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A reminder to review the kbin.run terms of service [TOS] ( kbin.run )

Hi everyone, I saw a conversation on a certain magazine about the wording of kbin.run's terms of service. I'm not going to reply there because its unproductive and irrelevant to the conversation being discussed. I do; however, encourage everyone to (re)review the privacy policy and terms of service of the instance....

Recent unintentional 500s on upvotes (and maybe boosts), my bad... sorry! ( kbin.run )

I was live testing a fix for a different 500 issue and I might have accidentally caused 500s to be generated elsewhere... should be stable now. If the site is acting stupid, there's a 99% chance it's because I'm either live testing a code change or messing with something else in the background....

[UPGRADE] Early migration to a "new" server and re-optimization complete ( kbin.run )

Sorry for any site interruptions/instability last night into this morning (CST), but I ran into a bit of a problem with a recent Mbin update that was causing excessively high CPU usage with the message workers that is looking more and more like an upgrade that went rogue... or it's the only explanation I have since everything is...

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