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TheVulgarTongue Bot

Bot account posting selections from Grose’s “Dictionary Of The Vulgar Tongue”

CW: 18th-century levels of racism, homophobia, sexism, slut-shaming and negative attitudes to sex workers.

But on the other hand, someone non-judgmentally recorded the speech and codes of people on the outside of polite society, people in the demi-monde and otherwise forgotten by history.

Let me know of any problems.

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Answers about history, from historians | Largest public history platform on the web | Biweekly podcast | "Good history eggs on the internet" cover avatar


IHC - Institute of Contemporary History
Multidisciplinary research institute in modern and contemporary history located at NOVA University Lisbon and at the University of Évora.
Founded in 1990.

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MemsDead is a tool to help you make the most of a wonderful source for researching Irish family history and local history: the Journal of the Association for the Preservation of the Memorials of the Dead in Ireland (also known as the Journal of the Irish Memorials Association). Created by @shamrockroots.

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EventsOfTheDay Bot

Posting events of the day, once a day, at random from Wikipedia’s lists. Historic events, births, deaths and holidays/religious days if there’s room.

Not affiliated with Wikipedia.

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Nuclear historian at the Hiroshima Peace Institute. Book - Nuclear Bodies: The Global Hibakusha - Yale 2022. I work on the global human & ecological harm from nuclear production, nuclear weapon tests, reactor accidents. I examine the impacts on communities, families & emotions; long-term ecological presence of fallout radionuclides; the legacy of our nuclear waste to 1,000s of generations of our descendants.
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Settler historian. Prof, University of Toronto, member of the Montreal History Group ( and Associate Editor, Canadian Historical Review.

Thinking about Indigenous peoples, capitalism, the state, and colonialism, especially the fiduciary and fiscal varieties. 🎶 and 🚴 too. Posts in English. En français itou. #histodons #CdnHist #HistQC #19thcentury | tfr cover avatar


A nonprofit news organization dedicated to sharing the knowledge of experts with the public, in accessible, trustworthy articles drawing on their research.

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A Mastodon account covering the cult of #JaneAusten and #Bronte and related content.

#Regency #Victorian #History #Books

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Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Practice (@UniOfSurrey), MA in MilHis volunteer archivist (@MusMilMed) and sporadic podcaster #RegioEsercito 🇬🇧🇪🇸🇮🇹 cover avatar


Hier trötet die Public History Bremen. Bei uns dreht sich alles um Geschichtsvermittlung, Geschichte in der Öffentlichkeit und analoge wie digitale Projektlehre.

Here, the Public History Bremen toots about history in the public sphere, project teaching, doing public history, visual history, oral history and sound history.

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Geeky doctor of history. I specialize in early modern Europe - performance, power, and pop culture.

Lover of cute things.
Tech Padawan.
she/her or they/them❤️💜💙 cover avatar

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After surviving exposure at birth, these unconventional academics realised they were destined to found the greatest Ancient Roman History podcast! 🏛📯⚔️ Our main series follows the history of Rome from the founding of the city. We also interview scholars and fantastic people about the ancient world. Dr Rad (she/her) specialises in Spartacus. Dr G (she/her) specialises in the Vestal Virgins. 📍 Dharug and Bidjigal Country. #Podcast #Ancient #Histodon #Historian #Rome #AncientHistory cover avatar


Historian currently at Universität Augsburg | #BookHistory #PaperHistory #DigitalHistory #MediaHistory #UrbanHistory #NewsHistory #DigitalPublicHistory and more | Co-editor "Jahrbuch für #Kommunikationsgeschichte" (JbKG) | Vertrauensdozent der Hans Böckler Stiftung | Alumnus FU + HU Berlin + Gerda Henkel Stiftung | born at 338 ppm | Team #histodons here and #skystorians activity at Bluesky. Formerly #twitterstorian | Once gave a lecture on a train | I do enjoy my work. cover avatar


Not a bot but a rather corpulent male approaching fifty years of age; married; father; a very very slow reader; barely reaching up to the level of mediocrity; an ignoramus who reads occasionally.

Toots are humanities, sciences, books and maps related. Toots or follows or boosts or mentions ≠ endorsements of any particular notion or notions. Expect many typing errors.

