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LemmyKnowsBest , in Man in wrong dir

I really want to know what kind of people have other people following them around with cameras capturing moments like this?

Bigoldmustard , in Man in wrong dir

As a diabetic this is me reading the carbs per serving lol

sbv , in Man in wrong dir

I started taking photos of cooking instructions to avoid pawing through my own trash.

Mr_Dr_Oink , in me_irl

I used to do 2.

Now i do 1 because idgaf anymore.

Thcdenton , in me_irl

1st for pee 2nd for poo

MuffinHeeler ,

So THAT'S how we came up with number 1 and number 2

root_beer , in me_irl

Sumo pose (or extra-bowlegged cowboy I guess) also works, as does upright fetal position while walking only on tips of big toes

jaybone , in me_irl

I thought this was going to be about qwop.

tetris11 , in me_irl avatar
X===== / \x
Stalinwolf , in me_irl avatar

Fish see us doing #2 and are like 🙄

Laticauda , in me_irl

Depends on if I'm going in or out.

boredtortoise , in me_irl

first pic is going into the water, second is leaving

Weslee , in me_irl

Depends how cold it is

prenatal_confusion , in me_irl

Second one. How else are you gonna take the stealthy dump??

Shieldtoad , in me_irl
Ildar , avatar

This is my way!

Shou ,

Gator crawl

Transporter_Room_3 , avatar

This is the way to do it.

No weird twisting or crunching, nice relaxed pose to just finger walk your way across the water. When you want to stand up it's as easy as a water-assisted pushup.


Anticorp ,

In my early 20's a friend and I crawled up a river for like 2 miles on our bellies like in this picture. We crawled all the way to the source, which was a large pond. It took us half the day. Getting back down took like 10 minutes. Lol.

tetris11 , avatar

On the internet, nobody knows you're an alligator

MrShankles ,

This is my preference. The other ways are just too slow

FQQD , in me_irl avatar

If you don't do the second one, you're a very lame person imo

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