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The FDA regulation on Net Weight is found in 21 CFR 101.105. In this regulation FDA makes allowance for reasonable variations caused by loss or gain of moisture during the course of good distribution practice or by unavoidable deviations in good manufacturing practice. FDA states that variations from the stated quantity of contents should not be unreasonably large.

While FDA does not provide a specific allowable tolerance for Net Weight, this matter could come under FTC jurisdiction. FTC has proposed regulations that would unify USDA and FDA Net Contents labeling and incorporate information found in the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) Handbook 133.

NIST Handbook 133 specifies that the average net quantity of contents in a lot must at least equal the net quantity declared on the label. Plus or minus deviation is permitted when caused by unavoidable variation in weighing and measuring that occur in good manufacturing practice. The maximum allowable variance for a package with a net weight declaration of 5 oz is 5/16 oz. Packages under-filled by more than this amount are considered non-compliant.

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The maximum allowable variance for a package with a net weight declaration of 5 oz is 5/16 oz.

oddly, that's just over 8g, the difference noted in OP's example. so, OP's package is within he allowable tolerance, just.

SpaceNoodle ,

5/16 oz out of 5 oz is just over 6%.

GenEcon ,

Thank you! I don't get why they use such weird measurements. Why not use %?

SpaceNoodle ,

Probably because, as evidenced by most others' attempts to do simple arithmetic in this thread, percentages are even more difficult to calculate.

admiralteal ,

And it would probably be more expensive to get precision-calibrated equipment to get you at the bottom end of the tolerance to save product cost than what it would cost to just aim for the correct value with less precise equipment.

This one is a conspiracy theory I struggle to get behind. It seems like the conspiracy would be less profitable than the "proper" behavior here.

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Hanlon's razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity or incompetence.

blandfordforever ,

You know full well that they did some statistical analysis and determined the minimum possible amount of pasta that they could try to put in that box, taking into account variations in their machinery and moisture content.

admiralteal ,

Big "How much can a banana cost, $10?" energy here.

We're talking about one of the cheapest brands of commodity pasta here. Think about how much effort you are implying the company put into this versus what 8g of major wholesale flour costs -- the only cost they'd really be saving in this conspiracy.

Even at consumer retail prices that's, what, $0.012 per box? And I bet wholesale prices are at least an order of magnitude less than that. Is the maybe tenth of a percent of cost savings worth a potential class action lawsuit and the horrific pain of Discovery that comes with it? And does that maybe tenth a percent of cost savings even come close to covering all the additional production costs involved in having that machinery calibrated so much more precisely? The juice is not worth the squeeze, my friend.

You think you're arguing that they would do evil for profit's sake, but you're actually arguing they would do evil for evil's sake even at the expense of profit.

blandfordforever ,

Just so that I'm understanding correctly, you're saying a company that sells tens of billions of dollars of pasta per year is not interested in saving a penny ot a fraction of a penny per box?

Do you think anyone is going to win a class action lawsuit against a pasta company that 1-5% of the time puts just barely too little pasta in the box. You think we're going to have that kind of righteous justice? Haha. Do you think people would even be that surprised given that, as you say, "we're talking about one of the cheapest brands of commodity pasta here." No, if this was found to be true, whatever regulatory agency would just give them a warning.

It's not about being evil, is about the way capitalism works. If they're putting more product in the box than they have to, they're fools.

And you don't "precisely calibrate the machinery." You just figure out what the variations are and you set it to the minimum. If you're supposed to have something like 9-11 oz of pasta in your box and you know that your machine will give you whatever you set it to, +/- 0.2 oz of pasta, 99% of the time, you set your machine to 9.2 or 9.3 oz. You don't set it to 10 oz.


4.7 billion is Barillas global revenue, that’s a lot for one person but for a multi-continent good distributor it’s not.

I know you’re angry at the worlds injustices and all but I don’t think the bargain brand dry pasta company is the source of a part of your global conspiracy

blandfordforever ,

I'm not angry and I don't think this is a global conspiracy. I just believe that large companies are motivated to cut costs wherever they can.

Have you heard of pink slime? Its a product of the beef industry. They heat and centrifuge "waste trimmings" to get a little bit of additional gooey fatty animal product and then add it to ground beef. It's pretty gross and it adds only a miniscule amount to the profit margin.

