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A #medievaldeath a day as #otd. Run by @manuel_kamenzin. Header: BL, Add 36684, f 100r. Profile: BL Add 37049 f 31v. cover avatar


Interested in the life, times & legacy of Elizabeth de Burgh, #LadyOfClare - the remarkable #14thCentury patron of #ClareCollege at #CambridgeUniversity in England.
Looking forward to #FullTextSearch on this instance; meanwhile happy to be searchable! cover avatar


🇨🇦 Oschinsky Research Associate, Cambridge University Library & Fellow of Girton College, Cambridge · Cataloguer of #MedievalManuscripts for the rare books trade · #PhD: University of Victoria, 2021 · olim: University of Toronto, Universiteit Leiden, Université d’Ottawa · Research: #Codicology #Palaeography #BookHistory #Quantitative humanities, Statistics, Manuscript Science, #DigitalHumanities | tfr cover avatar


Historian researching medieval writing: scribes, scripts and manuscripts in the digital age. Lecturer in Digital Palaeography at the University of Göttingen. avatar


Was @gundormr on Twitter, trying to shift over. Works with Books of Hours (
CoKL DB) and tracks BAV Manuscripts. Occasionally works with Renaissance dance cover avatar


Author of the Owen Archer, Kate Clifford, & Margaret Kerr medieval mysteries. I am a medievalist & a novelist. Long walks in the woods & along the lake. Tendency to boost toots re York & Yorkshire. Owned by the adorable & formidable feline, The Maggie. Live on Duwamish land.

My photo: talk at the York Library
#amwriting #histodons #books #mysteries #writingcommunity #historicalfiction
#historymystery #medieval #York #bookstodon
#readers #cats #nature #buddhist #dharma #StarTrek #gardens avatar


Used LVN; deciduated arborist; retired writer/editor: bi-textual. B.I.T.C.H. cover avatar


Not a bot but a rather corpulent male approaching fifty years of age; married; father; a very very slow reader; barely reaching up to the level of mediocrity; an ignoramus who reads occasionally.

Toots are humanities, sciences, books and maps related. Toots or follows or boosts or mentions ≠ endorsements of any particular notion or notions. Expect many typing errors.

Addendum: for those wondering, I do not physically resemble a fountain pen. cover avatar


Russian-American linguist, medievalist & 1st amendment nerd. Posts re: poetry, translation, and history of sundry Indo-European & Semitic languages avatar


Live in #Berkeley, staff in the UC English Department, #Christian active at St. Columba's #Episcopal Church in West Marin Co., California. cyclist; reader of theology, science, and F/SF; BA in paleontology dating to near the K-Pg boundary; interested in classical and medieval history, historical linguistics, digital humanities and science. Also a cat guy. He/him/his. cover avatar


Independent Scholar.
Cyberculture, semiotics, communication, media studies. cover avatar


Ceci n'est pas un ours.

Jusqu'ici tout va bien.

I also hang out at: cover avatar


veg*n human genX animal-person / pizzavora jubatus vulpes / UK expat / (he/him) / fox / cheetah / ? ⓥ🏳️‍🌈 cover avatar


Professor of spatial history and culture at the University of Erfurt, travelling between France, Germany and India cover avatar


Visual and textile #artist, portrait #painter. Living and working in Oulu, Finland. No, the reindeer are further north from here (about 200km). Flagrantly misuses the word "lozenge". cover avatar


Sámi researcher in Oslo. Writes about Indigenous politics but suddenly something completely different

Most recent book: "An Urban Future for Sápmi" (

Historihkkar ja sosialista. Oahpaha mo sáhkostallat, dábllut ja daablodh (

Forsker, aktivist, nørd.
Content warning: Same.

Nylig utgitt: "Norsk antisamisme." ( cover avatar


Soul gardener, mentor, 🌱 #LifeCoach & artist, trilingual, #ADHD, #dyslexic. I post on daily life & what makes us better humans, citizens, helpers. :progress:

ICF PCC coach & mentor-coach
Co-Active trained, former techie, artist

An invitation: Come get unstuck! Honor your truth, tame your critic, love your life. Lead yourself first to create more joy. A little coaching goes a long way; first hour free, no obligation.

