nafri , avatar

at the very least you are getting reply

Narrrz ,

signature : have tenure, dont care

qooqie ,

Honestly as a person that was in the teaching position for college students. Don’t email me anything too long just get to the point and generally I don’t care lol

JockerBlack ,

I already figured this out, so now I focus on cutting it short for the busy teachers. Tldr first and then whatever details are necessary.

xpinchx ,

Great for work emails too

ivanafterall , avatar

Me when texting literally anyone. I'm trying to change.

ModernRisk , avatar

I really had this couple of days ago. A politely email, good grammer and all in my native language to the professor.

And the professor emailed back with “that’s a dick move of your dog. Here’s word document is in the attachment, now your dog can’t eat it anymore”.

I laughed but was caught off guard lol.


Yeah these kids deal with email like once a month and I get 300 a day, 100 need replies you’re damn right it’s gonna be one word if possible

Really it should be considered a success, if your email can get a single word reply you gave all the necessary information in an intelligible format.

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