Large companies do everything they can to make as much money as possible.

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The FDA is probably not operating in what I can only assume is Canada from the Eng/Fra and grams usage.

But I’m sure they have something to allow for fluctuations in weight, would rather it be mandated as a minimum allowing for a bit of extra weight to over compensate however.

NoIWontPickaName ,

A lot of American stuff has English French and Spanish so it can cover the whole continent basically

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Do Americans set their scales to metric?

Zorque ,

I do.

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I do as well - just because I live in a backwards country doesn’t mean I have to be backwards too

skeeter_dave ,

USDA contractor here, we use metric on the scales we use day to day.

HikingVet ,

Yeah, but here in Canada you don't get Spanish very often, and it would be where the English and French would be. Also the Americans would put both units on the package.

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5/16 oz

How many football fields to the gallon is that? On a serious note this is something far better expressed as a fraction than an amount of difference for one specific container size...

SpaceNoodle ,

You can't divide 5/16 by 5?

jettrscga ,

It's not really clear whether the variance scales linearly with weight. We only know 1 data point. It could be bracketed for different weight groups.

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    Easy 😎

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    In the nineties, 4oz ground pepper cans made on a line I worked on.

    The tolerances were horrible.

    McCormick was 3.9 I think

    Black and white can 3.5. !!! (25%)

    Yes both were made on the same exact line

    EvacuateSoul ,

    .5 is not 25% of 4

    SpaceNoodle ,

    Why is the basic arithmetic in this thread so terrible?

    Crashumbc ,

    TBH, I was hungover a piss, and was like fuck it.


    Because it’s full of delusional angry people that think there’s a global conspiracy to short consumers tiny percentages of our food to keep us subjugated and poor

    SpaceNoodle ,

    It's not necessarily a conspiracy. They're all just doing it because it's easy and there's plausible deniability.

    driveway , in How the fuck is this my problem, ticketmaster?!

    You can see how everyone would leave an empty seat and they'll won't be able to sell dozens of seats because of this, right?

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    Oh noes, the giant corporation might miss out on tens of dollars after charging exorbitant fees! Maybe they shouldn't leave seats in odd numbers at all then.

    driveway ,

    The only infurtiating thing here is you feeling entitled to other people's right to view the show and others' money - corporate or otherwise.

    tigeruppercut OP , avatar

    What the fuck are you talking about? I tried to buy tickets from a site that said tickets were available. Then it said I didn't buy enough tickets.

    Seems like you've been licking too many corporate boots to understand this post. Maybe you can buy the extra ticket for me if you feel so strongly about the poor monopolies.

    I_Has_A_Hat , (edited )

    If it's a popular enough show, there will be a single person out there who will still be willing to buy the seat. Or a group who is fine with being split up and will just take whatever seats are left.

    If it's not a popular show, then what exactly is the fucking problem?

    DoctorButts ,

    I am always on the side of "fuck corporations." But this situation isn't black or white and the person you're responding to has a valid point. You're also coming across as an asshole by not even acknowledging there is nuance to this situation and writing obnoxious comments.

    tigeruppercut OP , avatar

    Still don't understand how it's my problem. They're essentially saying that single people never go to shows and it's my job to account for that situation.

    DoctorButts ,

    You aren't seeing past the corporate profit part. This is where the nuance I am talking about comes into the scenario.

    If the theater allowed this policy of leaving all of these empty seats in the building, then that screws dozens of normal people out of seeing the show that they would've wanted to see. In other words, it's basic consideration for others that you are not seeing in this issue.

    AfricanExpansionist ,

    Finally, someone who can clean my dirty boots with his tongue

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    That’ll be $49.99, pal.

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    Which reddit probably won't give any to the creator

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    Actually, they will, a part at least

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    Only if the person has received a total of 10 special arrows recently, or something.

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    Curiously enough, 99% of awards go to people ineligible for a share of the money.

    fluxion ,

    Sounds like buying expensive-but-worthless loot boxes to send as gifts

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    I'd rather receive a loot box than a $30 special reddit png that I don't even get anything for.

