timbuck2themoon ,

The flatpak works well for me. Always ends up using too much RAM but the latest versions seem to be better about it now.

danielfgom ,
@danielfgom@lemmy.world avatar

I’ve always had issues with this app. Could never get it to run properly and it doesn’t support the Old Reader API which is the Google Reader API so it’s open source and freely available. There no excuse for not supporting it first.

callmepk ,
@callmepk@lemmy.world avatar

The new look is pretty good, but it really lags when it try to switch the UI

JohnJVaccaro ,

Currently using Lifera on Ubuntu 20.05 w Gnome 36. Took Newsflash for a spin via Snap installer. Here’s why I’m sticking w Lifera: No Dark mode for the primary interface No built-in HTML rendering No support for This Old Reader No icon in the task bar

Now if I could just get Lifera to revert to the 3 parallel panes, life would be good.

Infiltrated_ad8271 ,
@Infiltrated_ad8271@kbin.social avatar

It is pretty, but far inferior to rssguard in features.

WeAreAllOne ,

Looked nice, but it won’t load on my system. OpenSuse Tumbleweed KDE

ShustOne ,
@ShustOne@lemmy.one avatar

Looks great I’ll have to give it a spin

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