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#WerkstattGeschichte ist ein Ort, an dem über #Geschichte und ihre Akteur*innen ebenso reflektiert wird wie über historisches #Forschen und #Schreiben.

Die #Zeitschrift erscheint zweimal im Jahr.

Alle Ausgaben nach einem Jahr #OpenAccess auf unserer Website: cover avatar


Historian of #emdiplomacy, #peacecongresses and #peacemaking with a past with queen #ElizabethI; occasionally also editing the #autobiography of Karl Brandi. cover avatar


Hier trötet die Public History Bremen. Bei uns dreht sich alles um Geschichtsvermittlung, Geschichte in der Öffentlichkeit und analoge wie digitale Projektlehre.

Here, the Public History Bremen toots about history in the public sphere, project teaching, doing public history, visual history, oral history and sound history.

#Histodons #PublicHistory #DigitalPublicHistory #DoingPublicHistory cover avatar


Zeithistoriker in der Redaktion @WerkstattGeschichte und derzeit am @ZZF Potsdam (views my own); früher einmal auch hier:

Contemporary History at the editorial team @WerkstattGeschichte and currently at @ZZF Potsdam (views my own), also used to be here: cover avatar


A #medievaldeath a day as #otd. Run by @manuel_kamenzin. Header: BL, Add 36684, f 100r. Profile: BL Add 37049 f 31v. cover avatar


Fachinformationsdienst Geschichtswissenschaft | betreut von @bsbmuenchen
und vom Deutschen Museum | Alle Services, Rechercheportale und FID-Lizenzen auf cover avatar


History | Postdoc | Research Coordinator and PR Management Prize Papers Project | Lecturer Early Modern History University of Oldenburg | Teaching Early Modern History | Project Games & History #earlymodern #histodons #PrizePapers #FediLZ #Games #teaching #fedi23 cover avatar


Books of Jeremiah is a niche publisher, translating historical works into English for more people to enjoy them. cover avatar


Eclectic human - #histodons: phd-ing on #histsex #humantrafficking #sexwork #genderhistory- also @sexworkresearch - views/words/tweets my own. private profile. Professional historian at #OVGU. previous waged work in #dataliteracy #mediastudies @ uni paderborn. German/English content mostly.
Also see

Dagegen sein, reicht nicht. cover avatar


Professor of spatial history and culture at the University of Erfurt, travelling between France, Germany and India cover avatar


Historiker, Zentrum für Historische Forschung der Polnischen Akademie der Wissenschaften in Berlin. cover avatar


Historian researching medieval writing: scribes, scripts and manuscripts in the digital age. Lecturer in Digital Palaeography at the University of Göttingen. cover avatar


Historian of human mobility in East Africa, East-Central Europe and elsewhere // author of On the Edges of Whiteness. Polish Refugees in British Colonial Africa during and after the Second World War (Berghahn 2020)

#histodon #history #refugees #refugeecamps

postdoc #uni #bayreuth

currently fellow at #zif #bielefeld research group #internalizing #borders

editor at #h-migration and #WerkstattGeschichte tfr cover avatar


Historian, Deutsches Historisches Institut Paris. media history (esp. radio) and history & political economy of public transport infrastructure in Africa. Topics on this account: media theory, political economy of technology, politics especially regarding African history. Private account for activism & theory: cover avatar


Associate Professor at SLAC. (NY, USA) and #Histodon working on #HistoricalJustice and #HistoricalDialogue. Personal acct, not representing employer. Interests: #HumanRights #Reconciliation #Restitution #Reparations cover avatar


Moses Mendelssohn Zentrum für europäisch-jüdische Studien, An-Institut @unipotsdam und Trägereinrichtung des Selma Stern Zentrums für jüdische Studien Berlin-Brandenburg ( Zugleich Mit-Herausgeber des Podcast-Kanals Jüdische Geschichte Kompakt sowie Herausgeber des Portals Jüdische Geschichte Online ( cover avatar


Historian of early modern (Northern) Europe, bibliophile, UK and Germany avatar


To boldly go where no human has gone before. (they/them | he/him)

#lancaster #uk #outdoors #mountainbiking #gravelbiking #vegan #gaming #books #currentevents #aroace 🌈 cover avatar


Culture and timetravel on old maps :: Kulturelle Zeitreisen auf alten Karten ::
presented by Matthias MProve
#maps #oldmaps #timetravel cover avatar


Senior Academic Librarian - Digital Research Methods @ Uni Oslo Library | Chair @ DHNB | PI of #BærUt! #SustainableDSE skills hub @ Uni Oslo | Textologist + Philologist | ♾️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ cover avatar


Interested in the life, times & legacy of Elizabeth de Burgh, #LadyOfClare - the remarkable #14thCentury patron of #ClareCollege at #CambridgeUniversity in England.
Looking forward to #FullTextSearch on this instance; meanwhile happy to be searchable! cover avatar


Laufen, Reisen, Lesen, Schreiben, Outdoor.
Um all dies geht es hier - immer privat.

Historikerin am Zentrum für Holocaust-Studien am Institut für Zeitgeschichte in München.

Lehre an der Universität Mannheim.

#histodons #historikerinnen #running #laufen cover avatar


Dogs. Progressive. Anti-Status Quo. Dogs. Generation Jones (Not Boomer - Not X). Dogs. Militant Atheist (as I've been called). Dogs. Prodigious Producer of Profanity. Dogs. Fan of Sportsball, but not of Sportscabals. Dogs. cover avatar


Educationalist-retired but still fully captured - collecting, circulating, connecting, collaborating and with some luck contributing a bit every now and then through my website collection of edu links
(and don’t miss my threads of gardening dabbling. Grateful for any comments on those …)
@sara_hjelm on Twitter cover avatar


Accessibility advocate, researcher, student, and teacher.

Trans Rights are Human Rights


My portfolio can be found at

Image description of my profile picture/avatar: A professional headshot of me, a white middle aged woman with long teal bangs framing my face. I'm smiling and wearing cat's eye glasses.

Header photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash. Image description of header photo: colored splashes of ink in water forming a rainbow. cover avatar


I used to be on #GooglePlus
I have never been on Twitter
Now I am here..

Since turning on publicly searchable posts, my posts now (mostly) delete after 2 weeks. Sorry!

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