    Goferking0 ,

    And since reddit decides can change requirements at any point

    ech ,

    I guarantee the vast majority of gold rewards will be going straight into Reddit's pocket. The contrived requirements to get a payout are designed to keep as much of it for themselves as they can, while still saying it's "possible" for users to get some of the money for themselves.

    arin ,

    You mean the commentor? Or thread creator? Nothing for anyone creating the content that warranted the upvote?

    Goferking0 ,

    Think just who it's given too not any other part. You've thought this out more than reddit did

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    You've gotta pay, pal.

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    Don't call me pal. But you know what friend? I think it would be hilarious if this image started getting used ironically.

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    I’m not your friend buddy

    Carvex ,

    I'm not your buddy, guy.

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    I'm not your guy, dude.

    Lenis_78 ,

    I’m not your dude, chief.

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    Ok, ntsc.

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    Hold it. Hoooooold it.

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    I hope people start posting pictures like this instead of paying for them

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    Um excuse me are you gonna pay for that?

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    I love the vibrant colours of that vomit.

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    I was just thinking the same thing. More than the usual amount of love went into that one, and most people probably wouldn't even stop to notice. The subtle fade-out at the top. That is some pleasing vomit.

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    I had to pause for a second. Most high def emoji I've ever seen. Can't believe I just typed that.

    Lionel ,

    Look at that subtle off-green gradient. The tasteful thickness of it… Oh my god, it even has ornaments...

    the_q , in I just got a pop up ad from Windows, for PC gaming and buy their Xbox controller.

    Linux is waiting.

    ultratiem , avatar

    Some like living in a nest of hornets 🤷‍♂️

    phoenixz , in Windows: we noticed that you kept the useless search bar disabled since 2015, so we sent an update that re-enabled it without your permission

    For the 26482747th time,

    Install Linux. Get rid of the microshit malware

    nottheengineer , in Windows: we noticed that you kept the useless search bar disabled since 2015, so we sent an update that re-enabled it without your permission

    Classic microsoft move.

    Linux has gotten great over the years and keeps improving while windows gets worse and worse every day. This has been going on for many years now.

    I switched already and suggest you give it a shot as well. It’s honestly much easier than windows if you know the basics and understand how things are done there.

    lemmyseizethemeans ,

    This is the way

    whostosay ,

    Not every distro of Linux has gotten better, for the most part this comment is innacurate. That said, I have generally had the same experience here, but I use arch btw.

    4am ,

    Downvoting the arch meme? Are the Linux people grumpy today?

    Rodeo ,

    We’re always grumpy at Windows people.

    whostosay ,

    I just wanted to talk out of my ass here and drop a joke lol. I think it was the HC Linux people disagreeing that not all distro have gotten better. It was bs fluff for the meme lol

    DoucheBagMcSwag ,

    How is it for gaming?

    Bo7a ,

    Pretty damn good these days.

    mesamunefire ,

    I just got a new game off steam, no issues with installation. Thats my experience this entire year.

    FabledAepitaph ,

    I play mosty either indy games or just older games on an older gaming laptop (geforce 1070m based HP Omen) and Steam/Linux Mint work pretty great. Outer Wilds works even better in Linux now that I’ve begun using CoreCtrl to disable CPU power throttling. Otherwise, it runs about like it did on Windows. The MCC runs flawlessly. Recently purchased No Man’s Sky and it runs pretty well and is actually incredibly smooth–no idea how that one runs in Windows because I’ve been just using Linux full-time for maybe two months now.

    There is some weirdness like having to process Vulcan Shades before games boot up which can be annoying, but it hasn’t discouraged me yet. You can also skip that and the only difference is there might be a bit of stuttering for the first bit of game play. After going back to Windows to compare performance, I think it does this stuttering thing anyways?

    dustyData ,

    Shader compiling is just a graphical technique. DX12 does it too. Just that, Vulkan is nice enough to tell you a bit about it, and Steam has preemptive compiling, which runs most of the compiling before running the game precisely to reduce stuttering during gameplay. If you recall when The Last of Us remake launched, a lot of people were reporting up to an hour of “Loading” time at the menu before the game was playable on first run, and some were even reporting compiling on every single run of the game just as long. That was a bug with DX12 Shader compiling and it was prominent in both consoles and Windows. It’s not a Vulkan thing, nor particular about Linux. That is just how graphically intensive games are made nowadays.

