Are they the most privacy respecting? no.

are they privacy respecting ENOUGH? sure


Privacy, real ad-blocking, and fighting for the open web. Also, actually being free software.


More open and honest and fight for privacy. Also their devtools are top notch.


Because Chromium and its derivatives suck. Is it really too much to ask for a traditional menu bar rather than a stupid hamburger menu?


because Mozilla is not trying to mold the entire internet into an advertising platform.


Chrome on android becomes unbearable with ads, and full screen vid ads when i just want to read the news. Use ff for the addon.


I can’t find any reason to use an alternative browser


Trust. I think it has been earned - so far. NCSA Mosaic was my second browser, and while I’ve experimented with all the major browsers and many not-so-major contenders over the interim couple of decades, Firefox has been a constant for me ever since it was first spawned off of Mozilla. I still believe the Firefox team when they say things, and so far that has worked out just fine.


Many reasons. Many of which is down to how Google as a company is reaching between the proverbial couch cushions to get at the loose change to make a profit. Default opt-in tracking, breaking ad-blockers, and probably more which I forgot about since I abandoned Chrome years ago.


I was shown it by a mate, along with soulseek, in like, 2006 or so when in sixth form. It was way better than what I was using at the time (IE)

At least that’s what I remember, pretty sure that was the date. I remember soulseek was before by a bit actually as we used it for trading At the Drive In and Mars Volta tracks

I’ve carried on using it because of plugins, adblocks, privacy, etc.


For add-ons, mostly. I use Tree-Style Tabs and can’t live without it at this point.


Ctrl+Tab cycles to previous active tab and is actually useful.

Squirrel, avatar

Because I never particularly liked the alternatives.

WoofWoof91, avatar

because i’m a furry


Cause it’s the only non chromium browser left

Aetherion, avatar

Apple User quietly steps away


I guess Safari is included with that group too


If I’m not mistaken gnome web (epiphany) uses the same browser engine as safari

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