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All things CTI, Infosec, OSINT and Cybersec. cover avatar


This is my first social media account after quitting Facebook over 10 years ago. cover avatar


Programmer and Airplane Enthusiast.

"You just don't know how AI works" earns you a block. cover avatar


Neural Times is an AI-powered news site that autonomously selects topics, researches, writes, and publishes news. Drawing equal amounts of information from left, right, and center sources in each story, we aim to counteract political bias and polarization. cover avatar

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Today's social media transform us into merely numbers.
No problem for me.

Polish account:
Mastodon: or (alt) cover avatar


I'm a scientist and systems engineer, particularly materials science, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, bioengineering, renewable energy, um... okay, so kind of I enjoy being a general engineer and doing a little of everything.

But I love trying to help scientists turn super technical concepts into usable prototypes because I can translate biologist to electrical engineer really effectively.

I am the star trek kind of anarchist. cover avatar


Hail Satan.

Destiny 2 (Tracker)
Twitch (Low/No-Commentary Destiny 2 gameplay)
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Just a Dude cover avatar


For Amusement Purposes Only.

Changeling poet, musician and writer, born on the 13th floor. Left of counter-clockwise and right of the white rabbit, all twilight and sunrises, forever the inside outsider.

Seeks out and follows creative and brilliant minds. And crows. Occasional shadow librarian.

#music #poetry #politics #LGBTQ+ #magick #fiction #imagination #tech cover avatar


Speedrack West is one of the Northwest's premier distributors of new and used pallet racking, cantilever racking, and industrial storage products.

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