    DoucheBagMcSwag ,

    What about AAA games like cyberpunk 2077 or Armored Core VI?

    gecked ,
    DoucheBagMcSwag ,

    Very……interesting……I wonder how RTX drivers work

    Thank you for this!

    thisbenzingring ,

    Just make sure to use the Nvidia proprietary driver and you should be fine. Don’t try to install it yourself, use the distribution offered version.

    DoucheBagMcSwag ,

    What distro would you recommend? Is arch the best right now? (Steam Deck is arch based)

    thisbenzingring ,

    I do prefer Arch. I have it on multiple systems. I prefer it because once it’s settled and it’s working the way you want, it will stay that way for years. Even when you’re updating it regularly.

    If you don’t choose arch, consider bookmarking the arch wiki because it’s the best Linux resource out there

    PainInTheAES ,

    I like Arch as well but there is a higher learning curve than with other distro and if you go for Arch go for EndeavorOS or another Arch derivative (except Manjaro).

    However, if you’re looking for something to let you game. Nobara is a distro that comes with all the gaming comparability layers and drivers preinstalled. It’s based on Fedora so it’s relatively up to date but not rolling like Arch.

    DoucheBagMcSwag ,

    I will check out Nobara! Thanks friend

    FabledAepitaph ,

    What would make Nobara better for gaming than Mint? All of my Steam games have worked fine. Do the things you’re talking about matter for games that are not in Steam/Proton? Just wondering!

    PainInTheAES ,

    I mean at the end of the day it’s all Linux so it’s not so different and just a minor convenience.

    This is just for Fedora: comes with non-free audio/video codecs, non-free driver repos.

    For other distro: It comes with nVidea drivers, WINE, OBS, Blender, Proton, Lutris, and Flatpak set up/preinstalled. (drivers detected on install I believe) there’s also package and kernel tweaks to boost gaming performance, supposedly.

    In comparison to Mint: Fedora packages and kernel versions get updated a little faster than Ubuntu/Debian based distros.

    So Nobara takes a lot of the “pain” out of system setup for people who are new to Linux and gamers/streamers.

    I haven’t used it personally though I’m currently running EndeavorOS and using a SteamDeck for gaming.

    FabledAepitaph ,

    I am new to Linux and never used it regularly before a couple months ago, but I’d recommend just going with Linux Mint to start off. I don’t know much about Arch, but from all the jokes I see on Lemmy, I get the impression it may be a more advanced distro for people who know what they’re doing? I wanted to try PopOS! because people said it was good for gaming, but the install wasn’t as streamlined for a dual boot Windows/Linux setup.

    Linux Mint just kind of works and installed super fast. And my Windows partition is still intact and functional (but I’m wondering if I even need it tbh). My only holdup is Microsoft Office. I still haven’t tried to get that working inside of Linux, but if it’s possible, then I will certainly delete my Windows install.

    But anyways, don’t over think it. Just do Linux Mint and then after a while, you’ll be able to understand why or if you should consider another distro I would guess!

    DoucheBagMcSwag ,

    How is it for gaming though? Nobaru apparently has gamer based fixes and tweaks

    FabledAepitaph ,

    I don’t have numbers, but I’ve seen comments/reviews that suggest they’re all within a percent or two in terms of frame rate. Like, how much thought should someone put in to getting 101 fps instead of 100 fps, you know? After using Mint for a bit, I’m probably going to stick with this for a year or two before trying out other distros, if I even feel the need. I think there is also value in giving a couple of them a try as you learn more.

    DoucheBagMcSwag ,

    Can I easily switch distros or is it like installing windows again where everything is lost?

    FabledAepitaph ,

    It’s kinda like installing windows, but the process is way faster during the actual install, and the initial setup. The OS is much smaller and took maybe 20 minutes to install after I got my partitions set up properly. After Linux is booted up, every program I needed to get going was easily located in the built in software package downloader. I didn’t have to go to NVIDIA’s website to download drivers because they were already accessible from the built-in driver manager. Telegram, Steam, and whatever popular software you want is just a quick search away and a button click from being installed as a flatpak application. Firefox was already installed. It didn’t ask me to log in to a Microsoft account before I could move on to using my computer.

