ricdeh ,
@ricdeh@lemmy.world avatar

I understand what you’re going for, but they have made a really amazing and powerful contribution with the OpenSPARC project, which supplies the hardware description files and EXTENSIVE documentation of the micro architecture, component layout, etc. of probably the two most powerful free/libre and open-source multi-core processors ever assembled, the UltraSPARC T1 and UltraSPARC T2. And this was released under the GNU General Public License. This is almost unbelievable, as hardware is still almost completely unfree. Sure, there are some PCBs and microcontrollers like those distributed by Arduino or Raspberry Pi, but the chip source for the processors on all of these is mostly proprietary. Regarding microprocessors, there are VERY FEW actual hardware designs available that are free/libre and open-source, and OpenSPARC is one of them. Granted, the UltraSPARC T1 and UltraSPARC T2 were released to the public when Sun Microsystems was still an independent company and before they were acquired by Oracle, but Oracle is still keeping the webpages of the OpenSPARC project up! For hardware designers that aspire to make free/libre and open-source hardware, this is an invaluable resource!

nik282000 ,
@nik282000@lemmy.ml avatar

If it weren’t for VirtualBox I would avoid them all together. It’s just so damned convenient though.

Mixel ,

Kvm/qemu is really good too you should try it out or is there special feature holding you back on virtualbox?

Damage ,

Do you still have to reboot the VM to connect an USB device?

gh0stcassette ,
@gh0stcassette@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar


SaltyIceteaMaker ,

I have noticed they did something in open source? But I don’t know what. Somebody got a link or sum where i can find info on what happened

true_blue ,
@true_blue@lemmy.comfysnug.space avatar

I think this is about the formation of the Open Enterprise Linux Association, which Oracle is a founding member of.

halo5 ,

And this is why I choose Debian…

woelkchen ,
@woelkchen@kbin.social avatar

And this is why I choose Debian…

You mean the distribution where Canonical has in the past outright bought votes to align Debian closer to Ubuntu? If you think I'm making shit up, look up the fiasco that led to the insanely protracted (roughly a year) very public debate about making Upstart the default init system. Here's a tldr from a German IT website:

Besides SysV Init, which is currently used by Debian, there is Systemd, which is mainly developed by Red Hat, Canonical's own Upstart, and OpenRC, which is developed by Gentoo. Only Systemd and Upstart are believed to have a chance. It is unlikely that SysV Init will remain, OpenRC cannot keep up with Upstart or Systemd in terms of technology and innovation. More and more Linux distributions are turning to Systemd, while Upstart is currently used exclusively by Canonical, after Red Hat used it for RHEL 6 and Fedora 9, but is relying on Systemd for RHEL 7.

The two committee members who have already made their opinions known are former Canonical employee Ian Jackson and Russ Allbery. While Jackson favors Upstart, Allbery is clearly in favor of Systemd. Two other members, Colin Watson and Steve Langasek, both employed by Canonical, will probably only support Upstart. The other members are Don Armstrong, Andreas Barth and Keith Packard, newly elected to the committee, as well as chairman Bdale Garbee.

Original: https://www.pro-linux.de/news/1/20622/debatte-um-das-init-system-bei-debian-8-h%C3%A4lt-an.html Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version).

It's now less public but Canonical still has its tentacles in Debian with Snap and such.

mimichuu_ ,

Debian is 100% community run, it cannot “have tentacles” in it. There is no leader that takes the choices that can be influenced.

RoyaltyInTraining ,
@RoyaltyInTraining@lemmy.world avatar

No way I’m ever gonna trust a company that is chasing profits

Aux ,

You should though. Because if the company is chasing profits you know for sure what they’re doing. If they are not chasing profits, then no one knows what they will do next. Like non-profit American Red Cross, who laundered half a billion and did fuck all to help Haiti propublica.org/…/how-the-red-cross-raised-half-a-…

halo5 ,

Like non-profit American Red Cross, who laundered half a billion and did fuck all to help Haiti propublica.org/…/how-the-red-cross-raised-half-a-…

Yea, the Red Cross is fucked up, and I learned that from my dad in 1996 when he died. All about the money. I’ll send my money to St. Jude, thank you very much…

Aux ,

Sorry for your loss…

patchwork ,

Don’t trust any publicly traded company, once a business has completed it’s IPO it’s owned shareholders and led by a CEO legally obligated to chase profits as the primary objective. Corporations spend money on PR and brand marketing to make us think otherwise, but under US law it’s crystal clear they only chase profits.

