talktech , avatar

@anthonylavado I would love an "app" for the Vidaa OS on my HiSense TV. I can use the one on the FireTV stick but that's now the only reason I still have one LOL

anthonylavado OP , avatar

I believe they reached out to us a few months ago, but discussions stalled because of contractual issues (NDAs and the like). We’ll see.

slurp ,

I noticed that HDR to HDR transcoding was added to the jellyfin ffmpeg a little while ago - any news on it being added to the server?

exscape ,

I'd love to use Jellyfin instead of Plex, but the LG webOS client has literally never been updated. The first public version from July 2022 is still the latest version, and it's not really there yet.

WhyAUsername_1 ,

I am using it on LG Webos. What’s the issue?

exscape ,

Honestly it's been a year since I tried it now so I don't remember everything. One thing I really feel is crucial is turning down subtitle brightness in HDR. Plex allows for grey subtitles, which in HDR look white, except not at 700+ nits. They literally light up the room in dark scenes, and it's extremely jarring in dark scenes (with APL of 1 nit or less).

WhyAUsername_1 ,

Woah. I have never noticed this. I guess you are right. This does seem to be an existing issue.

tsuica , avatar

I have the same issue, and apparently, it’s coming, we just don’t know when.

exscape ,

I'm aware, but I don't think that code will affect the webOS version unfortunately. And even if it does, the app needs to be updated first.

coin ,

The webOS app is just a wrapper for jellyfin-web, so any changes to web will be reflected in the webOS app without it needing an update. As long as you keep your server up to date, of course, since jellyfin-web is ran from there.

exscape ,

Oh! That's awesome. I'm that case I'll either try it when the release containing that commit is out, it maybe even earlier.

Discover5164 ,

get a firestick, they are very cheap, and it’s basically an android TV with ads on the main screen.

had the same problem with a tv, jellyfin was not available, also https cert were expired so no https. got a firestick, and it solved my problems.

scholar ,

always glad to see patches, looks like some nice ui tweaks and some squashed bugs

thisNotMyName ,

Thanks for posting here, Anthony! 🫶

FabulousAardvark ,

Fully echo this comment. Great to have it posted here as well. Thanks

bisby ,

And docker images too. 🎆

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