If there is an old game you really love, i think you might be able to increase the chances of it getting preserved by asking the developer to open source the engine, he can still sell it and get the work done for porting it to modern platforms for free.

Porting a closed source game seems a lot more resource intensive so less of those will be done.

tocano, avatar

It’s a lot and honest work!

Although I sometimes question the purpose of preserving the past, I really respect people who put in the effort to make something timeless. A time capsule for the future to study an irrelevant and forgotten past.


Those games are hardly irrelevant or distant past. I’ve enjoyed a lot of them in the humble bundles and I still play some others. The fact that he was also porting them to Linux is fantastic.


117 votes cast and no comments? What’s going on? Is it that this article has already done a few rounds and this attempt is too soon?

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