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The comments here are proving toxic af and I am out drinking so I can't really deal with them rn.

mateomaui , (edited )

Appears to be an african american lady telling everyone they’re fine to be what they are.

Both were on the same day

Frankly I can find better reasons to mute that account, it’s a constant stream of lists, memes, etc… but racism doesn’t appear to be one of them.

edit: just like to congratulate OP on rage baiting lemmy by failing to investigate the account for context. It matters.

DragonTypeWyvern , (edited )

That a black lady didn't hear the dogwhistles doesn't mean it wasn't there.

Or even if she did, and had just fallen for the propaganda.

If, as a random example, a famous black celebrity were to wear a shirt saying "White Lives Matter" would you have the same reaction?

mateomaui ,

Feel free to rage on. Meanwhile, none of you actually looked to see what was going on there.

DragonTypeWyvern ,

Good on you for investigating the surface level of the situation, bro, sadly, it turns out that that things can be a bit more complicated than that.

feedum_sneedson ,

That shark-eyed guy really spent a week in solitary? Maybe with a camera, though, perhaps that would help. Otherwise I'm amazed he managed.

FartsWithAnAccent , avatar

Meta trying hard to metastasize.

Zoldyck ,

In all fairness, it's a true statement. Just probably abused by people with certain agendas.

themoonisacheese , avatar

"it's okay to be white" was crafted by 4chan as a "triggering the libs" phrase. The entire point is to be fully racist and rally under the phrase so that the people calling you racist for genuine reasons appear to be saying that it is not in fact ok to be white. Anyone saying this phrase is a white supremacist trying to trip you into "agreeing" with them that a white genocide exists and is happening, and to convince bystanders (youtube teens at the beginning of the alt-right pipeline) that the left is against white people, ergo if you're white you should become a Nazi.

I know this because it happened to me. "It's ok to be white" is prime ben shapiro owns feminists with facts and logic video material.

ThunderWhiskers , avatar

The issue isn't the statement itself. It's the implication that white people are being victimized that folks are taking umbrage with.

AI_toothbrush ,

Its a malicious statement. It makes the reader assume that there are people that dont think being white is okay. Statements like its okay to be black or lgbtq or anything else it works because there is a lot of discrimination against them.

feedum_sneedson ,

There's definitely people that think that!

Octopus1348 , avatar

It's OK to be anything expect someone like her.

brainandforce ,

Is threads trying to ragebait people into downloading it? Because that's what it seems like...

STRIKINGdebate2 Mod , avatar

Remember I'll be keeping an eye on here.

ted ,

My threads ads are either corporate posts or some random lady posting how a black Santa statue at her mall is the most offended she's ever been in her life.

sbv ,


originalucifer , avatar

so far, the only threads ads i ever see are when users post them in anger about seeing threads ads

pearsaltchocolatebar ,

Do you have any sort of dns filtering going on?

originalucifer , avatar


woelkchen , avatar

Do you have any sort of dns filtering going on?

IG shows Threads posts in that preview panel based on what the algorithm tells the user engages with. I get shown comedians and motorsport stuff. If people interact with Nasis content (incl. reposting Nazi stuff commenting how bad it is), all the algorithm sees is "Oh, engagement". The more engagement they get, the more their posts surface. Report and block.

governorkeagan ,

This. The only threads ads I’ve seen have been related to what I’m interested in

pearsaltchocolatebar ,

They said they haven't seen any threads ads, not that they didn't see any nazi ones.

Gigan , avatar

If such a mundane statement bothers you, it says more about you than the person who said it.

_danny ,

Imma leave this here since they put it quite nicely.

Also, just read their username and you'll see it's clearly exactly what we all think it is.

Rhynoplaz ,

Oh honey, you just said even more about yourself.


It's not mundane at all, though.
Saying it implies that it needs to be said, as if in mainstream opinion it was not OK to be white.
It pretends there's widespread racism against white people.

So exactly what far right racists believe.

joewilliams007 ,
joewilliams007 avatar

people still use instagram ?

Sheeple , avatar

Yea but it's mostly horny people. I have noticed it's a go to for people to sext. As a woman I often get asked by horny men if I have "Snapchat or Instagram"

Maalus ,

Most out of touch question ever lol

stoy ,


Yeah, real subtle....

feedum_sneedson ,

I don't get it.

DessertStorms , avatar

Looks like a couple of white supremacists from here would feel more at home there though (hey lurkers - from kbin we can see you upvoting the racist blowing their dog whistle, you can't hide)..

RealFknNito , avatar

[Thread, post or comment was deleted by the moderator]

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  • Evkob , avatar

    In a vacuum, saying "it's okay to be white" is fine.

