Change my Mind! - I like the linux,but some things keeps me staying on Windows.

Recently, I switched from Windows to Linux, tried many distros, and ended up with the Ubuntu rolling-release. Things went well for some days, but I started facing some issues like printer issues, gaming performance issues, and overall Ubuntu performance issues. So, I switched to where it all started, which is Windows 10. Now I’m on Windows, but the likeness and pleasure of using Linux are still with me.

So, what I wanted was a faster, rolling-release, easy-to-use distro with easy installation of Nvidia proprietary drivers.

What I have now planned is Fedora, because I like it. The issue with Fedora is that I can easily install the Nvidia driver, unlike Ubuntu. Can I search for the driver in the store or something else?

Or anything better than a fedora.

Graphics card: GT 730. I quit gaming, so gaming was not an issue anymore.

ReverseModule , avatar

Have you tried Garuda? Best one for gaming. :)

BaconIsAVeg ,

You never really said what you like about linux or why you even want to use it. You want an ‘easy-to-use’ distro, but I’ve never really run into a ‘difficult-to-use’ distro, and that’s going back to the Slackware/RedHat 4.2 days. PopOS!, Ubuntu, EndeavourOS, Slack, Debian, they’re all ‘easy-to-use’ when you don’t specify a use case.

Personally I love the challenge, and that nothing is forced on me. It took me a good 30 minutes yesterday researching and trying to figure out how to get spell checking working in qutebrowser, and I got a little dopamine hit when I was finished.

Windows doesn’t make me excited to use a computer. Linux does, because it’s challenging.

NateNate60 ,

Some people don’t want their computer to be a challenge. They don’t want to be able to notice the operating system at all. For most people, the operating system is a means to an end.

BaconIsAVeg ,

I completely agree, though in that case I can’t see what the advantage would be if you already have Windows, to switch to Linux. It’s a challenge, you’re going to be constantly looking for alternatives to software you’ve used for years. Let’s face it, the software world is still primarily focused on Windows, and while there are a lot of developer and server packages that Just Work Better™ on Linux, but if you’re an end user who’s only interested in gaming, why bother?

NateNate60 ,

That’s the reason why the people who switch from the default operating system are a small minority.

reminder9754 , (edited )

@NateNate60 @BaconIsAVeg i learned Linux 22 years ago because if work. I enjoy operating systems and don't really get the zealotry of some. I run Arch on my main machine and manage Centos and Debian server farm. In my opinion, Mac run best on OSX. If you want to run Linux, just get a Dell or HP or any of the many Intel manufacturers. These are all tools nothing more.

SGHFan ,

Get an AMD card. Or maybe try Nobara or Pop OS.

Discover5164 ,

i have a manjaro install that has been going for 2+ years. with a Nvidia card.

just read the wiki on every update, and follow instructions.

on install select btrfs as the filesystem and than use timeshift to do backups.

Presi300 , avatar

Yes, you can easily install the Nvidia driver on fedora, if you check the “enable third party repos” checkmark in the 1st time setup.

Honestly, if you don’t wanna screw around at all, or use the terminal, then fedora is pretty hard to beat. Now 1 issue you might have is that older Nvidia cards tend to not work well with something called Wayland, that fedora uses out of the box for it’s desktop, though you can change it easily at the login prompt, just click on the gear icon and select “gnome on Xorg”… if you’re having issues that is

dingdongitsabear ,

using nvidia with any distro is a headache you don’t need when making your first linux steps. sort that out first and then you’re free to distro hop. it makes sense to endure said pain when you’ve invested truckloads of money into some RTX monstrosity, for the one you got it’s just not worth it.

Banthex ,

I Like Mabox Linux its super fast for gaming

flashgnash ,

Pop!os and mint are the usual go-tos for easy windows-like experiences

I am however physically incapable of not recommending NixOS at any chance I get, it is by far the best experience I’ve had on Linux so far having tried a good number of distros (provided you have some knowledge of how config files work and don’t mind installing software through one)

danielfgom , avatar

For Nvidia popos is best

selokichtli ,

I don’t know what is Ubuntu rolling-release and I’ve been using Linux for twenty years.

If you’re a beginner, just stick to Linux Mint. If you really need a rolling-release distro, use OpenSUSE Tumbleweed and learn how to install, whatever your choice, the Nvidia drivers from your distro wiki/forums.

bennieandthez , avatar

Just go for Pop_OS!

cooopsspace ,

Your graphics card is literally ewaste at this point. So unless you get something else you might just use integrated graphics by Intel or buy an AMD ryzen G processor with graphics on board.

Anyway, now that NVIDIA isn’t a requirement anymore - use whatever you want.

I’m not going to force you to use Linux, but I’ll never go back to Windows.

Fedora is good, EndeavourOS is great. I think the AUR (ARCH based) repos really adds to the ease of use.

kariboka ,

23:59 linux gives life to old hardware.

00:00 your hardware is trash.

cooopsspace ,

No but seriously, the 730 was ewaste at the time it was manufactured. Yet someone still put it in a PC???

Pantherina , avatar

What is a Ubuntu rolling release? You mean Rhino Linux? Thats unofficial AF, not recommended at all.

Rolling: Opensuse Tumbleweed, Fedora, EndeavorOS, etc.

krash ,

Fedora isn’t rolling release.

Pantherina , avatar

Semi rolling something

Rustmilian , avatar

The Nvidia drivers aren’t in the official repos do to legal issues, however they’re in the rpmfusion repo.

PaulDevonUK , avatar

Dual boot at least until you settle on a distro and get comfy with it.

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