    DoucheBagMcSwag ,

    Wow so there’s open NVIDIA support for Linux Mint? That’s a big plus since I have a 3060

    FabledAepitaph ,

    From my understanding, there’s definitely driver support all the way around. I have a 1070 in my laptop, so it’s old enough that everything is probably about as developed and compatible as it can be. Theres an open source driver available, but most people say to simply stick with the proprietary Nvidia one, which is what I’ve done. The OS/driver manager should pick out the most stable and best tested release version for your system. I would guess all the distros can use the Nvidia drivers just fine, it’s just a matter of getting it installed one way or another, if the distro doesn’t have a driver manager. I’m just the newbie, so, I don’t have a lot of experience.

    NOPper ,

    Cyberpunk flat out is unplayable with an NVidia card right now, just FYI. They broke something with the 2.0 update.

    citrusface ,

    I just skip the loading vulkan stage and it works fine for me.

    FabledAepitaph ,

    Mmhmm. I’ve started doing this and it does work fine. I think I saw a comment once that noted they compile faster in-game anyways. So that makes me feel better about skipping lol

    citrusface ,

    Yeah that’s kinda what I figured- it just does it in the background!

    Vulkan skip gang rise up.

    nvrmind ,

    Does it actually work that well? I’ve been waiting ages for halo shaders every time lmao

    citrusface ,

    Yeah - no different whatsoever - I’m pretty sure it just loads over time in the background once you start the game.

    nvrmind ,

    Oh. Thanks lol

    namingthingsiseasy ,

    +1 for indie games. I really think we’re living in the golden age of indie gaming with tools like Godot, Unreal, and Unity (yes, yes, I know, but Unity is probably still the most popular engine for now). As indies get empowered more and more by tools like this, and AAA studios get greedier and greedier, I can’t find any reason to play anything that isn’t from an indie game developer.

    And most, nearly even all indie games work great on Linux, often even better than their Windows counterparts.

    citrusface ,

    Fantastic - made the jump a month ago. I don’t play FPS games. Those are the ones that have trouble running on Linux due to anti-cheast software, but the vast majority of my 600 steam games run with no issues it all - at sometimes running even better than on windows.

    For example division 2 was sluggish on win11 on my Lenovo y540 (integrated GeForce whatever gaming laptop card) with 16gig of ram, now that I swapped over to Pop!_os - it doesn’t lag at all.

    I mostly play single player games, but guild wars 2 2 and ff14 work great too if you are an MMO fan.

    PoE works great if you want an ARPG to play.

    Make the move and own your PC again.

    Noxvento , avatar

    Can you play Games like World of Warcraft on Linux?

    citrusface ,

    You can yes, you can use Lutris and it will help you get that installed. GW2 and FF14 will both run with steam (proton)

    Bo7a ,

    I’ve played world of Warcraft on Linux for at least 8 years now.

    nottheengineer ,

    Great, I play a lot on it and the only game I had to use windows for so far was titanfall 2 because it kept stuttering on linux and troubleshooting stutter is hard.

    thisbenzingring ,

    In my experience, much of the studdering comes from the desktop environments. If you’re using Gnome, try KDE or one of the others. If it changes then it’s probably the Compositor settings. It’s a pain but once you find the right settings, oh yeah it’s great

    nottheengineer ,

    Thanks, I use KDE on X already (thank you nvidia) and find gnome’s design absolutely asinine, so I’ll try to fiddle around with the compositor settings.

    captainlezbian ,

    Mildly inconvenient at worst unless certain anti cheat software is being used. At best, you can run games on Linux that your machine may not be able to handle on windows because distros that use more resources than windows are rare. Steam on Linux has proton built into it and it just works once you set it to run through it. You might have gpu driver trouble with Nvidia but it’s a maybe issue that happens less and less.

    I play Baldurs Gate 3 on it and it turned out the issues I thought might be linux related were hardware, when I fixed it it worked perfectly.

    phoenixz ,

    Not a gamer myself but from reading it used to be “this is a limited list of games that will work in Linux” and now it’s a “this is a limited list of games that will not work”, with a lot of thanks to valve, pop-os!, etc.

    captain_aggravated , avatar

    I have been a Linux gamer for the past 10 years. I haven’t booted into Windows to play a video game in 8.

