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Update: Tried it but Steam still doesn’t work. The cursor bug wasn’t happening anymore. Here’s what Settings > About says: https://lemmy.world/pictrs/image/49d4c689-df30-4825-af43-3b739d446e22.png Any help? Also how do I use this on Debian?: …debian.org/…/x11-Add-support-for-fractional-scal…

ruination ,

Wayland have worked flawlessly for me, but I do understand that I have a very simple use case, so ymmv.

optissima ,

Reinstall your Nvidia driver, make sure you’re using the kernel that utilizes it?

anonono ,

just test it out.

some setups will work fine with wayland and some will work better with xorg.

there are of course ways solve those issues, but it’s easier to test both and use the one that works best for you.

wayland is the future, but the present is whatever works best for you.

q47tx OP Bot ,
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Wayland is the future yes, but it’s not ready yet. I will just try it out, see what works.

Jumuta ,

it’s ready for me. I have no problems whatsoever on both x and w, but I use w because of the touchpad gestures

daredevil ,
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has been much better for my setup thus far

markstos ,

What’s not ready for you on Wayland yet?

russjr08 ,
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Nvidia support, unfortunately. Which, while not directly Wayland’s fault - at the end of the day, it still means that Wayland is unsuitable for me at the moment.

Leny ,

HiDPI and fractional scaling is still a bit of a pain.

sxan ,
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This is so true.

Annecdote: I gave my MIL a little ARM computer for web browsing (it’s all she does). I’d had X (and herbstluftwm - it literally just runs Firefox in full screen mode on login, kiosk-like) installed on it, and she’d been using it for about a year; it’s been fine. Recently I switched it to Wayland and Sway, thinking it might be smoother. Uh uh. Logins went from a few seconds to several minutes before anything came up, and it exhibited this behavior where the screen would jump right a few pixels and then back every couple of minutes. I haven’t had the best luck with Wayland myself, but I haven’t seen anything this janky in a long time.

“YMMV” is a pretty good summary of Wayland at the moment.

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Clarification: Also using an nvidia gpu. RTX 3050 Ti laptop.

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