Jakeroxs ,

Itt: People doom posting without understanding what the change actually entails

Adalast ,

Wait… “Ad-Free Subtitles”? I have never even used or heard of this service, but that just feels like an “insult to injury” or “annoy you into paying” abuse? Am I wrong?

Please tell me that this is not some auto-subtitling service that is going to cause ads to be inserted into the subtitles for other ads or something? Like, how do ads in subtitles even work?

Octopus1348 ,

It’s not auto-subtitling, I checked. But that is a different thing they made (without the ad inserting part). It’s at ai.opensubtitles.com

Moonrise2473 OP ,

They add one ad at the beginning like “visit example.com” inside the subtitle file

But luckily there aren’t many companies that want to be associated with piracy* so in most cases it’s blank a generic “advertise here contact mail@example.com”

I remember only a campaign that lasted over a year, a service that promotes legal streaming services, filmamo.it

  • note: why I said “associated with piracy”: those files are going to be used with pirated video files and in most cases are pirated too as they’ve been extracted from a DVD or a streaming service without a license from the copyright holders. Once I saw a guide “how to use external subs with Netflix” for the rare edge cases where the viewer is watching a content via VPN and his sub language is missing, but those are very rare. Not to mention that for MPAA there’s no difference between just torrenting a movie or paying a subscription to Netflix in another country via VPN: for them is all piracy and they want to stop both.
Adalast ,

Fucking MPAA. Quite possibly the most corrupt pile of dickheads to ever assemble. They blatantly ignored their own raring guidelines for decades until they decided they got tired of being called out on it and changed them to be so vague that they would he allowed to justify any rating, then started accepting “donations” from production companies to get the ratings they wanted.

baldissara ,

Have you even read the email? It’s still free

Leg ,

For like a month. Then you need to be important and pay them.

Edit: for the current/legacy API. The new API is free, but limited.

baldissara ,

Yeah, but the limit seems to be more than appropriate for most people anyway, so I think their pricing model is pretty reasonable

piexil ,

It’s also $12 a year ($15 normally).

It’s a small price to pay to ensure everything on your Plex server has subtitles. Subtitling stuff and hosting it isn’t free.

dotMonkey ,

Exactly. I’m all for hating on subscriptions, but this is more than a fair price. Just eat at home instead of buying out for one day a year and it pays for it lol

CraftyCanine ,

Ok but (and correct me if I’m wrong) but aren’t the subtitles crowd sourced? So they are taking user content and then charging for it.

BlueMagma ,

They host and serve the data which cost a lot of money, they are not charging for it they are asking for patronage for those who want to. vip doesn’t get you much apart from the feeling of participating (I’m vip). It’s not different from lemmy, instance hoster ask for patronage to cover the costs, even though the data is produced by users.

JiveTurkey ,

It’s $15/year. Not exactly breaking the bank.

KingThrillgore ,
@KingThrillgore@lemmy.ml avatar

Wow, from “We’re just requiring registration” to “fuck you pay us” in a day. How brazen.

SendMePhotos ,

If nobody gives them money, they’ll revert back… But people will give them money, so they won’t.

Stumblinbear ,
@Stumblinbear@pawb.social avatar

You just have to move to the new API which is still free, the old one is temporarily still available by paying

lanolinoil ,

Yeah he said the new one is REST… Does that mean the current one is SOAP or something? Yikes

paholg ,

Looks like xmlrpc. The website for this spec no longer exists, so I definitely see a motivation to stop using it, lol.


lanolinoil ,


noahkamara ,

But the new api is still free, you just have to pay if you want to use the legacy api. This makes sense to get people to switch without requiring them to do it super fast

piexil ,

People were already giving money before this change…

samus12345 ,
@samus12345@lemmy.world avatar
Zoidberg ,

So what pisses me off in these cases is this: they didn’t contribute with the data. They’re a convenient aggregator, I give them that, but the data came from third parties. If you want to start charging for convenient access to the data you should at least make all data before you started charging available in a bulk download for free.

beeng ,

Don’t call yourself open ffs

ky56 ,

openAI anyone?

beeng ,


Stumblinbear ,
@Stumblinbear@pawb.social avatar

You just need to move to the new API, which is free, the old one is still available temporarily if you pay

eeltech ,

It says one is not able to use the new API for all scenarios

Stumblinbear ,
@Stumblinbear@pawb.social avatar

Yeah but the basic “give me my subtitles for this specific movie” very likely still works just fine, because… that’s like the whole reason they exist

irotsoma ,
@irotsoma@lemmy.world avatar

They’re just doing what discogs did with music. They’ll create contracts with media companies to allow them to claim that all the info in their DB is copyrighted. Eventhough most of it was user created, it is technically mostly copyrighted data. And then they’ll start the legal campaigns to eliminate any competition. They’ll progressively make it more difficult to access and more difficult to update or get things corrected and it will become frustratingly bad but the only game in town.

dellish ,

So… They’re following the Reddit business model? Let’s see how that works out.

beefcat ,
@beefcat@lemmy.world avatar

They aren’t charging for convenient access to the data though, they are charging for bulk access. The limitations of the new API should not impact people casually pulling in subtitles with VLC when they watch a movie, which is the purpose the API was intended to fulfill.

RickyRigatoni ,
@RickyRigatoni@lemmy.ml avatar

This happens like two weeks after I finally install the opensubs vlc plugin.

MSugarhill ,
@MSugarhill@feddit.de avatar

So it’s your fault.

RickyRigatoni ,
@RickyRigatoni@lemmy.ml avatar

This kind of coincidence happens a lot more than it should to me so I am probably afflicted by a very powerful curse.

plz1 ,

Site owner and whomever in marketing wrote that. Pure psychopathy, IMO.

looseanus ,
ohlaph ,

I mean, it is a black Friday treat, so…

vynlwombat ,

You should tip them too!

Ddhuud ,

Like your landlord

Emerald ,

Image Transcription: Email


Dear Redacted,

Exciting news! OpenSubtitles.org is undergoing a transformation, retiring the original API by the end of 2023. Fear not, as this paves the way for the advanced OpenSubtitles.com REST API. We also understand, in some scenarios there is no way to use new API yet, so original API will be avaliable from New Year only for VIP Users.

Change is Good: Introducing the 20% Black Friday Treat!

Celebrate with us! Enjoy a 20% discount on a one-year VIP subscription until November 24th, 2023, so you can use original API. Elevate your VIP experience on both www.opensubtitles.org and www.opensubtitles.com. Instead of 15 USD per year you can get this deal for 12 USD.

VIP Advantage: Unlock Exclusive Benefits

  • Usage opensubtitles.org API
  • Ad-Free Web Experience
  • Direct Download Links
  • Higher Download Limits
  • Ad-Free Subtitles
  • User Profile Visibility
  • Contribute to a Greater Cause

Seize this limited-time offer and become a VIP member today. Enhance your subtitle experience - ad-free, seamless, and with higher download limit access.

dan ,
@dan@upvote.au avatar

Good human.

b0gl ,

Lol gotta pay for “adfree subtitles”

pomodoro_longbreak ,
@pomodoro_longbreak@sh.itjust.works avatar

“Luke, I am [over the moon for these Sobeys™️ rebates!]”

bratosch ,

Reminds me of The Truman Show

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