Illuminostro ,

"Only the best for you, Dave. Now step into the airlock."

affiliate , (edited )

well 9.792 km is a lot than 2,600 km. are you sure you aren’t in malaysia? /s

Moonrise2473 OP ,

In my country, for the numbers, the dot and the comma are inverted in usage

9,600 => 9.600 and 2.6 => 2,6 and 9,600.6 => 9.600,6

Seems a nightmare but any software takes care of it since DOS, except on MacOS as apple in their infinite wisdom switched the dot with a comma in the numpad, so each time I type an IP address it comes out as 192,168,1,1 and makes me really mad

affiliate ,

yeah the period/comma switch up has caused me some trouble while studying abroad (mostly by apple). the calculator app for example will show a period (to specify decimals), but pressing it will insert a comma (to specify decimals), despite my number formatting settings being set to use periods for decimals.

i probably should’ve added an /s to my comment

FrankTheHealer ,

I like to see Magic Earth being used in the wild. Didn't think anyone else was using it lol.

HiddenLayer5 , avatar

I tried to see what interesting local variants they have in Malaysia and it honestly looks pretty good by American fast food standards:

DontTreadOnBigfoot , avatar

I would honestly prefer this over the current state of 38 variants of Whopper where they're just rearranging the toppings.

Kolanaki , avatar

That crunchy cheese one was a limited time thing here in the states. I had it once. Though I don't remember if it was actually at BK or another fast food place 🤔

I highly recommend it if you don't want to poop for 3 days.

piranhaphish , (edited )

Is this the new GM infotainment system?

EpicFailGuy , avatar

bfg9k ,

The Magic Earth app on Android auto does this to me all the time, I'll bring up a saved address that's only a short drive away and it will say it's like 2000km away until I actually start navigation.

Psythik ,

Try giving Android Auto the location permission and see if that fixes it.

irotsoma , avatar

Fault of the crappy app you're using, not Google.

mlg , avatar

Isn't this just gmaps search?

Which is also incidentally running on Android Auto which is also google?

Edit: nvm it's a different nav app lmao

deleted ,

Maybe you passed by a space tunnel somehow

Lionel ,

Do you guys like Burger King? I stopped eating there a long time ago and feel no need to go back after the foot lettuce incident…

RunningInRVA ,

Go on…

dylanTheDeveloper , avatar

Buurgeer king foot lettuce, the last thing you want in your Burger King burger is someone's foot fungus

RunningInRVA ,

Go on…

ChemicalPilgrim ,
threelonmusketeers ,

Original longer version:

Moonrise2473 OP ,

TIL that incident

LOL how you can post that on 4chan and think they won't do everything to doxx you 😂

SendMePhotos ,

I actually enjoy burger King but they are super unhealthy so I rarely go. Maybe once per year

Blackmist ,

I find Burger King has the best pictures of the worst burgers.

Terrible food, even by the ultra low standards set by McDonald's.

Dewe ,

Hey were you in Florence near the Piazzale Michelangelo?

Moonrise2473 OP , (edited )

WTF???? How did you extract that even if I censored it

I'm surprised 🤯 😂

isildun ,

I'm not the person who found it originally, but I understand how they did it. We have three useful data points: you are 2.6 km from Burger King in Italy, that BK is on a street called "Via " and you are 9792 km from Burger King in Malaysia.

  1. The upper BK in Malaysia is not censored, so we have its exact location.
  2. Find a place in Italy that is 9792 km away using the Measure Distance tool on something like Google Maps.
  3. Even though there are potentially multiple valid locations in Italy, we know you're within 2.6 km of another BK. Florence is sensible because there are BKs near the 9792 km mark.
  4. Once we do that, we can find a spot that is both 9792 km from Malaysia BK and 2.6 km from a nearby BK on a street called "Via", effectively finding where the image was taken.

It's not perfect but it works well! This is the principle of how your GPS works. It's called triangulation. We only had distance to two points and one of them doesn't tell us the sub-kilometer distance. If we had distance to three points, we could find your EXACT location, within some error depending on how detailed the distance information was.

MMauro ,

Good explanation. Just a tiny detail: "via" in Italian literally means "street", so not much info there.

isildun ,

Oops. Good to know... I guess the main thing was simply that there was a BK in the right place relative to the 9792 km arc then.

dlok ,

Isn't the 9792 street distance though rather than a straight line?

VonReposti ,

I'm not sure Italy and Malaysia is connected by road

tigeruppercut , (edited ) avatar

Can also make guesses as to where you're from as well bc not too many languages spell it Malesia

edit: looks like Finland, for example, spells it like that, plus the Italia lines up as well

Dewe ,

Yes a bit lucky but just draw the 9xxx km circle around the MY BK and then I saw the circle go straight through Florence (also Bologna was a likely candidate). Then find a BK within 2.6 km with a fairly long street name and draw a circle, it intersects with the other circle in two places. The obvious one was the parking near Piazzale M.

I can also get the GPS coordinates at all times from your phone so it was easy to verify I was right.

starman2112 , avatar

I swear it used to be possible to tell the assistant to navigate to the nearest [franchise] and it would understand it. How has it gotten so much worse over time?

bus_factor ,

I don't know, but my guess would be people gaming the algorithms. Search results have also gone to shit after everyone SEO-ed them to death, and this is probably the same.

My favorite optimization is this restaurant in NYC called Thai Food Near Me:

Restaurant called Thai Food Near Me

TheWizardOfOdd ,

I remember that ten years ago you could tell it „Okay Google, bring me to [music festival]“ and it would reply „calculating route to [place where that festival is held]“ without problems. I wouldn’t bet on it still being able to do that.

CCF_100 ,

Integer overflow? Seems kinda unlikely but just throwing possiblities out there...

YourBrainOnScience ,

20 year old me would see that as an opportunity for an epic Harold & Kumar inspired road trip.

prime_number_314159 ,

Just in case anyone wants this converted to freedom units, 9.792 km is 744 spindles, and 2,6 km is about 95 shackles. HTH

Usually_Lurker , avatar

That would be approximately 48,188,975 and 12,795 bananas respectively, assuming 8 inch average banana length. What fruit are we using for scale over here anyways? I missed some committee meetings.

prime_number_314159 ,

Fruit as the basis for a measurement system? That sounds ridiculous. Use barleycorns like the rest of us!

rem26_art , avatar

maybe it's the best burger king in the world and worth figuring out how to drive to Malesia for lmao.

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