It’s kinda sickening to hear people say they “love” Apple, Amazon, Netflix, etc… These corporations derive their “right” to exist from one of the most horrible miscarriages of justice in history. The 14th Amendment was put into law to grant the rights of citizenship to freed slaves after the US Civil War in an effort to abolish a system created by greedy oligarchs to profit from the suffering of others. Unfortunately, the conservative Justices on the US Supreme Court decided in 1886 that a new system could be created to allow greedy oligarchs to profit from the labor of others. That ruling was called Corporate personhood.

Full disclosure, as a computer nerd in the 1990’s, I really did fall in love with Google, it seemed it represent everything Apple and Microsoft did not. Back in the Pre-IPO days between 1998-2004 Google engineered some of the most useful and innovative services on the Internet for consumers. Now I view Alphabet Inc as possibly the most dangerous corporation in the realm of technology. Relentlessly striving to control the Internet through DRM tech like Widevine, the AMP framework, and proliferating a Surveillance Capitalist strategy to target everyone online, track them across the Internet and harvest their data for profit.

I do have some faith in companies like Valve and System76 because they are privately owned and do not always act in a “profits above all else” mentality.

Zink ,

Your first paragraph about only profit mattering isn’t even hyperbole.

I’m a computer nerd just like many here, but I went to business school too. There’s no “haha screw the consumers” snickering when you learn about business administration. It’s a simple well-meaning concept that the goal of going into business is to make money for the owners who invested their own money into the company.

Private companies are one thing, but then once they go public, a whole new set of rules and circumstances occur. The “owners” are a nebulous cloud of faceless investors & institutions, many (most?) of whom don’t give a shit about the company itself, just the risk/return and asset category it represents.

The C-suite has a fiduciary duty to make that money for those shareholders, plus those individuals generally have to own a bunch of stock in order to further align their priorities with profit and share price. You don’t want the investing community to see that you had a chance to double profits this year and didn’t take it, which can lead to the short-sighted decision making we see so often. Plus driving up the share price short term makes you yourself able to cash out and diversify a bit.

sounddrill ,

Shoutout to oracle for hosting the only xonotic server in India running right now!

Rin ,

i mine monero on their servers

TheBurlapBandit ,

“Oracle” sounds like they were trying to be as dystopian cyberpunk as possible when naming their company.

drwho ,

Oracle doesn’t have customers, it has hostages.

ChrisLicht ,
@ChrisLicht@lemm.ee avatar

Never again. Twice I’ve been at fast-growing startups that went with Oracle, and both times it was the worst mistake the business made.

krash ,

What happened?

chaorace ,
@chaorace@lemmy.sdf.org avatar

It’s not difficult to guess: they got EA’d. IBM’d. FaceBook’d. Their startup got bought up, hollowed out, and dissolved. All in the name of killing off competition and padding staff rolls.

DangerMouse ,

I’ve found many startups are merely “investments” by some entrepreneur that were intended from inception, whether explicitly or not, to be grown to a sufficiently negotiable state and sold to the biggest buyer. That’s not to say that big tech companies don’t buy-out their competition, but many startups also dream of being bought-out.

doot ,

chasing the exit is a common strategy

mwguy ,

I wish he’d respond. But from my experience, Oracle sells you a license that’s just what you need, nothing more. They do so on good terms to get you in the door. Then when you rely on their database they jack up the rates and start ridiculous pricing strategies that either force you to rearchitect away from Oracle entirely or sacrifice your ability to use their product and force you to work around their license.

p03locke ,
@p03locke@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

Wow, this is a really low-effort meme.

Kirbo ,

You have over 200 Comments on your account yet made no meme yourself or even just a post. Who are you to judge others?

p03locke ,
@p03locke@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

I’m not posting on the memes community. I’m posting on the Linux community.

Jajcus ,

They destroy everything they touch...

I am only happy for the damaged they made to MySQL popularity. ;-)

db2 ,

Which one do you prefer then? Choose carefully.

FrederikNJS ,


zepplenzap ,

You have chosen wisely

WhiskyTangoFoxtrot ,

No, they chose Postgres. WiselySQL isn’t even a thing.

mwguy ,

MariaDB is pretty cool though. They’ve continued to innovate in the space and have some truthfully dope features. Like being able to create an index against a arbitrary json path of a json column.

Rhabuko ,
@Rhabuko@feddit.de avatar

I just hope that SUSE keeps them in check for now.

TheFerrango ,

I’ll never forgive them for destroying Sun

db2 ,

They tried to wreck Android also.

Google a few years later: Hold my beer.

Zink , (edited )

Sun Solaris is where I really learned to use *nix. In college my department had a whole computer lab filled with Sun workstations. Definitely a more interesting place than all the standard windows clusters.

I have never used this Oracle Solaris business.

Feyter ,

Having some being worse makes yourself good… Because we are living in a binary world 😉

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