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Avid reader of #horror novels and watcher of #horrormovies. I love to discuss both. I review #books at I post about #indiehorror books, whatever I'm cooking, my 2 #cats and whatever happens to be annoying me at the moment. #bookstodon #horrorfamily #horrorcommunity avatar


Writer of horror. Software developer. Runner.

Goonies never say die. cover avatar


Tokyo-based American working in the video game industry handling localization and international licensing. Occasional writer and goth/industrial music fan. Other interests include Japanese art and history as well as fantasy and horror fiction. He/him. cover avatar


he/they! wobbly (IWW 620) and anarchist. undergrad in english and aspiring librarian/archivist. writer of poetry and prose. #1 blahaj enjoyer. coffee enthusiast and book lover. owner of Lottie, the best bichon on mastodon cover avatar


#Artist #Author 鈽曫煉 鉂勶笍

ghosts & dreams ~ unheimlich ~ noir ~ beautiful-grotesque ~ art ~ books ~ liminality ~ horror ~ true crime ~ anomaly ~ lore ~ pulp flesh ~ high strangeness ~ cinema ~ decay ~ curiosa ~ poetry ~ gallows humour ~ decadence/symbolism/expressionism ~ mysticism ~ melancholia ~ weird medicine / anatomy ~ Thanatos /Eros ~ darkness ~ nature/super-nature ~ feline familiars ~ forteana ~ katabasis ~ tsundoku ~ wyrd ~ wunderkammer

鈾忦煇堭煋氣湇锔忊槙馃摲馃帴馃崉馃崅馃崚 ^鈼嘵馃拃 cover avatar


Aspiring fantasy author and geek editing a first book, The Last Philosopher, that I've been calling Fantasy/Attempted comedy.
Posts are a mix of general geekdom, humour, writing, reading, books, libraries, and the occasional recommendation.

Me tags: #Writing #Author #Fantasy #Comedy #Satire
Socialtags: #fedi22 #acon12 cover avatar


Film obsessive from Scotland, now living in England.
Every day a review appears here - - and I always share the links here. There's also a podcast to pimp (, AND a weekly YouTube video.
I also LOVE chatting films, especially horror, and will keep favouriting and boosting messages that I think more people will enjoy finding. cover avatar


Old movies, rassling, Disney parks, rock and roll, and the occasional cheesecake. Nostalgia is my drug of choice. Migrated over from another server, after having migrated over from Twitter. I guess I'm fairly Progressive/Left-leaning, but I'm not particularly interested in discussing it. Former lousy pro wrestler, failed promoter, and occasional rock singer.

Everything I post was swiped from elsewhere on the Internet, unless otherwise noted. cover avatar


david, he/him. in love/obsessed with comic books, science fiction, fantasy, horror, folklore, mythology, illustration & weird literature. self-appointed curator of #finlayfriday . political progressive, passive-aggressive. repressed/depressed, but I digress. animal friendly, enemy of the people.

#ComicBooks #Comics #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #FantasyBooks #Horror #HorrorComics #HorrorFiction #WeirdTales #WeirdFiction #Folklore #Mythology #Myth #Progressive #Catstodon #Bookstodon #fedi22 cover avatar


I live with my cat Alex, and we cruise the Internet in our starship. An accessibility and inclusion specialist for a local nonprofit, I enjoy books, music and hanging online with friends. cover avatar


Developer, designer, writer living in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


路 technology 路 webdev 路 vim 路 movies 路 music 路 uspol 路 typography 路 wordpress 路 cover avatar


Autorin der Gn盲' Frau - Reihe im Kampa Verlag
als C. N. Stance: Engel unter Mordverdacht
Filme, Whisky und ganz viel Wienliebe!
M枚rderische Schwester, Syndikat, Selfpublisher Verband
cis, she/her
#Fantasy #Krimi cover avatar


Two-spirit author, artist, poet, & swamp hag. Work in Augur, The Deadlands, MetaStellar, Prairie Fire, SolarPunk, National Textile Museum, and more.

Neurospicy, spoony, Indigiqueer. Mixed Inuk/Mi鈥檏maw/European ancestry. Raised on the land and off the grid. Ex JW-kid/army brat. Retired dancer, DJ, and model. Elder goth, addicted to learning.

#Writing #LandBack #Indigenous #Art #Foraging #SFF #Slipstream #Gothic #Weird #Nature #Folklore #FolkHorror #Fairytales #Mythology #BookReviews avatar


Passionate about literature, philosophy and tech

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