find the magic in the spaces between. avatar


"So uncouth and absurd that it can only be believed that Nature was motivated by spite or mockery in bringing him into the world at all." - Castiglione
I'm here to publicize science and literature blogs, make wisecracks, and find out what interesting people have to say. If you want to know who I am in real life, visit my verification URL. cover avatar


Born in Boston, longtime full Professor in Osaka. Japanese government foreign aid agency Lecturer introducing Japan to worldwide officials and graduate students. Founded NPO World Association for Online Education in 1998. 577 Google Scholar citations to 250 publications on Japan, Online Education, Bilingualism, and the Academic Life, nearly all open access (this 🦣 site is searchable) starting from cover avatar


Professional storyteller and author from Hungary. MA in Archaeology, MA in Storytelling, PhD in Culture Studies. I write about folktales, folklore, mythology, representation, role-playing games, and nerdy things. She/her
#ttrpg #folklore #mythology #storytelling #archaeology #fedi22
Hobbies and interests include #crochet, #beading, #archery, #travel, and #geology cover avatar


Former Electronics, Software & Communications Engineer now a full time writer.
Living in the Mid-West of Ireland. cover avatar


Writer of Smut
Producer of Pervy Captions
Blogger of BDSM

BiGender Fem attracted (Any/All)

As Katie Oslow I write Transgender Fiction. Mostly about unplanned and unwanted gender changes through magic, or sci-fi.

As Ray Oslow, I write Domination fiction. Maledom BDSM fantasies, Sex-Slave Erotica etc.

I also sometimes writhe a blog about living a real-life full-time D/s dynamic with healthy boundaries.

Fantasy is fun, but in the real world, Consent is key.

Be Kinky, Be Safe! avatar


⬇️ Urbanists, cyclists 🚲 and #PublicTransit 🚅 advocates in the US , see link below⬇️

#Humanities academic trying to remain sane. Cat dad. Recovering from #cptsd. Other interests include #AnimalRescue, #MentalHealth, #art, #urbanism, #travel, #uspol and #cannabis.

All photography 📸 is mine unless otherwise noted.

#Fedi22 #FuckCars #FuckLawns #degrowth #FreePalestine cover avatar


Writer. Artist. Folklorist. Creative services strategist. Probably definitely autistic. In Corvallis, Oregon. avatar

dyadya_boris cover avatar


I write Sister Seekers, a long, intricate Fantasy series exploring sexual magic, light and dark, not for the faint of heart. A challenge for the mind and spirit, with #FoundFamily at its core.

#EpicFantasy #DarkFantasy #FantasyforAdults #MatureContent #Erotica
#DnD #DungeonsAndDragons #Drow #DarkElf #DarkElves #TTRPG #WorldBuilding #WorldAnvil

#SFF #inclusive #WritingCommunity #SelfPublish #bookstodon #IndieAuthor #books cover avatar


Hello! I just moved from I love nature, history, travel, compassion & thoughtfulness. Despise all things right wing. cover avatar


FEAR no more the heat o' the sun,
Nor the furious winter's rages;
Thou thy worldly task hast done,
Home art gone, and ta'en thy wages:
Golden lads and girls all must,
As chimney-sweepers, come to dust. -Fidele,Shakespeare- avatar


Computer geek! Over 50, Comics, nature, TTRPGs, superheroes, and stuff! I just moved to Maine.
#nobridge #ttrpg cover avatar


Thoughtless observations about one world or another. I consider myself a πολυΐστωρ. That is Latin for someone who can be wrong about almost any subject. cover avatar


Myth, psychology, and the occult ⚡️ cover avatar


Retired, grumpy, female. I live with a cat. And paint a bit, badly. I sew occasionally too. I'm ALL about stereotypes. Avi photo: me in Florence, before COVID and Brexit. Header photo: the view from Reigate hill on a cold, blustery March day; there are about a dozen people looking at the misty view into a distant valley. cover avatar


Historian of religion in Late Antiquity, author of the forthcoming book, “The Prose Lives of Venantius Fortunatus: Hagiography and the Laity in Sixth-Century Gaul,” under contract with Amsterdam University Press.

Editor/Tutor: I offer editing services to writers and academics, as well as a range of tutoring services, including #ESL, #SAT, #GRE and #humanities subject areas. See my professional site below.
#fedi22 #education #history #religion #editing #writing cover avatar


pseudo is tribute to Mr Wolf movie, the company name ;)
Woodworker in Paris, always on a motorless cargobicycle cover avatar


Football (#NUFC and #nonleague), music including #ACDC and #Smiths (not Morrissey solo) and #HMHB, astronomy, films including Star Wars (original trilogy mostly), old arcade games, all views my own obvs. Proud to live in Batley & Spen.

Happy to boost nice photos I see on here.

Mostly not here to talk about politics: Corbynistas & people who call Keir Starmer “Keith” will get muted.

Mastodon app alternatives:
Ice Cubes or tooot(iOS)
Tusky (Android) cover avatar


Aqua Blue, Sailor, Gardener, Chef, Spiritual. Single Male, Biking, Animal Rights, Freedom of Choice,
Love who you want, Antifa, fuck Republicans. No Religion , Meta gets Blocked with Twitter. cover avatar


Looking for a new Instance home now - maybe a change soon.
Has rocks in my head. My house too. social action, #Progressive, #disability advocate, #caregiver, technology, humor, science, #photography, art, rock collector, #geology, history, reading, #SciFi, Terry Pratchett, #Discworld, #Pterry etc. Phoenix #Arizona Now featuring #TipOfDay so I might be a bit grandmothery at times except for enjoying Gogol Bordello and some metal. cover avatar


Biologist, baker, Eat This Podcast maker cover avatar


:ace_heart: 🤘🇨🇦
See Pinned For Bio

SFW account (Questionable), except for fucking swears.

#AntiFascist and #AntiHate

Avatar is myself, wearing spiked goggles, a bandana, a Motörhead tee shirt, headphones around my neck, and fingerless gloves. I'm grinning like a moron and flashing the heavy metal devil horns.

Header is a screenshot from Thems Fighting Herds, and depicts the cow Arizona lassoing the goat Shanty, who makes a funny face. Credit to Mane6. cover avatar


webcomic creator | cheap dumb bots maker | ui/ux design | elearning | photography | he/him | avatar by @jayfabares

#webcomics #ux #WebDev #photography #Oregon cover avatar


why does it always reign on me? avatar


I am a small irish devil who makes poor art with my stubby hopeless fingers. I also like RPGs that don't exist.

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