chatokun ,

Everyone of my brothers and sisters game, some even Genshin, and none of them have problems finding partners. Same with most of my friends. Just don't have a shit personality and people won't judge you by just one hobby. Oh, we all are into anime/animelike entertainment in one way or another too.

Kolanaki , avatar

looks like a blobfish that's been brought to the surface

Fleur__ , avatar

There are plenty of fish so why would someone choose you

gullible ,

I’ve attempted to play genshin a few times and it seems both predatory and mind-numbingly boring. What’s the appeal?

Lath ,

I played it back when it launched and the first bit doesn't/didn't give you the inkling of what's to come.
It eases you in so by the time the game shows its true ugly self, you're already too deep.
But yeah, I too became bored fast. It's just mleh.

PugJesus , avatar

What’s the appeal?

Fanservice, I think.

HakFoo ,

On PC, at least, the controls are very smooth, and the challenge bar is pretty low, so you can fairly relaxingly explore a pretty vast world.

Yes, you can end up insane and bankrupt chasing your favourite husbando, but even that has ceilings, which are pretty well-documented by gacha norms.

Zoomboingding , avatar

BotW exploration with a really wild combat system. Also has incredible music and interesting worldbuilding. Also has a heap of time wasting bullshit and gotcha.

gmtom , avatar


gullible ,

I muted the game after an hour of anime noises so I have no opinion on the music. I honestly hated the combat, though. It was the worst parts of every combat system I’ve ever encountered, with slow enemy attacks coupled with slow movement and high HP that just made for long, easy slogs. Like master mode on BOTW. I enjoyed the genshin koroks and exploration, though. Those were fun.

Zoomboingding , (edited ) avatar

Your only takeaway should be that Genshin's music is way better than it has any right to be. Here's a few of my favorites

Sumeru battle theme
Balladeer fight
Raiden fight
Azhdaha fight
Port Ormos

Late game Genshin is anything but slow. Well, and I liked BotW's Master Mode~

dangblingus ,

Weirdos that are attracted to cartoons of underage girls.

fsxylo ,

You're being down voted by anime fans, so rest assured those don't count.

melroy Admin ,
melroy avatar

Because this person is gaming behind his (she I think?) desk 24/7. Didnt shower for 2 weeks. And never met anybody in the past 4 months.

BiggestBulb , avatar

At least it's Genshin for only an hour, not 12 like some of the people I've unfortunately met. Also, nothing wrong with 12 as long as you're retired

Then again, how many retirees are playing Genshin? Haha

JaymesRS , avatar

Have we consulted the Judgment of the Oratrice Mechanique d'Analyse Cardinale?

CodexArcanum ,
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