Semmelstulle , avatar

Is it just me or does the Lemmy community actively ignoring the existence of kbin? I see a lot of posts explicitly mentioning Lemmy users but only posts from kbinners mention both platforms.

t0fr , avatar

Possibly because Kbin couldn’t federate with Lemmy for a while there, and there are much more Lemmy servers, almost like Lemmy naturally became the default

MoogleMaestro , avatar

@Semmelstulle I dont think it's much more than users not being familiar with kbin yet as the whole thing is newer than lemmy. Given time it will normalize.

Semmelstulle OP , avatar

@MoogleMaestro I hope so

Ragnell , avatar

@Semmelstulle Ssh! They'll notice we're here.

OutrageousUmpire ,

For the longest time Kbin magazines didn’t even show up. That changed recently, maybe in the last week? Not sure what changed. They still don’t show up in a private instance I spun up for fun.

As another poster mentioned, magazines just look like a regular Lemmy community. The only way to tell is to look at the name of the community and see it has Kbin in it.

melroy Admin ,
melroy avatar

@Semmelstulle What is Lemmy? 😂

Semmelstulle OP , avatar

@melroy Lemmy look it up

melroy Admin ,
melroy avatar

@Semmelstulle I'm joking. I'm a kbin developer.

Spacebar , avatar

Not having a kbin account, kbin magazines look exactly the same as lemmy communities. It’s only when you are part of a kbin server would you see the extra functionality of threads and microblogs that kbin gives you.

pmtriste ,

Well, coming from a new Lemmy user, I just mean the platform, not the software or instance. We’re all federated anyway, right? Maybe I just don’t understand the difference that kbin offers over other Lemmy instances. Is it more? Then again, I’m also not entirely clear on why I need both a Lemmy account and a mastodon account.

Pamasich , avatar


Then again, I’m also not entirely clear on why I need both a Lemmy account and a mastodon account.

That one is probably the biggest difference between lemmy and kbin. The latter combines the lemmy and mastodon experience, so you only really need one account to interact with both.

GeekFTW , avatar


Maybe I just don’t understand the difference that kbin offers over other Lemmy instances.

kbin has a few extra features (and keep in mind, I don't keep up-to-date on lemmy's development so over the last 4 weeks some of these may have been implemented, or may be in the development stages for you guys, for all I know):

  • Blocking domains
  • Blocking instances (coming soon)
  • A different UI (subjective as to if it's better, I prefer it)
  • Better federation with Mastodon (all of our communities have both a 'normal Reddit post' view and a 'Twitter style' view, the latter of which federates well with Mastodon.
  • Upvotes and downvotes.
  • The ability to view, on a thread-by-thread and comment-by-comment basis, who upvoted and downvoted (a positive, or negative, depending on your views)
  • A large number of userstyle scripts that people are cranking out for tampermonkey and the like to improve things.

We do have the drawback of not having an API yet (though our mobile site is great anyway), so no apps for us yet. That being said a couple of the existing/in development ones have already said kbin will be supported once ernest puts an API in place so that's a matter of time.

Semmelstulle OP , avatar

@GeekFTW @pmtriste yeah at the moment I'm only waiting for the api to come out. This will spawn lots of good mobile clients. Artemis so far is pretty good for its early stage and the scrape yourself approach but an api is much more efficient and a much lower entry point for devs.
But in the end I'm happy we even have these options!

qprimed ,

interesting. I certainly don’t think its intentional, but moreso indicative of a reddit heavy presence (where lemmy was most often mentioned). to many, lemmy is the “new reddit” and the overall concept of multiple instance software platforms and the diversity of federation has not yet sunk in broadly.

I am pretty sure things will align as time goes on and everyone gets deeper understanding of how things fit together.

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