🇨🇦 Toronto + 🌏 online cover avatar


Author, standup comedian, and independent scholar.
Interested in palindromes, antiquity and the early medieval, ancient coins, Daoism aka Taoism, comedy, politics, and music among other rabbit holes. cover avatar


Combined Historian . teaches . #AngloDutch . he/him . funcrusher

will post hiphop

[Banner is a seventeenth-century printed motto: 'Books receive their doom according to the reader's capacity'; avatar is a fifteenth-century woodcut illustration of a bunny.] cover avatar


I’m a #medieval historian based at the University of Cologne. ❧ My focus is on Northern European History (England, Scandinavia, ‘Germany’), especially in the 10th–12th centuries. I’m mainly interested in the depiction of history and how contemporaries viewed their own time and their immediate past. ❧ Header image: Bamberg Msc.Lit.53, fol.2v ❧ Opinions are my own. ❧ My posts will be deleted after 6 months (unless I bookmark, pin or fav them). ❧ Bookwyrm: @domwass avatar


Historian, diplomatist and digital humanist

Trinity College, Cambridge, Ms. O.2.14, f. 60r (CC BY-NC 4.0) cover avatar


Retired from IT, thank God! Into photography, writing, fountain pens and choral singing. Fighting and losing the eternal battle against typos. Ugly old married dude who is not looking to get laid. At the age where I get all the aches and pains, but none of the senior's discounts. I boost a lot. Avatar is a black and white photograph of an at best nondescript older guy. #Photography #Writing #BlackAndWhite #Toronto cover avatar


Multidisciplinary (maybe polymath) editor/technical writer of things like articles, books, theses, dissertations, reports, brochures, instruction manuals and spec sheets for researchers, engineers, tech companies.

Postgraduate research educator.


I clarify ambiguity. I also bake, garden, and foster homeless dogs.

Posts auto-delete because the Internet's too cluttered. cover avatar


Trying to save the planet. Hope you are too?

Doing what we can, with what we have, where we are, as someone once suggested, we are working on an international database/address book of #environmentalists to enable us to work together, not just in individual silos. (under construction)

#ClimateCrisis #Climate #Environment #GreenIssues #Eco #EcoLobbyist #Symbiosis #Synergy #CrossCuttingIssues #Synthesis cover avatar


Middle-aged SRE, he/him. Once defeated a Beholder with nothing but a sharpened gourd. avatar

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postDoc #medievalist @ HumboldtUni zu Berlin. #MedievalHistory. Not a strictly private account... but always my private opinion. Retoot≠endorse.örnRChristophersen cover avatar


I'm an early #medievalist, focusing on the #history of #law and #lawbooks from the sixth to thirteenth centuries. Postdoc historian on the #PresentDead project.
I'm also slowly creating a #ttrpg game based on the early #medieval #Lombard laws, #LangobardRPG. He/him. cover avatar


Social Anthropologist, PhD. Edgerunner. A-Wing Fighter Pilot. Keeper of the Old Holocron. Servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. cover avatar


Kartvelologist, historian & digital humanist at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Also game designer, liberal policy nerd, provider of cute animal pictures, writer and songwriter in various formats, etc. avatar


Energy Pirate - no fan of anything - '05/65 - at CO2 Level 322 ppm. - Likes Snooker - NFL - Soccer - Doku - dark beer bavarian style - Argentina - good people - making things better (ungepflegte Textsammlung) - Schnauze voll von der Humorlosigkeit und der Verweigerung, den Verstand zu benutzen, also vom gesamten Verhalten der Linken, Rechten. Neo-Feudalisten und Autoritären. cover avatar


Ora arrivo.

Per aggiornamenti sulla mia attività musicale, segui @blog cover avatar


I live in #SiliconValley in the #BayArea. Here I design #greetingCards and teach others how to make them.

In my spare time, I #garden and serve my two #cats.

Toots may be laced with #humor. I use affiliate links whenever possible.

#tfr #fedi22 #cardmaker #papercraft cover avatar


Now under new management!!


Following the #Padres and #MLB

También a los #TorosTijuana en la #LMB #Beisbol desde 🇲🇽

Also a bit of 🏈🏀🥊⚽🏎️

#ImmaculateGrid junkie

#TradingCards - Mostly cheap #BaseballCards

Unable to ☕ properly function ☕ without #coffee ☕ ☕ throughout the day ☕

And for the nth time, this account is not run by my #cats 🐈😸

May also post about 📚📺🧩🎶🔭💻🍫🦖🌮🕹️♟️

Posts go poof after awhile 💨

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#Hike, #backpack, #computer #geek, former search & rescue, #4x4, #F1, #geocache, hobby #blacksmith, #scifi #fantasy, #ttrpg, #hamradio, #Maker, former navigation instructor. Now with lemon-fresh borax! Mastodon noob November 2022, veteran of a thousand Twitter psychic wars.

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