Lemmy Apps and Tools

Hi I'm the new moderator.

I think this community is one that should be very straightforward. It is a community to post about lemmy apps, tools, features, comparisons, etc. It's also a valuable space where app creators and users can interact. This makes it a special place where creators can share best practices with one another and users can share their...

[META] Yet another change in community moderation

Hello everyone. I apologize for the rollercoaster ride in this community over the past week and a half. I have one more change to announce: @THE_MASTERMIND has been removed as the community moderator. This is in response to multiple private complaints from community members, as well as behaviors inside and outside this community...

Seeking Client Suggestions

Hello lemmings, I'm hoping you can help me find the perfect app for Lemmy browsing. In the before times, I used Relay for years on the old subs. Since I migrating I primarily used Sync, which is fine, but I cannot create an alt account login in it on lemmynsfw. I also have used Thunder, which I like but account switching is...

Android apps that allow hiding or collapsing images in comments?

Looking for any Lemmy app that provides a setting to hide or collapse inline images in comments, like RES let you do on Reddit, or like RIF, to re-create the text-only comment experience. I've been using Boost, which I really like it and want to keep supporting, but this setting is still a WIP I think, and it's a must for me. I...

Why is Avelon still the only iOS app that can display GIFs?

I guess it’s not a very widely requested feature? It’s interesting to me that Avelon is literally the only iOS app among the many that exist so far that has been able to enable GIFs automatically animating and displaying on the timeline instead of just displaying a link to the GIFs location. I prefer a couple other apps over...

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