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Als Fachinformationsdienst für Allgemeine und Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft (FID AVL) versorgen wir Sie mit aktuellen Nachrichten aus der Literaturwissenschaft.

As a Specialized Information Service for Literary Theory and Comparative Literature (SIS Comparative Literature), we provide you with the latest news from literary studies.

Do you want to see your research activities here? Submit them to us:

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ASL is an educational charity, promoting the reading, writing, teaching and study of Scotland's literature and languages, past and present. cover avatar


Prof FU Berlin, Director of Center for Italian Studies ( Early modern literature. Petrarch, Petrarchism, increasingly Boccaccio. Private account, private opinions (boost ≠ endorsement). Full list of publications on Thanks for your interest! 🙂 cover avatar


Latin American literature & cinema | human rights & memory | Ecocriticism | Humanitarianism | Migration | Assistant Professor of Spanish & Latinx and Latin American Studies - University of Dayton. cover avatar


An independent academic publisher in the humanities since 1985.

Alternately earnest and tongue-in-cheek about all things literature, philosophy, and history! cover avatar


Russian-American linguist, medievalist & 1st amendment nerd. Posts re: poetry, translation, and history of sundry Indo-European & Semitic languages cover avatar


Renaissance, Humanisme, Réforme. Association francophone et pluridisciplinaire d'études sur la Renaissance, l'humanisme et la Réforme. Membre de la FISIER. cover avatar


IHC - Institute of Contemporary History
Multidisciplinary research institute in modern and contemporary history located at NOVA University Lisbon and at the University of Évora.
Founded in 1990.

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#Kunstgeschichte | #Literatur | Politik | Flora & Fauna | Vermischte Meldungen

Headerbild: Ein Stickbild in rosa und blau. Der Text lautet: The Horror Persist, But So Do I.

#Art #Arthistory | #Literature | Politics | Flora & Fauna | Miscellaneous cover avatar


»…netter Gesellschaftskritiker« (Dietmar Dath in der FAZ, 11. Nov. 2021) | u.a. blaue Bände bei | Redaktion | born at 331ppm | … und was nicht ist, das kann noch werden cover avatar


Ora arrivo.

Per aggiornamenti sulla mia attività musicale, segui @blog cover avatar


Loves trains, the outdoors, travel, Esperanto, ambient and post-rock music, good food and scrontous beer. Hates car-centric societies, late stage capitalism and courgette. Slow reader, infrequent writer. Day job in education but I never talk about it here. He/him. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Avatar: white 40ish man with black woolly hat and backpack, standing in front of old red phone box and ruined church.
Banner: text saying “Geesperantistoj el la tuta mondo agu energie kontraŭ la internacia faŝismo!" cover avatar

textcontainer 📖 My. Brain Bug. Germanistik und Literaturwissenschaft. Schreibt. ⌨️ cover avatar


Freie Journalistin - (Kriminal-)Literatur, Film, Feminismus, Gewalt
Podcast: cover avatar


I work in the #movies. I've done #VFX in the #StarTrek universe, made it possible for Tom Cruise to find precrime clues in #MinorityReport, and now I have a little boutique company that does #3Dtracking and #matchmoving for even more movies and streaming (née "#TV") shows.

I mostly lurk on social media, but enough about me. How are YOU doing? Drop by and say hello! cover avatar


Enseignant (docteur, agrégé).

Sémantique et linguistique de corpus.
Langues romanes et sémitiques.
Bourdieu | Islam naissant. cover avatar


Fotografie, Wetter, Rennrad, oft müde und durstig, unterwegs im Kaiserstuhl und Schwarzwald. cover avatar


Northumbria Uni chaplain, Lindisfarne College tutor,
#PracticalTheology #CulturalStudies #spirituality #linguistics cover avatar


Werteautark, medienmisstrauisch.
Folge gerne guten Gedanken und intelligentem

#pflegendeAngehörige seit 12/2017

Vielfältige Interessen, deshalb vielfältiges Boosten.

Fan des Savespace-Gedankens

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Associate #Professor of Literature (Drama, #Shakespeare , 20th Century Anglophone) & #Playwright. PhD University of London, MFA Columbia U. Check out my book Staging the Past in the Age of Thatcher: The History We Haven’t Had (Palgrave UK). #Democrat #Episcopalian / #Matthew25 Christian / #ExistentialHumanist Passions: #theater / #theatre - #literature - #film - #ScienceFiction - #music - #writing / #playwriting - #cooking - #travel - #comedy “Keep cool, but care.” #ThomasPynchon
(he/him) cover avatar


Interested in the life, times & legacy of Elizabeth de Burgh, #LadyOfClare - the remarkable #14thCentury patron of #ClareCollege at #CambridgeUniversity in England.
Looking forward to #FullTextSearch on this instance; meanwhile happy to be searchable!

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