Papirus is by far the best icon theme for Linux. It has icons for even the most obscure and niche applications

Pantherina, (edited ) avatar

The new Libreoffice icons look to bad compared to the old ones. May work better on small screens or something, but such an unnecessary step down.

Edit, funny that seems to be very conflicting

melroy avatar

I hope the low res images are more slick and simpler. Since the icons are indeed a bit too detailed.

ebits21, avatar

Completely disagree


This is great. I love Papirus. Its the best icon pack by far.


Do people actually recognize these? I don’t think I’d recognize most of them whatever the icon pack. Might as well be hieroglyphics.


That’s why there’s labels below the icons

araly, avatar

i’d recognize gparted everywhere


It’s one of the best icons pack.

melroy avatar

Fully agreed. I use it since 2010

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