Admin of my instance seems to have gone inactive, looking to migrate to a small instance with an active admin

I’d like to help out with decentralization, with users not all gathering in one place, so I don’t want to go to or I did look at and the list of instances there, but it doesn’t tell me if the admin is active. I could just visit every instance listed there and check the admin’s profile for activity, but I figure putting this message out and seeing who replies is a pretty good test of which kbin instances have an active admin that takes me less time.

EDIT: Also saw this from Ernest, he’s eventually going to make sure abandoned instances have admins, so that’s good news.

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melroy Admin ,
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You can't assign admins on abandoned instances. You can only assign admins or moderators on abandoned magazines...

If you don't wish to use try my instance: Disclaimer: I'm part of the kbin core development team.

Emotional_Series7814 OP ,

Thanks for the correction! In that case, I’ll probably hop on to yours or

Not sure why you being a member of the kbin core development team is something worth a disclaimer, but thanks for the work you do. I definitely recognized your name—I often check out the codeberg even if I don’t really do anything with it.

melroy Admin ,
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Thanks for noticing my work and contributions. Currently all developers and contributors are all volunteers.

Emotional_Series7814 OP , (edited )

Tried to sign up, didn’t realize I had to give you a real email so I could verify myself. I’m always very wary of giving out my true email, because I’m scared of emails leaking and then using the email to tie my account here to other accounts I have that use the same email.

I also can’t sign up again with the same account name. Can anything be done on your end or do I just have to give up and try again with a new username?

Also, I was going to try again with a throwaway email address. Is that going to be autorejected internally, so I get stuck in the same situation of locking myself out of a username because the account is created even if it’s unverified and thus unusable?

melroy Admin ,
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No worries. Since we now talk.. I activate your account manually.. Just be-aware that you can't use a password reset now.

MHLoppy2 , avatar

Based on what I’ve heard from kbin instance admins (especially jerry, the owner of, where I usually post from when not dealing with errors), it’s not an easy thing to keep running in its current state. I imagine if you instance hop sub-100 user kbin instances many of them will end up shutting down or having inactive owners.

For example, is kbin instance #6 by user count (yet it’s still <100!) and has announced they’re shutting down in a couple of months:…/SERVER-GOING-AWAY-ON-NOV-26th

To have a stable instance experience without going with a large instance you might have better luck with another AP platform as your home base, whether Lemmy or something else entirely.

e569668 , avatar

he’s eventually going to make sure abandoned instances have admins

I think he meant magazines on in this context. I don't think he has any way to control another instance and change who runs it, besides a kindly worded letter.

I do try to keep track of kbin instances and how up to date they are and their admins, but I can't really advertise in their place. One thing I've kind of been thinking about is it'd be nice if nodeinfo had information next to current user count of like: desired user count, max user count. Otherwise you have no idea what an instance admin is hoping for, whether it's just their personal instance or they're willing to support tens of thousands of users. Without that I don't want to send people to x instance and suddenly the admin being in for a surprise. But I just looked up nodeinfo and it looks like there's plenty of worms in that can about it being too complex already, so maybe I'll avoid opening my mouth about it... for now.

SuperSpaceFan , avatar

Can I ask which instance seemed like it's been abandoned?

McBinary , avatar

It could be a secondary account, but I would guess that it's the one they currently belong to?

Emotional_Series7814 OP ,

If you click my profile, you can see both my username and the instance I come from!

SuperSpaceFan , avatar

Just a question. Be civil

Emotional_Series7814 OP ,

I thought I had a friendly tone and was being nice. I really did not intend to come off as aggressive. Rereading this I see how it can come off sarcastic and condescending instead of the friendly informational tone I was going for. Sorry.

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