    When I started out, it was very much a question of “Here is the list of games that work on Linux.” You had to look for that Steam logo next to the Windows or sometimes Apple logo on the Steam page, and there are some games I would have played years earlier had that logo been there. With Proton, it has switched to “Here is a list of the games that don’t work on Linux.” Because most just do, with the very notable exception of competitive shooters, because something something anticheat.

    I often hear that games actually run better on Linux than they do on Windows, except the newer whiz-bang features don’t work. Give a recent example, apparently Cyberpunk 2077 runs at a significantly higher framerate on Linux than Windows, but DLSS, HDR and RTX aren’t available.

    Let me tell you the tales of two gamers on Linux:

    My tale: I was disgusted with Windows 8.1, I had been learning some Linux because I wanted to use a Raspberry Pi with my ham radio stuff, so I went…why don’t I try switching? This was circa 2014. There was exactly one game in my Steam library that just could not be persuaded to run and that was Sleeping Dogs.

    There have been a few games I’ve wanted to try that refused to run in some way or another; Heave Ho! by Devolver Digital…the demo ran fine, had a good time with it. Bought the game, and the UI on the player select screen didn’t work. Grow Up or Grow Home (one is a sequel to the other, I forget which it was) launched, but the character didn’t respond to any controls. Oh and Fallout: New Vegas launched one of those Windows-style autorun screens then asked me to put in the DVD. I bought it from Steam. And refunded it.

    I generally avoid AAA games, I don’t play many online multiplayer games, I do play multiplayer games with friends, stuff like Stardew Valley or Unrailed, but I don’t go play with random people online, those just are not fun to me. I tend to prefer more indie stuff, more nerdy stuff, like I’ve got hundreds of hours in Factorio and Satisfactory, both work fine. I think it just so happens that I’m into games that are likely to be well supported on Linux. Antichamber, Firewatch, Hollow Knight, Return of the Obra Dinn, every Zachtronics game I’ve tried, Undertale, Subnautica, these all run great.

    My cousin: had an aging Dell upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 on an “optane boosted” hard disk drive, starting to run pretty sluggish. Swapping out the hard disk and optane module for an SSD and attempting to install Win10 on bare metal just wouldn’t work, it kept throwing cryptic errors, so to get the machine to work at all I put Linux Mint on it.

    She has more mainstream tastes than I do, lots of Bethesda and EA games. Funnily enough, I found that the third-party launchers were the real problem. The Sims 4 ran pretty well on Linux…Origin barely does. Minecraft support on Linux is actually worsening with time as a result of Microsoft’s involvement, but at least the Java edition does currently run.

    In brief, I have observed a very stark inverse relationship between Linux compatibility of games, and the size/corporateness/evilness of the developer.

    DoucheBagMcSwag ,

    Luckily I don’t play multiplayer games online either. Losing DLSS is rough though

    captain_aggravated , avatar

    Owning a GTX-1080, I haven’t really noticed.

    I’m not really worried about stuff like that because it’s a self-bootstrapping cycle. As more end users adopt Linux, more effort will be put into supporting it.

    governorkeagan ,

    Have you tried Red Dead Redemption 2? I’m looking at switching over to Linux soonish.

    captain_aggravated , avatar

    No I haven’t.

    nvrmind ,
    FallenGrove ,

    With the release of the steam deck Linux gaming has gotten a lot better and more support since their steam OS is a branch of Debian. A lot of games now support Linux gaming more than before.

    yoshipunk123456 ,

    It’s Arch based now

    neshura , avatar

    Pretty great actually. Not as out of the box as on Windows but almost there. Firstly you get a vastly different experience depending on if you are using Steam. Since I have my entire library on Steam I can’t say anything about other stores. There’s imo 3 points where the experience still differs:

    1 - you have to enable Proton as the default compatability tool, Valve has a guide for it and the setting is pretty straightforward to find.

    2 - Most games just work now but a few don’t in those cases things like are an enormous help.

