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A question on Canadian History.

I teach for new graduate students in US history an historiography seminar, where I assign 2 articles/chapters per session. And I'd very much like to include articles on Canada, 19th & 20th century. They're becoming good critical readers of scholarship, but know nothing about Canadian history (except what I did with them on early modern period). Any recommendations?


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@NBarreyre @histodons two people on twitter who may have some ideas on Canadian history for you are Collin Frizzell and Craig Baird. There is one who also writes about Canadian war history but ?

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@NBarreyre @histodons You could teach them who really won the war of 1812. 😉

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@rjohnston @NBarreyre @histodons Burning the White House was not nice.

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@seindal @NBarreyre @histodons There were tunnels underneath it

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@rjohnston @NBarreyre @histodons Ancient bio labs? Then you were totally justified.

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@NBarreyre @histodons First, you are not alone! I know from experience with both systems that compared to 🇺🇸, Canadians learn very little of the of 🇨🇦. 😔

To answer your question, in a way that will engage today’s students, I recommend following @canadaehx here, and/or assigning podcast episodes from

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