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Adam Lambert fan. I also love Disney parks, reading, photography, cats, and singing. Favorite author is Terry Pratchett.

Many of my photos are from our garden which is in Zone 5. cover avatar


Avid researcher, gardener, reader, grandma & genealogist. Happily married more than a 1/2 century! Author of Beginner's Guide to Genetic Genealogy. Political. Website where you can find The Beginner's Guide to Genetic Genealogy (free) and my blog Many interests from history to maps, DNA to photography. List of #SURNAMES & #PLACES cover avatar


Educationalist-retired but still fully captured - collecting, circulating, connecting, collaborating and with some luck contributing a bit every now and then through my website collection of edu links
(and don’t miss my threads of gardening dabbling. Grateful for any comments on those …)
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music, language, literature, semiotics, code, scripts, history, mediaevalia, politics, labour law, unionizing, feminism, intersectionality, queer, pan, poly, woke, social, atheist, chaos community, parenting, gardening, soil microbiology, composting, permaculture, degrowth, solarpunk, self-sufficiency, exil-berlinerin, (all the things)

Folgt dem Hashtag #ArschDerHeide für Alles, was unseren Waldgarten- und Hausprogress, bzw. unser Neues Leben auf dem Lande betrifft! 🌱

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I live in #SiliconValley in the #BayArea. Here I design #greetingCards and teach others how to make them.

In my spare time, I #garden and serve my two #cats.

Toots may be laced with #humor. I use affiliate links whenever possible.

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Twitter orphan...
Stockholm Sweden
I used to have a garden, all I have now is a concrete terrace in a rental. Reading a lot of #HistoricalMystery and #CozyMystery cover avatar


Connecticut Yankee now living in East Passyunk (with a long detour through Jersey).
#Engineer with a consumer goods co., play a bit of #guitar, cat dad. Foodie and love to cook! cover avatar


Transformation Guide & Meditation Teacher at the Transformational Mediation Group

Background in medical science and medical use of radiation. Certified in clinical hypnosis. Certified HeartMath Practitioner.

· ┈┈┈┈┈┈ · ꕥ · ┈┈┈┈┈┈ ·

#fedi22 #fedi23 #verowellness #health #wellness #meditation #selfregulation #manifesting #transformation #consciousness #spirituality #transformationalmeditation #podcast #fireside #tmgcommunity cover avatar


A married Kosher keeping disabled homesteader, working on repairing 100+ year old house, and their under 4 acre property closer to self sufficiency. cover avatar


Feisty, fidgety, and often distracted. I live between the public health space of emergency/disaster respone and environmental science. cover avatar


Former tech #journalist, now children's author of the #middlegrade thriller FRIEND ME (Scholastic Press), talking about #kidlit #bookrecs #amwriting #middlegrade and #floweroftheday Studied US #history at #Harvard but didn't learn enough of it. Care about #technology ethics especially as it affects children.

Social media manager @WalterScottPrizes and trainer. Let's talk #books
Agent: Jennifer Laughran ABLA
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I'm not ready for this.


#nobot #gardener ex #mefite

If you know me professionally, follow me @scisus cover avatar


Migrated from

#IT & #Cyber Instructor
Starting a Market #Garden / #Farm
#Linux Book ISBN: ‎1656159805 cover avatar


old guy struggling toward a new path; artist; painting, writing, photography, gardening; plants, bugs, music, film, books, connection (not dating)...
West Central Alberta, Canada cover avatar


Me grok write code. Python, Rust, Typescript, JavaScript. Created: Morepath, lxml. Also: gardener, science & history fan, living life fan. Husband & father.

