Wine Wayland Driver's Vulkan Support Is Now Usable

WINE The third and final part of the Vulkan enablement code for allowing Vulkan API graphics use within the Wine Wayland driver has been merged to Wine Git.

There’s been Vulkan support being worked on for Wine Wayland that was split into three sets of patches. The final portion of this work by Collabora’s Alexandros Frantzis has now been merged – meaning Vulkan use by Windows software (or going Direct3D to Vulkan) running on Linux within a Wayland native environment is now do-able.

However, mouse not all games will be working properly yet until additional mouse functionality is implemented:

“With this MR you can start enjoying some of your games with the Wayland driver (either directly with Vulkan or with a D3D->Vulkan translation). Please note, however, that we don’t currently support what’s needed for mouselook (you will currently get erratic view movement), so most first-person 3D games are not playable yet.”

See the merge for more details. With the Wine 9.0 feature freeze quickly approaching it remains to be seen if any more of the Wine Wayland code will make it in time for this next stable Wine release due out in early 2024.

Chewy7324 ,

Finally, I might try disabling XWayland once wine wayland ships in proton. The only remaining apps using X11 on my system are electron apps and wine (oh, I forgot Java).

It’s interesting to finally see all the work on wayland coming together. Only a few years ago I still had to switch back to i3 because sway didn’t work well for gaming (no vrr, dmabuf), and now it’s only a few things missing.

Ghoelian ,

Does this apply to Proton as well, or have they had their own fixes for Vulkan or something? Cause I’ve been playing games on Wayland with Proton just fine for a good while now.

Ullebe1 ,

Proton uses XWayland, this is for proper, native Wayland support. It will make its way to Proton eventually.

deathmetal27 ,

This is a major change, so I think this will probably be in Proton 9.0, whenever Valve releases that.

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