    3 - Mods are hit and miss (Steam Workshop works fine) depending on the game, for Cyberpunk for example I had to mess with the Proton Config a bit but there were guides for it. However since we are now in a niche of a niche (modding a game running proton) you’re likely to run into unexplored territory

    Lev_Astov , avatar

    SteamOS has been a big boon to the Linux gaming world.

    luciferofastora ,

    Between Steam’s Proton Compatibility Layer and Lutris, pretty damn fine.

    shadowSprite , in Save 25% today! (j/k, it's only 5%)

    I noticed a few months ago that if I would put things in my cart and not order them right away, the price in my cart would jump a lot without notice, but the price on the page would stay the same. Like, I added something that was $30 to my cart, 2 days later it was $50 in my cart but the store page still showed the price as $30 and there wasnt the usual "an item in your cart changed price" message. I had to delete it from my cart and re-add it to get the price to drop. There was no deal, it wasn't subscribe and save, nothing. This happened multiple times. I also had prime and couldn't tell you the last time my shipping took less than 2 weeks, and I live near a city. I've since canceled prime and stopped ordering from Amazon unless I can't find what I need elsewhere. Want to scam me, fuck you.

    Showroom7561 OP ,

    I'm not surprised to hear of strange happenings like that.

    There were a few months several years ago were I'd randomly have like THOUSANDS of a single item added to my card. Stuff I'd never order, never wish list, and never searched for.

    Sometimes my shopping card would have like $15,000 worth of stuff in it.

    They couldn't explain it, and the mystery was never solved.

    insufferableninja , in Save 25% today! (j/k, it's only 5%)

    "up to" is doing a lot of heavy lifting here

    Showroom7561 OP ,

    Plot twist, there's actually no way to get "up to 25%". It simply isn't a tier they offer for their subscribe and save option 😱

    FragrantOwl , in Creating Burner Accounts and Promptly Deleting Them avatar

    Permanently Deleted

    ptz OP , avatar

    I hate you 😆 (j/k that was good)

    Slippery_Snake874 ,

    Temporarily Deleted

    ExcursionInversion , in Creating Burner Accounts and Promptly Deleting Them avatar

    How embarrassing were the posts that they had to delete everything

    ptz OP , avatar

    Not at all that I could tell. I mean, I upvoted all 3 of them lol.

    It seems like this kind of pattern has been happening more frequently lately in both UnpopularOpinion and AskLemmy. I'm just gonna stop responding to accounts less than a week old, I guess.

    FuglyDuck , avatar

    They're probably testing spam bots with something innocuous.

    Psaldorn , in Save 25% today! (j/k, it's only 5%) avatar

    I think you need to add a certain number of shipments for it to reach the higher bands of savings. It looks slightly different in the UK, but probably the same mechanism.

    It was pretty handy for diapers and such when babies were born. (But then you read about how they killed diaper companies to achieve it 😑)

    Showroom7561 OP ,

    I think you need to add a certain number of shipments for it to reach the higher bands of savings.

    Yes, they do things in tiers.

    However, when I look at all the items available under "subscribe & save", there are only three tiers that I see: 5%, 10%, and 15% with most being 5% / 15%.

    In the pet food section specifically, the discounts range from 0% to 10% with most being 5%.

    Why would Amazon even tell me that I'll "save 25% today" on the item if that's never even achievable?🫠

    herescunty ,

    You have to have 5 items in a subscribe and save delivery to get the maximum discount listed on each of the items.

    If you put your 25% item into a delivery next month and also subscribe to 4 other items in the same monthly delivery that show “up to 10%” discount, you’ll get 25% off the first item and 10% off the other 4.

    Remove one item so you only have 4 items in the delivery and you’ll probably (I’m simplifying) get the lowest mentioned discount on each item rather than the highest - e.g. 5% instead of 25%.

    Showroom7561 OP , (edited )

    What about the item that says "SAVE 25% TODAY", rather than "up to 25%"? That one also gave me 5% after I clicked on it.

    I've used subscribe and save in the past, so I know how the program works. But I can't recall this wording/behaviour before, and it was always clear what discount I would get before clicking on subscribe.

    Edit: Ok, the above strangeness only happens when the item is in the shopping cart. When I view the item's full page listing, it says "subscribe and save 5% now and up to 10% on repeat deliveries". So where the "25% now and 15% later" thing comes from, I have no clue. But it almost tricked me.

    herescunty ,

    Yeah it’s tricksy. Probably relies on people forgetting to update their subscriptions.

    Showroom7561 OP ,

    LOL. Probably.

    Better than Walmart's subscription service, though. They don't even warn you that something is about to ship, they just ship!

