araly , avatar

how cool and sexy and irrestible i became

to the right people ^^

mist ,

Ctrl + R in the terminal. I never used it until I got a job using Linux, now it’s probably my most used command at work and at home.

dashietm , avatar

Don’t use linux with the expectation that it works like windows. If you want to use linux, be open to new ways of doing things, and you will likely have a great time, try the old methods and you will run into impassable walls.

flamingo_pinyata ,

Don’t get an Nvidia gpu

AlpacaChariot ,
VoltaicGRiD ,


This is such an underrated comment. Linux hates, hates, hates NVidia. I've spent ~24 hours trying to get two applications running, both of which consistently complain about my GPU and Hardware Acceleration.


superkret ,

Linux hates, hates, hates NVidia.

It’s the other way around, actually.

milkjug ,

Can confirm. Don’t do it guys. Hardware acceleration for video decoding just doesn’t work for me.

gbin ,

If you switch to Linux you’ll probably have to learn at some point to use the terminal but with some recent developments (new fonts, ligatures etc…) console applications evolved to be more and more … Graphical! And this is awesome: check out btop, neovim/nvchad, lsd etc…

flashgnash ,

That you can use any DE on any distro

mub ,

I’ve learnt how to use Linux in preparation for the day when Windows finally goes to far.

CocaineShark ,

TIL there’s tab completion lol

pastermil ,

Tab completion, history, history search, you name it

garam , avatar

Gnome is better on 1920 than in 1366. XFCE is better on 1366…

And Ubuntu sucks…

TheAnonymouseJoker , avatar

Play with fonts, font sizes and scaling factor in GNOME Tweaks. I ended up with anything better on 1366x7x68 than I could on xfce or lxqt or kde.

my setup

garam , avatar

Wow. Redmond theme… 😂

KDE seems hard for me. Personal Preference, it’s hard to learn the flow, even it’s near Windows Like Experience 😔

JuxtaposedJaguar , (edited )

Always put your filesystems in an LVM volume (and in general, partition disks with LVM rather than partition tables)! You never know when you might need to combine multiple disks, make a snapshot, add redundancy, or transfer to another disk without unmounting. But it’s very difficult to format a block device as LVM once you can’t erase its contents.

Make your /boot partition at least 500MiB.

Leave at least 1GiB of free space at the beginning of every disk. You never know when you might need to add EFI and boot partitions to that disk. And again, it’s very difficult to do after the fact.

lloram239 ,

Leave at least 1GiB of free space at the beginning of every disk.

Shouldn’t be needed these days. With GPT/UEFI you can just make more partitions at the end of the disk if needed. Back in MBR days that wasn’t possible, as BIOS often needed things to be at the start of the disk to be found.

Spectacle8011 , avatar

I wish I’d known how to use node-based compositors like Natron to produce VFX so I don’t have to keep going back to macOS to use After Effects.

canadaduane , avatar

When you’re just trying to get work done: pick a solid, well-tested high-profile distribution like Fedora, Pop!_OS, or Debian (or Ubuntu). Don’t look for the most beautiful, or most up-to-date, or most light-weight (e.g. low CPU usage, RAM, etc.). Don’t distro hop just to see what you’re missing.

Of course, do those things if you want to mess around, have fun, or learn! But not when you’re trying to get work done.

SRo ,

When you’re just trying to get work done: pick Windows.

mub ,

I’ve gone Arch for this year’s linux adventure. It has been the most stable I’ve ever tried.

AlpacaChariot ,

Is Pop!_OS really that popular? I started using Linux about 10 years ago and it wasn’t around then, so I never tried it in my distro hopping days. I see it’s developed by System76 so I can see why you’d choose it on their hardware, but is there any point doing that on other hardware?

ProperlyProperTea ,

Idk, it seems to be picking up steam. It’s what I use unless I’m trying to use something super lightweight.

For me it has the stability of Ubuntu without having to use Ubuntu.

Haven’t tried Debian yet though.

AlpacaChariot ,

I’m cirious about what you dislike about Ubuntu?

canadaduane , avatar

Snaps are basically Ubuntu’s private app store, and flatpaks (the supported method of app distribution by almost every other distro) are not supported; there’s no tiling WM built-in for large monitors; the kernel is not kept up to date (i.e. improved hardware coverage and support); some things like streaming with OBS studio and Steam don’t work out of the box (this may have changed, but it was the case for me about a year ago).

AlpacaChariot ,

Interesting, thanks. I had a feeling snaps would be in the list!

ProperlyProperTea ,

There’s a small amount of telemetry going on.

Also, Pop_OS makes running an Nvidia GPU less painful.

superkret ,

the stability of Ubuntu

That’s not really a selling point.

canadaduane , avatar

The System76 engineers are culturally very aligned with the core values of freedom of choice, customization, etc. They build software with the larger ecosystem in mind, and in fact, I’ve never seen them build something only for their own hardware (even things that could have been just for their own hardware, like the system76 power management system, has extensibility built in).

That said, they also balance this freedom with a set of “opinionated” good choices that they test and support. If you care a lot about stability, it’s easy to go along with the “happy path” and get a solid, up-to-date system delivered frequently. Every time they upgrade new features or kernel, they go through a systematic quality assurance process on multiple machines–including machines not of their own brand. (I’ve contributed software/PRs to their codebase, and they’ve always sent it through a code review and QA process).

EponymousBosh , avatar

I wish I’d known how much of a pain in the ass having an NVIDIA card would be. I would have gotten a different computer.

elfahor OP ,

Same. I bought my GPU at like 170% of its MSRP. I regret it now, should have went the amd way

milkjug ,

VA-API trouble intensifies

eldavi ,

The 1:1 windows:Linux replacement is just a means to keep you on Windows. Once you learn Linux, you’ll come to understand how much of a farce it is and how it’s designed to keep you away

Holzkohlen , avatar

Linux is a farce and designed to keep you away? Could you elaborate?

lastweakness ,

No, i think he means the idea that Linux is supposed to substitute Windows 1:1

captain_aggravated , avatar

To start sooner.

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