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stina_marie ,

Yep ⬇️ 🤘🏼

"...And as for the “all time classic dialogue” that was “butchered” and “misappropriated” by López, Pizzolatto’s admirers seem to have forgotten that much of Rust Cohle’s dialogue in season 1 was borrowed from author "

(borrowed is a nice way to put it)


And if you're curious about the writing, here's an article that breaks it down:



stina_marie OP ,

@frykitty @MevsMatze @horror He may like it, though! I'd say at least watch the first episode and see how he responds.

frykitty ,
@frykitty@craftgoblin.club avatar

@stina_marie @MevsMatze @horror That's the plan. He does like some horror.

ElizabethLeeCo ,
@ElizabethLeeCo@vmst.io avatar

Now watching La Llorona (2019) on Shudder--the Guatemalan one, not the forgettable Conjuring-verse one.

It's a hard watch, not unlike Tigers Are Not Afraid, partially because the atrocities portrayed are still happening in other countries.


checkervest ,
@checkervest@laserdisc.party avatar

@ElizabethLeeCo @horror I loved this one but damn it is absolutely a hard watch

ElizabethLeeCo ,
@ElizabethLeeCo@vmst.io avatar

Some mighty fine horror writers on here. I lucky enough to see the Stokers a few times back when World Horror Con was still running 🤩

The 2023 Bram Stoker Awards® Final Ballot – The Bram Stoker Awards


JustGrist ,
@JustGrist@disabled.social avatar

@ElizabethLeeCo @horror Really hope Cassandra Khaw wins for The Salt Grows Heavy. It was one of the best things I read last year.

stina_marie ,

Happy Wednesday and I'm sorry, but I had to.


sneezecat ,
karin_jacob ,
@karin_jacob@literatur.social avatar

@stina_marie @horror 🤣🤣🤣

ElizabethLeeCo ,
@ElizabethLeeCo@vmst.io avatar

Watch Ghostwatch if you haven't already. Doooooo it.

Horror Movies Set to Arrive on Shudder in March


onelson ,
@onelson@mastodon.social avatar

@ElizabethLeeCo @horror this one was a profound experience for 11 year old me. It hit different when you were a kid and knew all the BBC hosts from other shows and didn't particularly understand what was happening 🤣

stina_marie ,

A friend just introduced me to the SCREAM DREAMS podcast from Catherine Corcoran, James A. Janisse, & Barbara Crampton!

Horror Lovers: check it out ASAP if you haven't already. Guests include Mike Flanagan, Dee Wallace, Heather Langenkamp, Lin Shaye, Henry Zebrowski & more, talking about their nightmares & BS-ing. And Barbara pops in often.

10 out of 10, it's super entertaining and fun.


mellifera ,
@mellifera@c.im avatar

@stina_marie @horror Oooh. Just when I was looking for new podcasts to check out

stina_marie OP ,

@mellifera @horror Enjoy! I've listened to three already and will probably binge the rest over the next couple days.

jake ,
@jake@posts.jacobhaddon.com avatar

Morning ! I made a thing! and it's for you, AND I need your help.

Sunday Morning Horror News! It pulls from the RSS feeds of horror writer and publisher blogs to make a nice list for you to read and your pace, not the pace of social media.

Check it out! and let me know what blogs I should add! The starting list is small, but I am going to always be adding things!



stina_marie ,

@jake @horror This is great! I don't envy you, this is quite the undertaking, but what a brilliant, helpful, convenient idea.

Do you want to include open calls?
I can send you any I see online, whenever I remember 😁 I can also send you any other authors with blogs I see as I stumble upon them, if you want. Most of my interaction is on Bluesky and I follow many, many indie authors and publishers.

jake OP ,
@jake@posts.jacobhaddon.com avatar

@stina_marie @horror I did think about that. I think for now, just the blogs. I see it as a way to try to read about releases and upcoming events, etc,

We have a few places that collect the open calls already like the submission grinder and Gwen Kiste’s blog that I’m not I want to jump into that sort of thing.

THAT SAID, if those posts are on blogs I don’t have, then we should add them! Those calls will show up in the list as they post them.

SaltiredPopcorn ,
@SaltiredPopcorn@bbq.snoot.com avatar
DanChilton ,
@DanChilton@mastodon.scot avatar

@SaltiredPopcorn @horror A weird tradition has emerged where the first film I see in the cinema every year turns out to be crap. This was no exception.

SaltiredPopcorn OP ,
@SaltiredPopcorn@bbq.snoot.com avatar

@horror @DanChilton - 😮😂😂😂

stina_marie ,

Thank you @ElizabethLeeCo for showing me that this is a thing that exists and is coming soon...

It still makes me mad/sad that Julian Sands is gone, and that he wasn't a bigger star than he was, but at least we get this. Even if the trailer just showed us every scene he will be in, I will absolutely be watching this (slightly ridiculously titled) film. And it may even be good!! ⬇️⬇️⬇️



YayForThat ,
@YayForThat@mastodon.social avatar

@stina_marie @ElizabethLeeCo @horror

I'll be adding this to my watchlist.

ElizabethLeeCo ,
@ElizabethLeeCo@vmst.io avatar

A special Friday favorite Kindle ebook on sale (other sites might be on sale too):

Dweller on the Threshold by Skyla Dawn Cameron $2.99

A fascinatingly scary story where the cats are completely FINE.

The author is having problems w/ people pirating this book which is taking $ away from caring for her own cats--so please consider taking a look. I really enjoyed it 🤓

@horror @bookstodon

derekgottlieb ,
@derekgottlieb@hachyderm.io avatar

@ElizabethLeeCo @horror @bookstodon I’m about 1/3 of the way through and it’s such a fun read so far! Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll have to check out some of the author’s other works.

Jimmyjimjim ,
@Jimmyjimjim@mstdn.party avatar

@ElizabethLeeCo @horror @bookstodon I'll take your word for it & give it a try!

ElizabethLeeCo ,
@ElizabethLeeCo@vmst.io avatar

Billy Connolly's Fido is such an underrated film, and unexpectedly sweet to boot. Think Pleasantville with zombies.

Zombie Comedies to Stream This Week


jacklaridian ,
@jacklaridian@horrorhub.club avatar

@ElizabethLeeCo @horror
Yo, 'Dead Heat' looks like fun!! 😅

stina_marie ,

Accurate. I may be taking a break from social media, so if I disappear for a while, that's why. (I'm fine, just need a hiatus. 🤘🏼)


sloot ,
@sloot@mstdn.ca avatar
Well_Worth_A_Read ,
@Well_Worth_A_Read@horrorhub.club avatar

@stina_marie @horror I just got back after 6 days of no internet and you're gone. I do not approve this absence 🤣 hope to see you soon.

ElizabethLeeCo ,
@ElizabethLeeCo@vmst.io avatar
YayForThat ,
@YayForThat@mastodon.social avatar

@ElizabethLeeCo @horror
I always enjoy a . Thank you!

stina_marie ,
Nekoplanet ,
@Nekoplanet@paquita.masto.host avatar

@stina_marie @horror i use to make sand castles with my grandpa until they took away the urn

Well_Worth_A_Read ,
@Well_Worth_A_Read@horrorhub.club avatar
stina_marie ,
darkobserver ,
@darkobserver@ioc.exchange avatar

@stina_marie @horror Love how the show is shaping up to become the 2nd best season since the first. But you never know, maybe it'll drop the ball just before it ends but somehow I doubt that. The name Cohle popping up unexpectedly had me exclaim "Hah" ;-)

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