    Amazon at least asks you to review the next shipment (which they tend to ship WAAAAY too early, 100% of the time).

    ironhydroxide , in Save 25% today! (j/k, it's only 5%)

    Yup Amazon is getting worse, like everything else.

    I've noticed recently that delivery estimates have been getting less accurate as well.

    Before,2 day shipping meant 2 day shipping. Now? Not so much.

    Of the last 6 Amazon orders I've placed 4 of them either changed arrival dates after purchasing, or were "delayed" in shipping

    phillaholic , avatar

    I don’t think two day shipping is an advertised feature anymore. Depending on where you live, I’ve seen ordering directly from manufacturers is the same or quicker than Amazon most of the time.

    ironhydroxide ,

    When they say "arrives on the 22nd" I expect it to arrive on the 22nd. I don't care if it's same day or a week later.

    I need to start just ordering directly from manufacturers.

    phillaholic , avatar

    I’ve had that happen recently too. Last one was clearly lost. It kept cycling in and out of their same warehouse. Happens with IPS and FedEx from time to time too.

    MisterChief ,

    Like others have said, they don't guarantee two days shipping however. Their thing now is if you spend $x per order or pay more, even if you have prime, they'll overnight it (location dependent).

    I live a 20 minute drive from several large amazon warehouses and one of their largest air hubs. When two day shipping was guaranteed, we'd often get most items the next day since it goes out almost immediately and we're very close. We noticed the last few years most deliveries take two days at least with many being delayed to 3 or 4.

    Finding prime less and less of a value I cancelled at the beginning of this month as I was set to auto renew. We've ordered two things since. Both items we have received in the past in 1-2 days. Now they take 5-7 days for free shopping, which is fine mind you, but it shows me that rather than shipping the item they are intentionally holding back the order from being picked from the warehouse to create the delay.

    Rather than prime adding value, it's simply providing the regular service, while they intentionally give non-prime members a manufactured worse service to entice them to pay.

    Nothing else on prime is worthwhile. Thursday night football sucks and when I do want to watch it if my team is playing I'll just pirate it. Same goes for anything on prime like The Boys will just get added to the Plex server.

    Fiivemacs , in Save 25% today! (j/k, it's only 5%)

    I'd file a report to the FTC or whatever your governing body is for deceptive billing practices, provide all the proof possible then immediately cancel any and all Amazon accounts and never look back.

    Scamazon provides nothing of benefit.

    ShadowCatEXE , avatar

    I mean, the top says “up to”, which technically means Amazon doesn’t even need to apply a discount. I would be more concerned if it said “save 25% today” and then dropped to “save 5% today.”

    Showroom7561 OP ,

    But it's not a slot machine. It's not "click and see what discount you get".

    And for what it's worth, I went to a different item, added it to my cart, got the following:

    Clicked on it and it went to 5% 🤷‍♂️

    nul ,

    Ok now I'm invested. What happened to up to? That's supposed to be their excuse, that there's some sacrificial lamb out there, which knocks a quarter of the price off for subscribers, this one just wasn't it. Now you locate the rare holofoil "no up to" Amazon listing and you don't get the 25%? Tyranny I say! We must overthrow! We demand up to 100% of the means of production!

    Showroom7561 OP ,

    The one missing "up to" was the same product, but a different flavour.

    I feel like I'm in some weird a/b testing, but it looks super deceptive regardless.

    Showroom7561 OP ,

    Scamazon provides nothing of benefit.

    Unfortunately, they are still the most affordable place to shop for many of the things I need. Our local walmart has the same treats for $1 more "on sale" and our local petsmart is $2 more. 💀

    Nuts, seeds, and dried fruit are significantly more if I get them locally.

    I have to pick one evil.

    nibble4bits , in Google Gemini refuses to answer questions about deaths in Gaza but has no problem answering the same question for Ukraine.

    Someone should realize that LLM's aren't always trained up to date on the latest and greatest of news. Ukraine's conflict is two years running, and Gaza happened ~4½ months ago. It also really didn't outright refuse, it just told the user to use search.

    nexussapphire , in Google Gemini refuses to answer questions about deaths in Gaza but has no problem answering the same question for Ukraine.

    They probably would have blacklisted the topic if they remembered. At least in America a portion of the population has forgotten about the conflict in the Ukraine because of Gaza and Gemini literally just got released to the general public.