fraksken ,

It's annoying. Putup a filter moving mail to spam if "hi https" is found in body.

also contact admins. This is some bad input validation :)

chiliedogg ,

If you're getting flooded with emails from legitimate sites asking for email address confirmation or password resets, you may be getting hit with a "registration bomb."

If you have something compromised, they'll do this to try and hide the email you should actually be worried about in a flood of email that isn't stopped by the spam filters because they're from legitimate sources.

I recently woke up to thousands of emails about newsletter registrations, password reset requests, free trial notices, etc. Amongst the deluge of unwanted email was a notification about a new user being added to my PayPal account. If I hadn't read through the emails I would have lost a lot of money.

Trainguyrom ,

They also listed themselves as a parent, so I guess you'd better say hi to your new daddy @Moonrise2473 or should I call you by your legal name GET BITCOIN URGENTLY BITLY/FHQWHGADS

thorbot ,

I said come, on, fhqwgads, I said come on fhqwgads!
Everybody to the limit everybody to the limit everybody come on fhqwgads

citrusface ,

Hold on, English is dumb as fuck, is "an university" correct?

Fridgeratr ,

It's debatable, technically it does start with a vowel so "an" should be used, but since it starts with a Y consonant sound, using "a" sounds a lot better and may also be considered correct/better.

dnick ,

Not really debatable, that's the actual rule. An before words that start with a vowel sound.

squid_slime , (edited ) avatar

No although it should be, an is used in place of proceeding a vowel

The correct usage is "a university" because the pronunciation of "university" begins with a consonant sound.

surewhynotlem ,

an is used in place of proceeding a vowel

Proceeding a vowel sound. The actual spelling is irrelevant.

He was an honest man, an hourly worker, and an heir to the throne. He rode a unicorn to a university, and oddly he was a eunuch.

XeroxCool ,

Perfectly explains why so many officials say "today is an historic event"

Not. Lol fuck these rules.

surewhynotlem , (edited )

"an historic" only works in some accents. British, for example, pronounces it as "istoric".

Edit: un-mis-spelling

Grass ,

Weird... I pronounce it historic. Tomato tomato I guess.

surewhynotlem ,

Lol. I guess my auto correct fixed it. Oops. I'll edit

Trainguyrom ,

Thank you I did not know this but this makes perfect sense based on my intuition

nawa , (edited )

I would guess this person pronounces it like "ooniversity" in which case it's correct, it depends on if there's a vowel or consonant sound, not what letter it is. But I never heard it pronounced that way, for me it's always been "youniversity" and in that case it's incorrect.

someguy3 ,

It's a university. Don't ask me why.

dnick ,

Because an precedes a word that starts with a vowel sound, not just because they start with a vowel letter

Dagwood222 ,

'An' is used before any vowel. An opposite, an electrician, an icehouse, an apple.

max ,

Yes, but no. Your rule is correct, but the application of it isn’t. “An” is used for vowel sounds.
University (you-knee-ver-city), UFO (you-eff-ooh) use “a”, while honorable (on-oohr-a-bul) uses “an”.
Confusing language for sure.

SoleInvictus , avatar

OP is Italian. The u in the Italian word for university, universitá, is said with a vowel 'ooh' sound instead of a consonant 'you' sound. I'd wager they remember their English 'a vs an' rule phonetically and, with the words being so similar between languages, mixed the pronunciation up. I'm a native English speaker and that's 100% how I fuck up my Italian.

ani ,

In Latin langs, y sounds like i (e sound), so that's probably where the confusion comes from.

andthenthreemore , avatar

Might be worth letting the uni know. Surely they'll want to fix the site!

Kuvwert ,

Sanitize thine inputs ye old form builders...

thorbot ,

Ah yes, little Bobby tables, we call him

loboaureo , avatar

I think you should blurr your phone too

Denvil ,

Possibly not actually his phone, could just be the scam's phone

Moonrise2473 OP ,

luckily it's a random number that the spambot inserted in the form

FuglyDuck , avatar

I'm totally signing him up for the all my favorite shelters... they send cat and dog photos to your phone.

medgremlin ,

That would be extremely dangerous for someone with an overactive sense of empathy and limited impulse control.

Hupf ,

Little Bobby Tables at it again

Moonrise2473 OP ,

Now i'm getting tons of "Dear SPAM_URL, thanks for confirming your attendance at the conference"...

Lemminary ,

I think this is a tactic scammers use to make you miss some other important email like online purchases. I'd comb through those emails carefully if I were you.

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