    Statements are never made in a vacuum, they're made within society. They're thus accompanied by context and realities, a ton of little nuances which all affect meaning.

    In society, posting (or agreeing with someone posting) "it's okay to be white" repeated multiple times is racist.

    As per your last paragraph, who says we can only deal with one source of racism at a time? How does calling out racist dogwhistles negatively impact Jewish people or residents of Gaza?

    RealFknNito , avatar

    But living life with the presupposition that everyone has full context is ridiculous. Someone who throws up the "OK" hand sign being confronted as a racist is as absurd as saying someone who agrees with those statements is as well. Not everyone has the same wealth of knowledge and to assume people are doing it as a dog whistle or out of malice is as harmful to the people fighting Nazis because to the layman they look like over sensitive kids hunting for problems where none exist.

    'Quiet racism' is ambiguous, cascading grays that need a wealth of context to address properly. Why focus energy into needles in a haystack when there is a needle factory right next door? We have 'Loud racism' right there. We should prioritize it.

    TrickDacy ,

    Making up shit that never happens to illustrate a point is not convincing

    RealFknNito , avatar

    What's up with people not explaining their point? Which part, boss?

    AceTKen , (edited ) avatar

    It's social media. People really like to hit the "fuck you" button and not discuss anything.

    You have to put yourself in their position though. If they commented anything and didn't just casually dismiss, that would mean they'd have to think. Thinking is hard. Don't do that to them.

    Edit: They also really hate having the above pointed out, but never argue with it.

    runswithjedi ,

    You're making a straw man argument. You set up an unrealistic scenario of someone being called a racist for showing the OK sign. In reality, most people are willing to have a conversation to understand why people think a certain way.

    Your scenario comes across as justifying supposedly "neutral" statements like "it's ok to be white" when the person that said it fully knows the context in which they're saying it.

    DessertStorms , avatar

    I'm calling people racists for being racists.

    The fact that you care more about being called a racist than the actual racism being discussed says it all.

    Trying to shift the discussion to people you probably don't give two shits about beyond using them as a debate tool does too.

    At the end of the day, if being called a racist bothers you that much, just stop being one.

    RealFknNito , avatar

    The problem is you're so concerned with racism you're willing to go the complete opposite direction. The type of person to say "black people can't be racist to white people!" while saying the most racist shit possible. The type to be so overly concerned with the outcome you've boxed in your definitions so you can feel like a hero to the oppressed when in reality you're just changing which class of people get oppressed. The Jews feel like they can't possibly be as bad as the Nazis because they were victims as they now slaughter children taking shelter in hospitals.

    I used them as a 'debate tool' to illustrate how an oppressed class can become the oppressors and you still let it soar over your head.

    Sheeple , avatar

    [Thread, post or comment was deleted by the author]

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  • RealFknNito , (edited ) avatar

    Did you want to expand on that or just keep me guessing?

    Oh good, you expanded on it.

    Ahhh the "white people aren't a race" okay, black people aren't a race then. Doesn't make a whole lot of fucking sense does it? Breaking down definitions so you can build them back up to suit you is exactly what the 'anti-racists' do and it's so god damn extra. Racism has absolutely nothing to do with power, oppression, none of that. I know, shocking. Racism is treating any race as inferior (regardless of their perceived power!) and you seem very strongly aligned with the dipshits who think you can shit on white people for being white and it not be racism because of some bullshit power dynamic you tack onto the end of the definition.

    To be clear, white people were the first slaves. To be clear, Egypt even did it long after. The racism against black people is only the most recent. Not even the longest or the most brutal and your insistence to make it the biggest fucking deal to everyone around you is exhausting and plays counter to your entire side. You create the people you rally against because you go from "freeing the oppressed" to becoming the oppressors. You've gone from sticking up for people who couldn't do it themselves to burning down buildings and blaming white people for not listening. You're delusional and have become the thing you claim to be fighting against.

    Fuck off and have the slightest bit of self reflection.

    SaltySalamander , avatar

    Your username is very apt.

    ersatz ,

    The type of person to say “black people can’t be racist to white people!” while saying the most racist shit possible.

    You are so fucking obvious. We all know exactly what you are trying to do and you keep exposing yourself as a racist while trying to concern troll. Just stop. You are ridiculous.

    RealFknNito , avatar

    Yeah I'm trying to get you to self reflect but you're right, it's a ridiculous notion. Hey there's still a Target you can go burn down for attention, better get on it.

    nifty , avatar

    There’s one problem, some people conflate humanitarian sentiment for Palestinians as antisemitism. Is that part of what you’re calling racist? I haven’t seen racism on at least, so I am confused. Edit: nvm, I recall some racism now in a political thread.

