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So, if I'm following correctly, Lemmy currently is experiencing a massive wave of bot registrations, and now about 800 thousand new registered accounts across several different instances are bots. What is kbin doing to prevent that, other than just being somewhat smaller and not picking up as much attention?

Jcb2016 ,

@Varyag Kbin and lemmy got to start somewhere, right? they have tools to combat the bots but the bots and the people making them are smart also. it's an ongoing cat and mouse game. Twitter been around for a decade and had a huge bot problem that never went away. Reddit same thing. Lemmy and kbin are no different. once something is popular the bots will come. We just gotta make sure we do our part and report them!

melroy Admin ,
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@Varyag You can enable email verification and enable hcapthca. But admins do need to configure that.

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