My iMac G3 is running Debian 6!

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iMac G3

wow, an operating system on a computer, sounds so improbable :P


The computer is older than me :)

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It’s not entirelly Linux, but there’s a port of FUZIX for the Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller


My roborock S5 (vacuum robot) can be hacked and I can access it via ssh. Not alot of ram, armv7 CPU, but it can run docker. One time I managed to play internet radio over terminal, so it plays music and vacuums my home. Nice 😎


Didn’t someone get a cuecat working? It’s been a while since I’ve seen it.

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A PS4 can be jailbroken to run Linux. You can then install Steam and Halo and have Halo on Linux on PS4


Back in the day some iPhones could run janky forms of Android/Linux. I don’t think it ever got to daily driver status but it was surprisingly feature complete.


A hard disk. Not boot from a hard disk, but the hard disk controller is actually made to run Linux:

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Didn’t they get at least the kernel running on a Nintendo 64


Not sure about a Nintendo 64 but I’ve definitely seen it on the switch and 3ds


Did anyone manage to hack a CD/DVD drive to run Linux on it?


The PS3 is not crazy, but has an exotic hardware that optionnally runs Linux.


Idk, needs more e-waste :(


Tell that to Samsung!


I would tell the government to tell Samsung, but they aren’t as big (and/or they ‘like’ Samsung more).


Not as impressive but I got a oneplus one that:

  1. Runs lineageOS 20, thanks to UL and someone on xda
  2. Runs kernel 6.3 with postmarketOS, thanks to a whole bunch of people working on the kernel

I had an old iPod nano that was hacked with a light Linux distro. Could even run doom on it… It ran, but wasn’t practical to play it.


Rockbox, by any chance? I have fond memories of playing doom with that scroll wheel…


Pretty sure it was just called iPod Linux.

Just looked… looks like rockbox is the successor.

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We had a fancy coffee machine at an old job that ran Linux. If I remember correctly it was a top of line cafection or zulay machine. One of the ones with a touch screen. Just booted off an SD card as well iirc so probably would have been pretty easy to hack on.

I still find it weird that managed switches run Linux as I generally would think that at those data rates they’d need something closer to the metal but with the magic of HW offloading that’s been a thing in enterprise for a while and OpenWRT even supports some consumer grade ones now.

Some (probably most) ebook readers like the Kindle.

Many newer cars.

TI NSpire calculators.

A slow cooker.…/crock-pot-slow-cooker-wi-fi-smarts-ha…

A cable modem. Specifically the Motorola SB6120 can. Maybe others too.

WiFi enabled SD cards.

A dead badger.…/installing-linux-on-a-dead-…

EDIT: Totally forgot about these 2 ham radios. You can run and access Linux on both of these. One is by design as its running on a Pi, the other via mod by R1CBU booting the OS from an SD card.

sBitx v2:

Xiegu x6100:

Thade780, avatar

A dead badger.



managed switches run Linux as I generally would think that at those data rates they’d need something closer to the metal

They might be running userspace networking…/userspace-networking-dpdk

Also hard drives. No, not like that.

GuyNoIRQ, avatar

It doesn’t have as much to do with where the network stack is running, but that they’re leveraging hardware offloading. Their CPUs generally aren’t powerfull enough to switch packets at gigabit speeds let alone on many interfaces at gigabit or multi-gig speeds. Its by leveraging ASICs and maybe even some using FPGAs for hardware offload that they can switch packets at line rate. I understand how they do it, I still just find it kind of weird and cool.

I didn’t list HDDs as someone else had mentioned that already. I was just listing a few devices that weren’t mentioned in other comments yet.


Both really, you can’t fully offload to hardware if your kernel still requires an interrupt to pass the payload. That hardware most likely has userspace drivers.

GuyNoIRQ, avatar

Oh yeah, didn’t even think about that. Isn’t using userspace network pretty common these days anyway?

insomniac, avatar

Software defined radios are kinda a stretch. The radio hardware isn’t running Linux. There’s a receiver that converts the signal to digital and then a Linux computer processes the signal. Basically the exact same thing as my computer having a radio receiver plugged in to it but packaged up as a standalone thing. If that counts, my keyboard runs Linux.

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I once saw someone running Doom on a pregnancy tester, so I’d imagine that it could run Linux as well.

flubba86, (edited )

I saw that too, but it was a bit a bit misleading. The pregnancy tester for some reason had a pretty high resolution monochrome OLED display, so the guy used the tester’s display to show the Doom graphics. The actual device running Doom was a more powerful controller external to the tester stick.

vortexal, avatar

I’ll have to re-watch the video again if I can find it but I’m pretty sure that the video I saw was a different one because the one I remember watching had a pixelated screen screen with a low frame rate.


Well the one I’m thinking of, it had something like a 64x128 monochrome OLED screen, that fits the description of “surprisingly high resolution” for a pregnancy tester, but Doom would still appear as a “Pixelated screen” like you described. Its probably the same one we both saw. Either way, there is no microcontroller inside that device capable of running Doom, so an additional external microcontroller was attached to run the game itself.

vortexal, avatar

Well, I tried to look for the video I saw but couldn’t find it. All of the videos I could find have the game in monochrome with a high frame rate, while the video I remember watching looked similar to the GBA version but with a significantly worse resolution and frame rate.

vortexal, avatar

After looking through some other Doom on “insert device here” videos, I couldn’t find it but I found one where the gameplay looks similar (even though it’s a completely different device and the game is clearly modded). The video is called Doom 2 on optimus maximus.


It wasn’t even original display. Original display wasn’t “pixel based”, it just had couple of segments on a LCD which display pregnant/non pregnant texts and some other info. So it was (is) just a doom on a microcontroller+OLED in a pregnancy test case.


That was foone


Foone’s great, always happy when her content pops up

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