I post a lot about programming as well as gardening pictures. If you come for just the gardening pictures the programming talk may baffle you. If you're a programmer, I invite you to enjoy the flowers! cover avatar


🏡 School librarian & community gardener 🙌💚🙌 Mom. Retired lawyer. Baby potter. Pocket orchard keeper. Reader. Desert dweller🌵she/her
#BlackLivesMatter #TransLivesMatter #LGBTQIAally #teaching #librarians #books #reading #gardening #pottery #CommunityGardening #Tucson #Arizona #southwest #birding #chickens #dogs #cats #lawyers #PocketOrchard #SchoolGardens cover avatar


Irgendwas mit Fahrrad, Garten, Kochen, Reisen, Frankfurt, sozialer Gerechtigkeit. Liberté, Egalité, #FCKAfDé. #nocreamincarbonara!
Bevor isch misch uffreesch, isses mir lieber egal. cover avatar

  • open source enthusiast
  • hobby musician
  • fediverse fan

#Germany / #Fürth

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pazifist, autonomer gärtner, nix gegen und nix für irgendwelche glaubens, kritisch rational, mag einfache sprache, verantwortungsjunkie auf entziehungskur. gibt es hier leidensgenoss:innen? #weltoffen, #pazifistisch, #vernünftig cover avatar


Queer cis white radical Ph.D. Molecular biologist, animator, editor. Loves plants, books, games, fiancee, cats. Against fascism, police, capitalism. @nwshino from Twitter/Insta. Loving the Fediverse vibes. cover avatar


#Napa Valley beauty, #seasons, #weather, makers, #history, #nature, #gardening, #birds, #photography & whimsy, fun local events by and for locals. Booster of Napa local things & appreciative of friends from afar. #fedi22 cover avatar


The account of AI6YR Ben, on his own server. Also at @ai6yr (ham radio). Yes, I'm the guy who found that hiker using only the selfie of his feet. If you want to support this server, cover avatar

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Yes, I love Ansel Adams. and Central Park. and Andrew Wyeth. and Sophie & Sydney. and my IPad. and Manet. and black-eyed peas. cover avatar


Raging introvert. Music lover. I build stuff on the web. Have been known to go on incredibly long walks and climb hills. 🏕 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 cover avatar


Let’s share the experience, and the journey.♾️❤️ cover avatar


Was mache ich hier? Wir werden sehen. Im wahren Leben mache ich was mit #Kommunikation und #Wissenschaft, insbesondere #Libellen #Spechte
#nature #science #dragonflies #woodpecker #communication #opensource #hgon #Taunus cover avatar


Various interests | Politics | Science | Information Security | Service Management | Chickens | Available in 🇳🇱🇬🇧🇲🇫🇩🇪🇵🇹 | 🇪🇺🏳️‍🌈🇺🇦 cover avatar


Freizeitgärtner. Heimwerker. Rollenspieler. Blogger. Clown. Reihenfolge variabel. cover avatar


Rogue Mechanical Engineer available for hire
AKA Journeyman Metalshaping Wizard
3rd generation engineer
Great Grandfather was a Blacksmith

Location is currently SouthWest USA
Looking for a new one

Currently searching for a project/org/collective that's dedicated to the preservation of core tech and skills which will be helpful or necessary if it all really goes to shit.

Talk to me about DLG Planes #DLG #RC

Riding motos for a really long time
Working on mechanical things, even longer cover avatar


Neurodivergent Manitoba Interlake settler (Zone 3, Treaty One), musician, grower of consumables, parent of felines and canines. He/Him/Goblin.
In a 12-step program for cynicism. Members: Me and my dog Bo.
Pic is a middle aged bearded white dude in a Bill Monroe t-shirt, looking thoughtful.
Banner is Hellbert - see pinned post.
Cusses too much. Takes requests. Knows tech stuff and will help you with unix problems. No patience for fascists or their stooges. cover avatar


Tree-hugging indie fantasy author
#IndieAuthor #FantasyBooks #HopePunk avatar


I make electronics go beep boop and tools go spinny. Also, I pet cats sometimes. cover avatar


Retired Clinical Nurse Specialist, Master Gardener

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