Kbin not saving the account, asks me to relog in after little time

Hi, I've kind of stopped using kbin, the reason being that every time I go on this website, it asks me to relog in, even though I've selected remember me last time that I did log in.

I use a home made password manager so the password is complex and I don't remember it straight away, making it quite annoying. Is this a common problem? I have it both on the phone and on my PC, in one I use the duck duck go browser, in the other I use brave

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rhythmisaprancer ,

I don't get on every day, but am only asked to log on about once a week as @HipPriest mentioned. Firefox on PC and Android.

tjhart85 ,
@tjhart85@kbin.social avatar

Maybe twice a week for me on desktop and maybe once a day on mobile.

Brave browser for desktop.
Chrome for Android phone.

The frequency for me hasn't been a big deal, but I can see where it would be if it happened every time you wanted to come to the site.

HipPriest ,

I maybe have to login again once a week or so, presumably because something's been changed on the backend. Using Firefox here. I log on multiple times daily on my phone.

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