Addendum: for those wondering, I do not physically resemble a fountain pen. cover avatar


(she/her) CUNY law professor, scholar of environmental justice and human rights, urbanist, author of Naming Gotham, mom, optimist (mostly) #climate #environmentaljustice #nyc #history #environment #climatechange #history #SCUBA #ecology ☮️🌎🌈🌹🌱 cover avatar


Superversive Humanist. Graphomaniac. Newsjunkie. Reading, writing, & sharing things🖖🏼

Reformed Reply Guy™

Tennessee Naco™ in ruthless pursuit of Joy In These Times™ 🇺🇸

Aspiring to use simple words to share interesting ideas.

If you read this far…⤵️

I nerd out prolifically on 🔥#history, #language, #comedy, #systems, #institutions, #knowledge, #learning, #psychology, #metaphysics, #entertainment, #governance, #sensemaking, and being #American.

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Serious About Curiosity > Ideas Roadshow is an award-winning multimedia initiative and producer of upcoming films about the Italian Renaissance: from detailed explorations of famous artists, to wide-ranging profiles of renowned thinkers, to focused examinations of a range of intriguing specific topics.

Other films on the Italian Renaissance: cover avatar


Volunteer director of community wind company and new community distillery. Locally owned businesses are the drivers of development in the Hebrides. También soy guía turístico en Escocia desde hace muchos años. cover avatar


#WerkstattGeschichte ist ein Ort, an dem über #Geschichte und ihre Akteur*innen ebenso reflektiert wird wie über historisches #Forschen und #Schreiben.

Die #Zeitschrift erscheint zweimal im Jahr.

Alle Ausgaben nach einem Jahr #OpenAccess auf unserer Website: cover avatar


Historian researching medieval writing: scribes, scripts and manuscripts in the digital age. Lecturer in Digital Palaeography at the University of Göttingen. cover avatar


Des chouettes et des zèbres, de la bonne zik, de la fiction et des étoiles.
Archiviste à ses heures ouvrées, compte personnel avec quelques extraits d'#ArchivesDeLyon

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PostDoc researcher in #Literature and #CulturalStudies, specialising in #WelshWritingInEnglish, #history & #heritage of #Wales in the long C19. Frequently working on #TravelWriting, #Tourism and #Coastal topics.
Working for the Welsh Dictionary of Biography, more collquially called the #Bywgraffiadur, at the #NationalLibraryOfWales.
Toots in #English, #Deutsch and #Cymraeg. cover avatar


Get square with history. Mature audiences 🔞

💌 Cartoon roundup emailed monthly
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By merton dot (he/him/his). cover avatar


Books of Jeremiah is a niche publisher, translating historical works into English for more people to enjoy them. cover avatar


The award-winning #podcast preserving the stories of the #ColdWar before they are lost...subscribe for free. Produced by Ian Sanders FRHistS. cover avatar


Zeithistoriker in der Redaktion @WerkstattGeschichte und derzeit am @ZZF Potsdam (views my own); früher einmal auch hier:

Contemporary History at the editorial team @WerkstattGeschichte and currently at @ZZF Potsdam (views my own), also used to be here: cover avatar


Cultural historian of modern Europe, Hampshire College, Amherst MA
Allied faculty, UMass Public History

Revolutionary era, World Wars, Nazism, antisemitism.
Book history, German literature, material culture, historic preservation.

Co-editor, Routledge History of Antisemitism

• Past posts
-Chair of Board, Massachusetts Center for the Book
-Treasurer, Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, & Publishing
-Chair, Amherst Historical Commission
-Amherst Select Board cover avatar


Debian (Linux, Free Software) user from Israel

דואר, XMPP ומטריקס: cover avatar


A #medievaldeath a day as #otd. Run by @manuel_kamenzin. Header: BL, Add 36684, f 100r. Profile: BL Add 37049 f 31v. cover avatar


I read a lot, listen to a lot of podcasts, watch cartoons and (frequently cheesy) movies.

I speak a few different languages besides English.

Otherwise I'm around. I think the land I live on used to belong to the Nacotchtank but I'm not sure. He/him. cover avatar


Historian 📚. Associate Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University 🎓. Queer history of science and medicine 🐧. Oxford's LGBTQ+ history ( 🏛️. Awarded my doctorate in 2021 🥳. I'm currently transforming my thesis into a book ⌨️. Now living on the South Coast (close to Brighton) ⛵. Interested in LGBTQ+ history and issues, especially sciencey stuff 🏳️‍🌈 :transgender:. cover avatar


Author, standup comedian, and independent scholar.
Interested in palindromes, antiquity and the early medieval, ancient coins, Daoism aka Taoism, comedy, politics, and music among other rabbit holes.

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