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#haiku, korte verhalen/short stories/, columns, poëzie//poésie.
Kortom, het basismateriaal is taal.

all content is © and 100% human
haiku, senryu, other poems and short stories published in a.o. 'The Auroras & Blossoms Haiku Anthology: Volume 1', 'The Enchanted Garden Haiku Journal', 'The Folk Ku Journal', 'The Scarlet Dragonfly Journal' 'The Auroras & Blossoms PoArtMoAnthology: Volume 4'


Auteur 'Cherchez la femme. Travestie als fenomeen' (Vassallucci, 1996) cover avatar


#Techie, #geek, #whisky drinker. Listens to a lot of #music, watches a large amount of films.
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Mandolin player - jazz and folk
Collector of bifurcated rivets ephemera
Creator of the first internet cemetery
Learning PSG
Emeritus Computer Scientist Professor cover avatar


Transformation Guide & Meditation Teacher at the Transformational Mediation Group

Background in medical science and medical use of radiation. Certified in clinical hypnosis. Certified HeartMath Practitioner.

· ┈┈┈┈┈┈ · ꕥ · ┈┈┈┈┈┈ ·

#fedi22 #fedi23 #verowellness #health #wellness #meditation #selfregulation #manifesting #transformation #consciousness #spirituality #transformationalmeditation #podcast #fireside #tmgcommunity cover avatar


Biologist, photographer, writer, seeker of spiritual truths, teacher, student, all around happy person! avatar


Published poet, writer, parent, works in the humanitarian field. I write mostly #haiku & #SmallPoems, but working up to longer & varied forms of #poetry. Nature, environment, climate & social justice, human rights in general, LGBTQIA+ & women's reproductive rights, disability rights, AI & tech ethics and rights, mental health, music (esp. jazz), art, film, theatre. Unless cited, writing, photos/videos are my © #PoetryCommunity #WritingCommunity 🕯(Boosts welcome) cover avatar


Jag är bara en potatis. En PotatisApa.

På svenska & in English.

Jag arbetar med ett bokmanus om Ryssland.

I’m working on a book about Russia.📚

FÖLJ MIN resa mot bokutgivning på:

(endast på svenska!)

Profilbilden föreställer en schimpans med en schimpansunge i famnen.

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I'm a librarian and freelance writer of book reviews, poetry, flash fiction, or whatever "mindworm" currently occupies my space. cover avatar


•Progressive Vermonter •With Ukraine 🇺🇦 #feminism •CodifyRoeNow #BLM #LGBTQ #history #VoteBlue •KeepTheDamnPlanetAlive #humor #cookery 🐈‍⬛ #writing #politics #music •circumnavigator Arrived on April Fool’s Day and live accordingly. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Followed the Mastodon breadcrumbs thoughtfully left by the super-prolific and way witty political commentator @GottaLaff — gotta’ hear her! My side-cat up there is Sweet William. . cover avatar


Someone once told me I'm too sincere to be funny. I still try though.

Full-time caregiver to a disabled brother interested mainly in Thoreau, Zhuangzi, animism, Kings of Convenience, and drinking too much tea.

Master's degrees in music theory and theology (no longer doing either), classically trained and folk musician (also no longer doing either), and I once organized and helped plant over 800 trees (I do still plant trees occasionally). cover avatar


Weaver of rainbows and dreams... and poetry. cover avatar


I write short Speculative Fiction, Horror Scifi and anything else that tickles the fancy.

Currently writing a collection of short stories for my own Anthology of What If...

Also a collection of poetry, where themes are expressed through pieces using fixed line & syllable structures (e.g: nonet, etheree, butterfly cinquain, sijo, senyru, etc).

Runner, Linux user, PC builder, tattoo designer, liquid DnB lover, kite flyer, cat dad.

Hail from Salford - Live in Malta cover avatar


I'm an artist who works with traditional media such as watercolor, ink, soft pastels and acrylic.
For me, inspiration is everywhere, especially in beautiful nature. My favorite subjects are animals, flowers, landscapes and colorful abstracts.
I love creating paintings that bring joy and happiness to the viewer.
If you like my art you can buy Fine art prints and more here:

#AYearForArt #artist #art #painting #mastoart #cats #birds #nature #abstract #FediGiftShop cover avatar


#DataScientist, #poet and SF/F #writer.
#Neuroscience PhD, electrical #engineering B.S.
#nonbinary - please call me Dr. or they/them.
🏳️‍🌈 #bi #asexual

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Short story writer from Aotearoa, or New Zealand, but have not looked up to see the Southern Cross for a while.

Lend me your eyes: cover avatar


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✨🪶 Connexiful: An emergent, open-source ethos of artelligent co-creation and interconnectedness. #connexiful cover avatar


We are Auroras & Blossoms. We live and breathe PoArtMo (Positive Actions Rally Thoughts & Momentum). We are inclusive and family-friendly. Join us!

Co-founders: Cendrine Marrouat and David Ellis cover avatar

adrianmorales cover avatar


#freehaiku #modernhaiku #575unimportant #haiku, #senryu #shahai #haiga #photography #linoprints #linocut #photohistory #culturalhistory #fiction #nonfiction, #microfiction #essays #poetry #micropoetry #PoetsOfMastodon #BarHillNo peace&love.

Språk/languages: (radikalt) bokmål, nynorsk, skandinavisk, English, ein bißchen Deutsch.
(used to be @dglvd_txt as a bird) cover avatar


Letter- en nieuwshongerig ochtendtype. Leest graag, plaagt graag, aait #Jip graag, in willekeurige volgorde. Geen 31 jaar oud. Humanist. Eet niks met oogjes. Was ooit imker, zat ooit op twitter. Heeft een schaap gered en is daarom Ridder in de orde van de Wollen Gerstekorrelsteek. Mochi! #mijntuin #Jip #LedZep cover avatar


Born in Boston, longtime full Professor in Japan, and.founder of the NPO World Association for Online Education in 1998. 580+ Google Scholar citations to 250 publications on Japan, Online Education, Bilingualism, and the Academic Life, nearly all open access (🦣 searchable) starting from

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