    TrickDacy ,

    Not one educated person sees your plausible deniability and says "they got me. I can't touch them!"

    RealFknNito , avatar

    You're right, because it's shoot first and if we feel like it we can ask questions! They looked like a nazi after all, that's their fault.

    Sheeple , avatar can see me upvoting furry porn?


    Viking_Hippie ,

    "Whistle" is a pretty weird name for a dogsona tbh..

    JimboDHimbo ,

    You're wild af for this. 😂😂

    7u5k3n ,

    Oh... Oh no.

    FartsWithAnAccent , avatar

    Wait, what? Since when is Kbin racist?

    Sheeple , avatar

    Okay you misunderstood. To explain. EVERY action on federated services is public and viewable on KBin. Your upvote, downvotes, etc.

    That means we can see racists while (we) are using KBin

    FartsWithAnAccent , avatar

    Phew, I was about to be really disappointed because I like Kbin's interface a lot.

    DessertStorms , (edited ) avatar

    I think you have misunderstood? Or have I missed a joke?
    Either way - I'm on kbin, where votes are transparent, so I can see who the people that are staying quiet but upvoting racists are, and am letting them know it (and blocking them while I'm at it). I hope that clears things up?

    FartsWithAnAccent , avatar

    Aah, yeah I definitely misunderstood. Phew!

    DessertStorms , avatar

    Ha, no worries. :)

    AlfredEinstein ,

    Off the subject, but is there a good kbin mobile app?

    Jackthelad ,

    [Thread, post or comment was deleted by the moderator]

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  • gravitas_deficiency ,

    You know exactly what that really means

    CanadaPlus , (edited )

    In case someone is on the internet for the first time, virtually nobody says it's not okay to be white, so saying this is pushing the idea that black and brown people asking for basic rights makes them the real bad guys. Y'know, for making us feel bad about the things we've done.

    ThePantser , avatar

    [Thread, post or comment was deleted by the moderator]

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  • GoddessOfGouda ,

    How so? Can you elaborate?
    I am white and don’t feel as though anyone is oppressing me because of that fact.

    CanadaPlus ,

    Ditto. Usually when I realise I'm white it's because other white people are being dumb and out of touch and I'm embarrassed by them.

    rockSlayer ,

    Caucasity is a hell of a way to wake up to the realities of race in this country

    CanadaPlus ,

    Caucasian+audacity, in case anyone else is unfamiliar with the term.

    AceTKen , avatar

    Why? Having correlary traits in common with someone doing something dumb isn't embarrassing.

    Andrew Tate doesn't make me embarrassed to be a man, he's just embarrassing himself (and anyone who chooses those views are doing the same). We are individuals.

    VaultBoyNewVegas ,

    I'm white and queer. There's only one of those characteristics that gets me abused, threatened and made to feel uncomfortable and it's not white.

    AceTKen , avatar

    So I know this isn't going to be popular, but... I lived in Saudi Arabia at 14. White people were targeted for kidnapping and rape continually, and no, not only women. Men too.

    I myself was very close to having both happen multiple times and escaped by pure panic and luck. My father and I were nearly killed by police with assault rifles because they wanted a bribe from my Dad. We were forced to drive into the desert at gunpoint to a "second location."

    This was not unusual for the expats.

    I also went to school in Cincinnati and had the shit beaten out of me multiple times because I was white.

    Racists no matter who they are racist to are fucking gross and I'm sorry you had to go through what you did. Please don't think your experience applies worldwide though. Being white, gay, black, brown, trans, or damn near anything in some places is fucking dangerous.

    CoggyMcFee ,

    It’s comments like this that make me think of the old adage: “Never wrestle with a pig because you'll both get dirty and the pig likes it.”

    CanadaPlus ,

    Oooh, I like that one. The Mark Twain "Never argue with an idiot, they'll drag you down to their level and beat you on experience" is also good.

    EmergMemeHologram ,

    There’s nothing wrong with being white

    But stuff like “white pride” is unequivocally racist, and this stuff is like a gateway/dogwhistle to that.

    You can say you have American pride, or French pride, or Ukrainian pride, and all of those point to specific cultural achievements or things. “White pride” doesn’t really, it has a long history of thinking that whites are better than other races.

    AceTKen , avatar

    This is a really well-put description. Having pride in the color of your skin is fucking stupid and applies to everyone.

    Pride is for achievements.

    Skin color is not something anyone achieved (and no, paying for aesthetics is not an achievement either).

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